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WazirX has always been at the forefront of accessibility, inclusion, and innovation when it comes to the crypto space in India, whether its CEO Nischal Shetty’s “India Wants Crypto” campaign for positive regulation in the country or the introduction of instant peer-to-peer transactions. So it came as no surprise when WazirX announced its NFT marketplace last year, to spearhead the non-fungible revolution in the country.

With seasoned actress & entrepreneur “Vishakha Singh” at the helm, plus the clean UI experience, low gas fees, engrossing NFT collections, and a robust community, makes this BSC based marketplace an India-centric creator platform, which showcases the best India has to offer while simultaneously aspiring to be the first choice worldwide.

NFTs are unquestionably the hottest art commodity right now, which is empowering artists to not only make money off the initial sales but also to pull in passive income. And steadily many traditional Indian artists are opting to join this digital asset ecosystem, following the rise of local NFT marketplaces like WazirX.

The platform is hosting artists from different genres, from Surreal artists, Abstract to pop art, and features NFT art made in different mediums like physical hand-painted, Blender 3D, AR/VR, Digital Illustrations & Music, etc. As of now, minting on WazirX is on an “invite-only” basis, but despite that, there is no dearth of talented Indian NFT Artists on the platform, and we’ve curated a few of these gems in this article, that you need to know and pay attention to in 2023.

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Laya Mathikshara

Laya Mathikshara Indian NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Young Digital creators have created a lot of buzzes this past year, be it 15 Y.O. millionaire “Jaiden Stipp” from Washington, Weird Whales NFTs creator “Benyamin Ahmed” (12) from London, or 13-Year-Old “Nyla Hayes” – the TIME magazine 1st ever artist in residence.

Meanwhile, India also has a fair share of young artists emerging in the NFT art space. One such talent is “Laya Mathikshara, a 14-year-old artist from Chennai, India. Starting at the young age of 8, Laya started leaning toward art and paintings and over the years found her passion in 3D animation, generative and algorithmically generated art.

While AR art is still an obscure space, NFTs & Metaverse cryptos have allowed AR artist to gain more exposure and Laya is a prime example. By mastering programming languages, Digital tools & software for the craft, she has created mesmerizing artwork. Some of her best collection on other NFT marketplace: “Fifth Dimension” series on foundation and “Abstract Lifestyle” on Makersplace.

On Wazirx NFT Marketplace, six of Laya’s NFT creations are part of the “1K Collection”, the historical NFTs on the marketplace – the first 1000 NFTs ever collected. Amongst them is her animated short film “Gratitude”, minted as an NFT on Wazirx. The short film was dedicated to the Covid-Warriors and was selected to be screened at the “All American High School Film Festival“.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @layamathikshara
Instagram – @laya_mathikshara

Sneha Chakraborty

Sneha Chakraborty Wall Mural Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Sneha Chakraborty is one of India’s leading Female Street Artist, known for capturing the theme of femininity, Nature and rural India’s essence. From dropping out of Business School, traveling all over India as an airline cabin crew, then pursuing Interior Design, to finally becoming a leading Mural artist in the country; Sneha’s journey is certainly an inspiration to all those who dare to dream.

Her Wall Mural journey started in July 2018 and since then she has painted over 200+ Art Murals across India. She is also the co-founder of “Let’s Bee Canvas”, a community art venture that focuses on mental health & wellbeing with Art Therapy Workshops, and last year her “Embers 21” collection became part of India’s First NFT+AR Gallery Exhibition at Kian Gallery Pune.

On the WazirX NFT marketplace, she has minted 20 NFTs so far, some of them are her original Murals converted to NFTs whereas others are exclusive 4K digital portraits for the platform. Four of her NFT art: “Red of Bravery”, “Ameyaa”, “Bite Me” & “Park my Camel” is also part of WazirX’s 1K Collection.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @lbc_sneha
Instagram – @lbc_sneha

Anakims Varghese

Anakims Varghese Indian NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Anakims Varghese is an Indian NFT artist known for her amazing 8-bit Pixel arts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and currently works as an SEO Content Specialist in Mumbai. Anakims started her artistic journey with wall art, acrylic paintings and now recently ventured into 2D pixel art style – mainly using Procreate.

On WazirX NFT Marketplace, she has a total of 29 NFTs minted so far, including a recent limited Series “Iconic Women in History” PFP collection. Her other popular digital artwork collection like meme “Pepe Collective”, Tribute “Raja Ravi Verma Collective” and World of Women NFT Derivatives can be explored on Foundation, Showtime, and OpenSea.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @anakims_art
Instagram – @anakims_art

Lipika Bhargava

Lipika Bhargava Multi Media NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Lipika Bhargava (born 1993) is an Indian Interdisciplinary Artist who work across different artistic medium like painting, ceramic/textile sculpture, thread, performance & 2D/3D animation to explore themes of death, love, identity, fear, and political satire.

She holds B.A Honors in Economics from “Hans Raj College” – Delhi University, a Postgraduate diploma in Fine arts from “Apeejay Institute of Design”, New Delhi and is currently pursuing “Masters of Fine Arts” from “Parsons School of Design”, NY on a full President’s Scholarship.

On the WazirX NFT marketplace, she has minted a total of ten NFTs as of now and three of them: “Artifact VI – Lovers”, “P for PM CARES Fund” & “A for Atmanirbhar” is part of the platform’s original 1K NFT Collection.

Artist AccountWazirX
Email[email protected]
Social MediaTwitter – @BhargavaLipika
Instagram – @lipikabhargava


crazydoc Abstract artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Crazy Doc is a Doctor by profession and a self-taught Abstract artist from India. She minted her genesis collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) titled “Dr. Abstract” on OpenSea in September 2021. Since then artwork titled “6529 (DARK EDITION)” from the collection has been curated by “6529Museum”, a virtual Museum venture by NFT collector Punk 6529, while another piece titled “WANDERING BLUE” got featured on OpenSea’s official Instagram page.

Many prominent personalities in the space like Wildlife & Nature Photographer Ujval Pasupuleti, NFT Photographer Ujwal Puri, etc. hold NFTs from her “Huephoria” collection and is followed on Twitter by the grand patron of digital arts (Cozomo de’ Medici) himself.

While hand-drawn abstract visual representation of Real-world is her go-to style in these collections, On WazirX, one can explore the silhouette art style of NFTs from her. She has minted a total of 60 NFTs so far and 31 of them are part of WazirX 1K Collection.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @Crazydoc96
Instagram – @crazydoc96, @dr_abstractt
ENSdrabstract.eth crazydoc.eth

Shaizy Umar

Shaizy Umar NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Shaizy Umar is a Traditional and Digital artist from New Delhi, specializing in Character design, Typography & Calligraphy. She holds a BFA Art Education degree from “Jamia Millia Islamia”, New Delhi, and currently pursuing “A Master of Fine Arts” from the same institute.

On the WazirX NFT marketplace, she has minted five NFTs so far featuring gripping illustrations using Adobe Photoshop. Apart from her popular work like “Sunflower”, “FishEye” & “Amour Propre” Collection on WazirX, one can explore more artwork from Shaizy on Behance, Rarible, and Foundation.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @ShaizyUmar
Instagram – @_shaizy

Sherin Kadeeja

Sherin Kadeeja Illustrator and NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Sherin Kadeeja Thaha is a Visual Artist, Illustrator & Art Curator from Kozhikode, who mixes pop culture & street art with bold color and heaps of fun. From her wall-art, ink sketches to hyper-realistic digital Illustrations, all emanate warmth, humor & character.

She is an architect by profession and the Founder and curator of “The Calicut flea market”, a gathering space for entrepreneurs and Artists. On WazirX NFT Marketplace, she has minted a total of seven NFTs so far under the “Never Never Land Collection”.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @kadeeja_sherin
Instagram – @sherin__kadeeja


Nabeel Generative NFT Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Nabeel is a gifted 15 years old generative artist from Kerala, India. Currently studying 10th standard, Nabeel ventured into Web 3.0 and NFTs recently, after he discovered his newfound love in generative arts using p5.js & JavaScript.

He minted his Genesis Collection – “Where does ideas come from?” in September last year and since then many of his NFTs were collected by prominent collectors, including three “Forest” Series NFTs by “Flower Girls Children Art Fund.”

He dropped his first generative art collection “Spiral” last month, exhibiting glimpses of Human emotions via Psychedelic spiral patterns. On WazirX he minted his “Trapped Square” NFT in November 2021, which got sold within a week to @Laz007 (Art Collector & Founder NFTKochi).

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @nabeelNFT
Instagram – @nabeelnft

Vipul Sachdeva

Vipul Sachdeva 3D Motion Designer and Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Vipul Sachdeva is an experienced 3D Motion Designer, Illustrator, and Animator from New Delhi, who has worked on projects for brands like Ola, Times Prime & Oyo Rooms. An Avid traveler and LOTR fan himself, Vipul’s artwork often portrays themes of adventure and pop culture.

Vipul is “3ds Max Certified Professional”, Skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Octane Render. He holds BJMC degree from IP University, a PG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from Xavier Institute and certification in Animation and Visual effects from MAAC.

On WazirX NFT Marketplace he has minted 7 NFTs so far with “The Traveller” & “Break the Doge” being the most popular ones and the latter even got inducted in WazirX 1K NFT Collection. His other NFT Collection – “Pause – Take a breather”, emphasizing physical and mental well-being, can be explored on OpenSea.

Artist AccountWazirX
Email[email protected]
Social MediaTwitter – @vipsach23
Instagram – @vipsach23

Anuranan Kakati

Anuranan Kakati Visual Designer and Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Anuranan Kakati is a Visual Designer & Concept Artist from Assam, with a remarkable portfolio. He graduated with “A Bachelor of Design” from Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar and currently works as a freelance UX Designer in addition to running the company “GTSpvtltd”, which he co-founded last year.

His work explores many different themes, such as Mythology, philosophy, traditional and pop culture. On WazirX, His 30 piece “Crypto Rangers Collectibles” is highly praised, with 15 of them drafted in the Platform’s Historic 1K Collection.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @AnurananArt

Samim Jahin

Samim Jahin Digital Artist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Samim Jahin is a self-taught Digital Artist from Assam, India, known for his sublime 2D Digital portraits of human and animal. He graduated with B.Tech (CSE) from NIT Silchar and currently works as a software development engineer at Amazon.

On WazirX most of his NFTs fall under more commercially inclined collections like “Elementary Warriors” and “Claws and Blades”, while some 1/1 pieces like “Happy Place”, “Your Hell is Someone’s Heaven” & “The Konyak Headhunters”, hold within themselves the appreciation towards life and culture.  

Another inspirational NFT series of his titled “Trapped in my body”, on public NFT Marketplace Kalamint, highlights body positivity and celebrates all body types. Also, a Motorcycle enthusiast himself, his custom bike design entry in the 2021 Royal Enfield BYOL (Build your own legend) won in the “Pro Judges” category.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @msamimj
Instagram [email protected]

Satish Acharya

Satish Acharya Editorial Cartoonist WazirX NFT Marketplace

Satish Acharya is a world-renowned Cartoonist known for his thoughtful Editorial Cartoons and Caricatures. Hailing from Kundapura, Karnataka, the self-taught cartoonist has gained international recognition over the years with his witty word plays and observation of the politico-social scenario of the country.

He is the author of popular books Such as “Hum & Them” in English, “Cartoonishta” in Kannada, & a cricket-cartoon book titled “Non-Striker”. He is also a TEDx Speaker and provides masterclasses via his YouTube channel.

On WazirX, He has minted 17 NFTs so far, with four of them titled “Gandhi at Dandi”, “A Billion Dreams”, “Crypto Crash” and “Dr. Abdul Kalam Tribute” being part of the WazirX 1K Collection.

Artist AccountWazirX
Social MediaTwitter – @satishacharya
Instagram – @cartoonistsatish

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