Blendr Network Price Prediction- 2024, 2025, 2030 Upto 2050

Explore BELNDR price predictions for the immediate short-term as well as the long-term based on fundamental analysis and crypto market trends here. Just spend a few minutes from your busy daily schedule to learn more about the Blendr Network.

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest narratives for the 2024–25 bull season, and we have seen almost every AI token like FET and RNDR go parabolic to make new all-time highs. The Blendr Network project also fits best in this AI narrative, and with a low market cap, this one has huge potential in the upcoming months. Let’s find out more about this project – Blendr Network and its monthly forecast data sets. 

Blendr Network

If you are into the AI sector, then Blendr Network will definitely ease your computing problems. They are offering high-performance computing that is less expensive and uninterrupted productive, with optimised resources for AI, rendering, and simulations. With their enhanced technology, un-used GPU resources across the globe are aggregated, and tasks are distributed across the network in such a way that every GPU is used, which increases efficiency. 

Soon they are launching the Blendr Box X1, which is a plug-and-play device to setup a Blendr node at your office or home to earn more. GPU sharing is the future, as most people will opt for it whenever their GPU power is in an idle state. According to the fundamental analysis, this project looks solid, and there is a huge upside for it in the near future.

BLENDR Price Predictions – 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050

Just take a look at the price forecast table for the BLENDR coin for 2024, 2025, and 2030–2050 if you don’t have enough time to go through the monthly predictions.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price


Here are the tokenomics for the Blendr Network project, as these data sets are very important because they impact the future price, so better go through them before putting any money into the token.

Market Cap$67 Million+
Circulating Supply42M BLENDR
Total Supply42M BLENDR
Maximum Supply42M BLENDR
Note: Buy/Sell Tax is 0%

BLENDR Monthly Price Prediction 2024

May 2024$1.43 – $2.8
June 2024$3 – $4.5
July 2024$4.5 – $6
August 2024$5 – $10
September 2024$12 – $15
October 2024$11 – $18
November 2024$18 – $25
December 2024$16 – $20

BLENDR Monthly Price Prediction 2025

BLENDR crypto can easily reach upto a $2 billion market cap within this bull season. According to our analysis the price of BLENDR can rise upto $50 by the end of 2025 and if things get mega bullish it can go beyond that also.

January 2025$18 – $22
February 2025$20 – $28
March 2025$26 – $30
April 2025$30 – $50
May 2025$28 – $40
June 2025$25 – $30
July 2025$10 – $15
August 2025$8 – $12
September 2025$10 – $15
October 2025$16 – $22
November 2025$11 – $15
December 2025$5 – $10

BLENDR Monthly Price Prediction 2030

If Blendr Network is able to prove its potential in the decentralized GPU computing space then reaching a price target of $100 by the end of 2030 is definately possible.

January 2030$10 – $15
February 2030$16 – $22
March 2030$22 – $30
April 2030$26 – $35
May 2030$35 – $50
June 2030$55 – $80
July 2030$86 – $100
August 2030$80 – $95
September 2030$52 – $68
October 2030$36 – $41
November 2030$23 – $27
December 2030$11 – $15


Intially BLENDR tokens were available only on Uniswap DEX but now you can also purchase them via centralized exchanges like, MEXC, BitMart and CoinEx.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the all time high of BLENDR coin?

The all time high of BLENDR coin is $4.37.

What are investment returns for BLENDR coin after 1 year?

You can expect a decent 10x gains within an year of investment from BLENDR.

How much returns can i expect from BLENDR coin after 5 years?

BLENDR may be trading around 100 dollars after 5 years as it has low market cap of 100 million currently which can easily pump to few billions if it gains attention of investors during that market season.

Can BLENDR coin reach $100?

Yes, BLENDR can reach $100 within this Bull season of 2024-25 if it gains massive attention.

What is the price prediction for BLENDR coin at the end of 2024 (after 1 year)?

At the end of 2024, BLENDR is expected to be trading between the price range of $16 – $20

What is the price prediction for BLENDR coin at the of 2025 (after 2 years)?

2,000% ROI can be expected from BLENDR before the end of 2025 as it required $2 billion market cap which is possible.

Can BLENDR coin reach $100 in future?

BLENDR can reach $100 in 2025 if crypto market becomes mega bullish.

Disclaimer: The price predictions for Blendr Network listed here can be used only for educational purposes, as these are just the author's personal opinions. These price forecast data sets can't be used as financial advice; for any kind of investment or trading of the BLENDR token, you must consult with a certified financial advisor. will not be liable for your trades or investments in the cryptocurrency sector, as it is very risky. Also, the data presented here can't be used for republication or redistribution on any other platform without our permission.

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