Best Cardano NFT Projects With Collection, Ranking, Volume, Floor Price & Owners

Are you searching for best Cardano NFT projects online on search engines? Checkout here for the top 10 NFT projects which are built up on Cardano blockchain with their volume, floor price, collections, assets, owners and rankings. Cardano blockchain is an attractive choice for the budding NFT artists to create Non Fungible Tokens due to very low gas fees as compared to Ethereum network.

Well we all know Ethereum & Solana ecosystem are way ahead of Cardano NFT ecosystem in terms of volume on NFT marketplaces due first mover advantage. Despite that a large quantity of Cardano NFT collections saw significant trade volume and demand this past year.

These Cardano NFT projects with finite assets are making their way into the hearts of crypto art lovers and are a fine investment as well. Cardano NFT Collection like Spacebudz, Clay Nation, Yummi Universe & Deadpxlz already have an established community, in a very short period of time, while “Pavia Virtual world” and “Unsigned Algorithms” are paving new paths for NFTs in general.

[Note: All Table stats is courtesy of metrics, collected during the first week of January 2022]

1. SpaceBudz – Cardano NFT Collection

spacebudz Cardano NFT Project

SpaceBudz NFT project on Cardano blockchain is currently the top Collection in terms of all-time NFT sales Volume. This Cardano NFT project was launched on March 25, 2021, with a set of 10,000 Spacebudz collectibles representing cute astronaut animals.

Similar to the concept of popular Ethereum based NFTs – “CryptoPunks”, each SpaceBudz collectible is a unique set of Animal, race, background, Gadgets and other items. Some of their combo are super rare while others are quite common. For example, distribution of Budz species WRT rarity include: Dino (8), Bull (22), Elephant (62), Fish (83), Wolf (99), Rhino (100), Shark (198), Frog (523), Parrot (545), Lion (553), Arcane (602), Bear (799), Tiger (845), Robot (980), Alien (1088), Ape (1114), Dog (1188) and Cat (1191).

At the time of SpaceBudz Launch ADA was trading at $1.11 and SpaceBudz numbered #0001-1000 was priced at 10 ADA. From SpaceBudz #1001-2000 it was 20 ADA, from SpaceBudz #2001-3000 it costs 30 ADA and so on until 9001-1000 which reached a cost of 100 ADA.

On October 13, 2021, SpaceBudz made history, when SpaceBud #9936 (a rare Dino Astronaut) was sold for 510,000 ADA ($1.1 Million at the time of sale). It was the First ever Million-Dollar NFT Sale on Cardano blockchain & the most expensive Cardano NFT so far.

Currently this Cardano NFT Project sits at top, with a lifetime trading sales volume of 16,242,120 ADA. At the time of writing this article (Jan 2022), this NFT Project has following stats.

Total Assets 10,000
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume5500 ADA
Total Volume16,242,120 ADA
Floor Price3800 ADA
NFT Owners2702

2. Clay Nation – Cardano NFT Collection

Clay Nation Cardano NFT Project

In April 2021, Founders Lenna (28) and Issy (27) launched original “Clay Mates”, the first stop-motion animation NFTs on Cardano blockchain. Series 1 Clay Mate#00 – “Charlie Birdkinson”, was born on 17 April 2021. After “Clay Mates” Success, they launched a collection 10,000 “Clay Nation” NFT Characters on 9 September 2021.

Each unique “Clay Nation” character is a one-of-a kind NFT, with algorithmically assembled, handcrafted clay traits and possessing combination of rarity Items like background color, hat/hair, body, clothes, accessories, mouth, eyes and wings. For example the “Body” rarity and distribution across all Clay Nation NFTs is as follows: Blue Clay (498), Brown Clay (3077), Green Clay (549), Tan Clay (2755) and White Clay (3121).

At the time of Clay Nation launch, ADA was trading at $2.51. On 19 September 2021, Clay Nation #7279 NFT (one of 30 rare NFT with angel wings) made a record sale when it was sold for 88,888 ($202,664 approx. at the time of sale) on Marketplace. On the same day, another rare angel wings NFT – Clay Nation # 1708 was sold for 80,000₳ ($182400 approx.).

The Clay Nation Project Team includes Founder “Lenna” (Twitter- @Cardano_Girl) and Co-Founder “Issy”, who are currently based out of Brussels, Belgium but were originally from Brighton and London, respectively. Stop Motion Animator “Joe” is 21 years old and lives in Devon, U.K, while lead developer Vladimir is based in Canada. In 2022, the project is set to launch: matching full body 3D avatar for free, acquire plot at the village and virtual events for Clay Nation holders.

Currently this Cardano NFT Project sits at second position, with a lifetime trading sales volume of 12 Million (13,750,139). At the time of writing this article (Jan 2022), Clay Nation NFT Project has following stats.

ProjectClay Nation
Total Assets 10,000
ContactWebsite, Twitter, Email
Daily Volume1650 ADA
Total Volume13,750,139 ADA
Floor Price948 ADA
NFT Owners3748

3. Pavia – Cardano Virtual World NFT Collection

Pavia Cardano Virtual World Metaverse NFT Project -

Pavia is a decentralized gaming NFT metaverse-project built on the Cardano blockchain, just like Decentraland and Sandbox games were built on Ethereum. It is named after “Pavia” City in Italy, the birthplace of Italian polymath “Gerolamo Cardano born 24 September 1501“, upon whom the Cardano blockchain platform is named after.

On the 520th anniversary (24 September 2021), Pavia Corp was incorporated. This cardano virtual world currently has 7,000 land owners in and aims to complete the map of 100,000 land parcels after the final land sale in 2022.

Land parcels are digital piece of land in the Pavia metaverse. These assets are minted and sold as NFTs with an uniquely numbered CNFT (Cardano NFT) based on coordinates within, with land parcel height of 20 meters and land size of 16x16x20 meters. Land owners can then engage by deploying 3D scenes called Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs) on their Land Parcels.

On 12 October 2021, the website went live and the first Land sale took place simultaneously. In the first land sale, 29000 individual plots (NFT Land parcels) were minted and put on sale at a price of 39 ADA/land parcel. All 29,000 units were sold out in 27 hours by 14 October 2021.

The second Land sale took place on 24 November, 2021, where a total of 31000 NFT LAND parcels were sold at a price of 45 ADA/land parcel. By the end of December 2021, Land NFTs has over 8,000 wallet holders for 60K minted assets. Remaining 40k land sale will happen in 2022.

Currently this Cardano NFT Project sits at third position, with a lifetime trading sales volume of 9.6 Million. At the time of writing this article (Jan 2022), Pavia NFT Metaverse Project has following stats.

Total Assets 100,000 Land Parcels
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume929 ADA
Total Volume9,637,760 ADA
Floor Price289 ADA
NFT Owners8227

4. Yummi Universe – Cardano NFT Collection

Yummi Universe Cardano NFT Project -

Yummi Universe is an ecosystem of NFT creatures, cards and other artwork collectables. The artworks is based on original characters by @hungrynaru, which is 3D modeled and rendered to create the Yummi Universe NFT Collections.

Item’s rarity across all Yummi Universe NFTs includes background, headwear, body and face. In the series 1 collection, “Shiny Naru” is the rarest, “Glitch Naru” the second rarest, “Hidden Secret Naru” are quite unique while “Common Naru” numbered from 1 to 200, completes a collection.

Yummi Universe CollectionNFT Assets
The Burger Buddies
Collection (01)
Drop 1 – 200 Trading Cards
Drop 2 – 50 Boxed Figurine
Drop 3 – 100 Unboxed Figurine
Cute & Stabby (02)Drop 4 – 200 Trading Cards
Dab On ‘Em (03)Drop 5 – 200 Trading Cards
Extra Hate (04)Drop 6 – 200 Trading Cards
Extra Love (05)Drop 7 – 200 Trading Cards
Tough Love (06)Drop 8 – 200 Trading Cards
Yummi 4Ever (07)Drop 9 – 200 Trading Cards
Yummi Universe- Naru10K Unique Combinations of Naru
Yummi Universe – Spoopy Naru10K Unique Combinations of Spoopy Naru
Yummi Universe – Season 22022 – Yummi Monsters (Upcoming)

All “Trading cards” NFT Drops of Yummi Universe Features 1 Shiny, 2 Glitches & 3 Hidden Secret Naru along with Common Naru #1 to 200. Fully animated “Boxed Yummi Figurines” & “Unboxed Figurines” NFT Drop features only 1 Shiny Naru. Superrare “Shiny Naru” NFT has a darker blue hue tone unlike the other normally light blue Naru.

Each Yummi Universe design released will have a Trading cards, boxed and unboxed figurine version drop. Season 1 NFT Collections were Designs (01-07) and Yummi Universe Season 2 launch is expected in 2022.

ProjectYummi Universe
Total Assets 20K +
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume450 ADA
Total Volume4,232,158 ADA
Floor Price146 ADA
NFT Owners4947

5. Deadpxlz – Cardano NFT Collection

Deadpxlz Cardano NFT Project -

DEADPXLZ is a collection of 10,000 unique code-generated NFT Collection by creator Adrian Fanatiu (Twitter – @adifanatiu). PXLZ are the “first interactive NFT collectibles” minted on the Cardano blockchain. The entire collection was minted on 6 May, 2021.

Each NFT in the collection is called a PXL and they all are interactive i.e. respond to tap gestures or clicks and also emote. There are a total of 69 attributes (like glasses, mask, pipe, cap, hat etc.) which make each PXL unique. as far as Deadpxlz NFT rarity distribution is concerned, There are 6 types of PXLZ scattered across the Cardano blockchain: Dead (9820), Reptilians (73), Vampires (45), Werewolves (35), Aliens (17) and Legendary (10).

The full distribution phase of the 10,000 PXL NFTs were completed in 3 stages or seasons (0, 1 & 2). The first drop (Season 0-Pre Sale) went live on 19 June, 2021 and a total of 333 DEADPXLZ including 14 “Epics” and 1 Legendary NFTs were sold out.

The Second drop (season 1) went live on 20 August, 2021 and 3333 NFTs were sold out in les than 72 Hours. There were 3275 PXLZ NFTs of type “Dead”, 55 Epic NFTs (24 Reptile, 15 Vampire, 11 Wolf & 5 Alien) and 3 legendary PXLZ nfts in this drop.

The third and final drop (season 2) went live on 10 September, 2021 and were sold out by September 16. All the remaining 6.3K+ PXLZ (Including 101 epic & 6 legendary PXLZ NFTs) were distributed in season 2 at a base price of 50 ADA.

In 2022, creator Adrian Fanatiu aims to launch Season-0 of the “PXL Wars”, a competitive Play2Earn game built on the Cardano blockchain. The turn-based PvP game will let you build and upgrade your
PXL army and earn ADA rewards for winning PvP battles.

Total Assets 10,000
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume800 ADA
Total Volume3,156,887 ADA
Floor Price710 ADA
NFT Owners1610

6. Zombie Chains – Cardano NFT Collection

Zombie Chains Cardano NFT Project -

Zombie Chains is a collection of 10,000 unique digital artwork created as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano blockchain. This Cardano NFT project was founded by Cardano Dan (Twitter – @CardanoDan) and Chris @ReliableStaking. Brian Allen, an illustrator & Graphic designer based out of Pennsylvania, USA and founder of graphic artist studio “Flyland Designs (Twitter – @flylanddesigns)” is the artist behind Zombie Chains NFTs.

The first and only Zombie Chains sale went live on 27 October 2021 and all 10K NFTs were sold out in a single drop at a price of 50 ADA. Zombie chain NFTs are now available only in secondary NFT Marketplace like ( and On 8th November, 2021, Zombie Chains #00710 (in astronaut clothing) became the most expensive NFT of the collection when it was sold for 36,000 ADA ($76,000 at the time of sale).

Rarity distribution across Zombie Chains NFTs includes the following attributes: Background, Hats, earring, eyes, nose, skin, mouth, chain, weapon and clothing. Rarest item in each attribute is Background (Lightning: Only 10 NFTs), Hat (Bull Horns: Only 30 NFTs), Eyes (Visor Down: Only 11 NFTs), Skin (Gold: only 94 NFTs), Chains (Snake: Only 62 NFTs), Weapon (Angel baby: Only 8 NFTs), Clothing (Astronaut: Only 55 NFTs), Earring (Diamond: Only 131 NFTs) and with 11 NFTs with none mouth and nose.

ProjectZombie Chains
Total Assets 10,000
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume250 ADA
Total Volume2,943,655 ADA
Floor Price150 ADA
NFT Owners2219

7. Unsigned Algorithms – Cardano NFT Art Collection

Unsigned Algorithms Cardano NFT art Project -

Unsigned Algorithms (Unsig) are the first algorithmically generated art, minted and preserved entirely on Cardano blockchain. All other Cardano NFT projects are often criticized as “just links to JPGs”, i.e. the NFTs are created off-chain and then stored on the blockchain.

But Unsigned Algorithms artist & founder “Alexander Watanabe” wanted art to be integrated with a blockchain. So, rather than using a blockchain as a container for other art, this project mints code that then generates an image and stores the code “on-chain”. There are No IPFS image issues as the code and parameters are the ‘real’ NFT.

Each Unsig has Attributes [Properties]. There are 4 attributes: Colors, distributions, rotations & multipliers, while it can have any number of properties (set of arguments) unique to it. Alexander explored the set of combinations of [red, green and blue] colors in all their rotations [0, 90, 180, 270] to produce over 50 million possible combinations.

These parameters combo were then distilled down and the best 31,119 Unsig were curated in this Cardano NFT Collection. Out of the total supply of 31,119, The first 10K were sold in round1 at 50 ADA cost for 3 unsigs, the next round of 10K Unsig were sold at 50 ADA for 2 unsigs while the last 10,000 costs 50 ADA for 1 unsig.

Unsigned Algorithms NFTs were created by Alexander Watanabe (Twitter-@monad_alexander), a Tokyo native with dual masters (M. Arch & M.Sc) from University of Michigan. The distribution is handled by Patrick Tobler (Twitter-@Padierfind), the founder of and the CEO of “yellow house GmbH”.

ProjectUnsigned Algorithms
Total Assets 31,119
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume500 ADA
Total Volume2,490,503 ADA
Floor Price425 ADA
NFT Owners1416

8. Baby Alien Club – Cardano NFT Collection

Baby Alien Club Cardano NFT Project -

Baby Alien Club is a 2-part CNFT series launched on 24 September 2021. The series 1 of Baby Alien Club is a collection of 10000 “Baby Alien” on Cardano NFT network. 9995 Baby Aliens NFTs were generated using randomization script and 5 1/1 special aliens (BabyViking, BabyKnight, BabySamurai, BabyIndian & BabySpartan) were then added to the collection.

BAC Series 2 NFT collection consist of “Spaceships” (Only 10,000 ever minted). The Baby Alien club Series 2 drop held on 4 December 2021 and for the first 12 hours of the S2 drop, only BAC holders were able to mint (for each Baby Alien one owns, they were able to mint one S2 Spaceship NFT). After that the drop was opened for public.

From the series 1 BAC, BabySpartan NFT was sold for record 22,222₳ ($46,888 approx.) on 30th September, 2021 at Marketplace. Rarity attributes in the BAC Series 1 includes: Accessory (Rarest: Red Button), Background (Rarest: Stars), Body (Rarest: Rainbow), Clothes (Rarest: Superman Outfit), Eyes Color (Rarest: Cardano), Face (Rarest: Avatar), Hat (Rarest: Space Helmet), Mouth (Rarest: Rabbit’s Teeth) and 5 1/1 Special Aliens.

In 2022, the Cardano NFT project aims to launch Fusing series, burning series 1 and series 2 NFTs and minting unique fused NFTs. It also aims for possible collaboration with other CNFT Projects. It’s official twitter (@BabyAlienClub) currently has over 17K followers and Discord has over 10 K followers.

ProjectBaby Alien Club
Total Assets BAC Series 1 (10,000)
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume183 ADA
Total Volume2,042,790 ADA
Floor Price22 ADA
NFT Owners4,573

9. CryptoDino – Cardano NFT Collection

CryptoDino Cardano NFTs Project -

On 6 August 2021, the original collection of 10 thousand unique “CryptoDino” non-fungible tokens were launched and by September 9, 2021, all were bought by CNFT Collectors. Interested buyers can still find these variety of original dinosaurs on secondary marketplace.

As of writing this article, the top two CryptoDino sale of all time took place on Marketplace, both for an amount of 8,000₳. CryptoDino #02624 was sold on 10 September (ADA Price at that time was 2.38) and CryptoDino #04938 was sold on 18 September (ADA price at that time was 2.37).

On 26, November 2021, the second collection of 10,000 “DinoSaviors” NFTs were put out for public sale, which were sold out by November 28.

In 2022, the Cardano NFT project aims to launch a “Breeding system” between CryptoDino & DinoSaviors NFT Collections. It also sets to launch a Play to Earn (P2E) gaming model with it’s own native token. In the game, qwners get to manage the “CryptoDino Village” and participate in Escapades led by DinoSaviors and CryptoDinos, for valuable rewards.

Total Assets CryptoDino – 10,000
DinoSaviors – 10,000
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume284 ADA
Total Volume1,851,736 ADA
Floor Price65 ADA
NFT Owners3,115

10. Chilled Kongs – Cardano NFT Collection

Chilled Kongs Cardano NFT Project -

Launched on 8 December 2021, Chilled Kongs are a Collection of 8,888 non-fungible tokens on the Cardano Blockchain, which seems inspired by the famous “Bored Ape Yacht Club” NFTs on Ethereum. The founder and lead artist of this CNFT Project is André Monfort (IG – @andre.monfort), a Brazilian who left architecture and civil engineering to explore NFTs and virtual world of Crypto art.

On January 4, 2022, ChilledKong5548 with God Eyes (0.26%) was sold on Marketplace for 15,000 ADA (Approx. $20,000 at the time of sale), becoming the most expensive NFT of the collection. The previous all time sale was for 6,590 ADA (approx. $8,680), when ChilledKong4674 with Gold Skin (0.23%) was sold on December 30, 2021.

The rarity distribution attributes of Chilled Kongs NFTs are: Hat (Rarest: Unicorn Tiara), Body (Rarest: Android), Eyes (Rarest: Golden Glasses), Mouth (Rarest: The Magic Pipe), Clothes (Rarest: Exotic Suit with Falcon), Earrings (Rarest: Plume Earring) and Background.

ProjectChilled Kongs
Total Assets 8888
ContactWebsite, Twitter
Daily Volume90,550 ADA
Total Volume1,816,461 ADA
Floor Price435 ADA
NFT Owners2,216

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