Omnimorphs NFTs owned by Celebrities

In wake of the 2021 NFT ascension, many OG PFP based NFT projects & female led crypto art projects are gaining the due recognition, but there are still plenty of gems to be discovered in the sea of non-fungible marketplaces.

There is no denying that many novel NFT projects with great art and ambition is overshadowed by copycat and plagiarized projects. While these projects still help to propel the NFTs mass adoption, they do so by luring the existing community of original projects and add little to no value themselves. So, we’ve roamed every nook and corner of NFT bazaars to unearth some of the most surreal digital art collection.

One such under the radar NFT project (still under 1 ETH) is – “Omnimorphs”, a lore rich ecosystem project which promises real value over phony hype and razzmatazz. And at these times when the NFT market is saturated with rigid meritless NFT collections, its important to recognize unique assets like “Omnimorphs”, which offers metaverse use-case flexibility. In this article we will cover this projects in detail, discuss many digital artists which are part of its community and list all the celebrities that owns the Omnimorphs NFTs.

What are Omnimorphs NFTs?

Omnimorphs is a generative NFT art collectible project of 10K digitally hand-drawn avatars tokenized on ERC-721 smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. Illustrated by Hungarian Digital Artist and graphic designer – “Dániel Taylor“, Omnimorphs are a modern digital pieces in the style of Sci-Fi comic book art.

The journey for this NFT collection started with Dániel’s “Possessed” piece for the Inktober 2018 challenge. After that he has worked on thousands of variation of Omnimorph characters from a pool of hand-drawn traits and build an exceptional community around the project.

Omnimorphs NFT avatar project was announced on August 16, 2021 and have achieved numerous milestones since then, be it a collab with “Robbie Trevino(Sr. Concept Designer at Lucasfilm) or with Grammy Nominated Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer “Richard Vagner“, for their theme song.

Omnimorphs NFT project is also a recipient of “Sandbox Game Maker Fund“, setting foot for the future metaverse integration updates in 2022. But the most standout facet of Omnimorphs is perhaps the active participation and support from many prominent Digital artist/Illustrators themselves.

For starter, under their “Omnicreators” & “Halloween contest” initiative, many notable digital artists like C. Saros (@C_Saros), Ajay Ahdiyat (@ajayahdiyat), Abhinna Shyam (@scorchedrealm), @F0XMASK_AI and @itsdilahhh have created their “Omnimorph derivatives”, adding unique signature touches to the original.

Many other distinguished Digital artist who added the Omnimorphs NFT Collection into their Opensea wallet are: Norwegian oil painter “Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen” [Omnimorph #660, #5054], L.A. based visual artist “Blake Kathryn” [Omnimorph #5764, #254 & #1939], NY based 3D artist and Visual Designer “Jarlan Perez” [Omnimorph #1464, #1522 & #8734], L.A. based Photographer “Brendan North” [Omnimorph #3624 & #2784], Montréal based Graphic Designer “Maalavidaa” [Omnimorph #49, #1608, #1609 & #7763], NY Based artist Mark Weaver [20+ Omnimorph NFTs], Fantasy Illustrator & Youtuber “Imad Awan” [Omnimorph #8977 & #8976] and Bern, Switzerland based artist “Samira Ingold” [Omnimorph #9586] etc.

Omnimorphs NFTs owned by Celebrities

Mike Shinoda – Omnimorphs NFT #1814

Mike Shinoda Owns Omnimorphs NFT #1814 Cryptoofficiel

Mike Shinoda is the primary songwriter, producer and co-lead vocalist of the Grammy-nominated Rock band “Linkin Park“, which he co-founded in 1996. Being a graduate with a B.A. in illustration and Doctorate of Humane Letters from “Pasadena Art Center College of Design”, Shinoda has overseen Linkin Park’s artwork and showcased his solo exhibition of paintings in “Japanese American National Museum” in L.A.

In his Opensea account, Mike has collected over 80+ NFTs and the ENS “mikeshinoda.eth”. He minted two Omnimorphs on September 13, 2021 and on December 18 fused them to get a new Omnimorph NFT #1814.

Got two @omnimorphs a while ago. They offered a fusion mechanic: you merge the best traits of two avatars into one (more rare). And they’re giving everyone playable version of their character for @TheSandboxGame. Not a sponsored post, I just like it.

Twitter @mikeshinoda

Von Miller – Omnimorphs NFT #3205 & #1535

Von Miller Owns Omnimorphs NFT #1535 and #3205 Cryptoofficiel dot com

Von Miller is an American football player, who previously played for “Denver Broncos” & currently plays as the outside linebacker for “L.A. Rams” of the National Football League. A two time Super Bowl winner and a Super Bowl MVP, Miller is also an internet celebrity with over 2 Million followers on IG and around 500K Twitter followers (@VonMiller).

In his Opensea wallet, Miller has collected over 350+ NFTs including the ENS “ballin.eth”. He purchased two Omnimorphs NFT (#1535 & #3205) on September 24, 2021 for a price of 0.75 ETH ($2000 approx) and 0.20 ETH ($600 approx), respectively.

Steve Aoki – Omnimorphs Collabs Omni Aoki

Steve Aoki is an American DJ, record producer & executive, famously known for his studio albums like “Wonderland” and “Neon Future“. Aoki has been ranked as world’s top 15 most popular EDM & DJ in the annual “DJ Magazine’s Top 100” list since 2013.

Both an early adopter and Futurist of NFT tech, Aoki is a passionate collector with over 1.1K NFTs in his Opensea Wallet Address. He owns five Omnimorphs NFTs (#107, #1216, #5489, #6391, #8211) as well as an honorary PFP from “Omnimorphs Collabs” called “Omni Aoki”.

Calvyn Justus – Omnimorphs NFT #3622

Calvyn Justus - Omnimorphs NFT #3622

Calvyn Justus is an Olympic Swimmer and Youtube content creator from Durban, South Africa. He competed in the “4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay” event at 2016 Rio Olympics, won silver in “4×100 m freestyle relay” & Bronze in “4×200 m freestyle relay” at 2014 CWG as well as a bronze in “4x100m medley relay” at the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Apart from his official Youtube channel where he has amassed over 75K Subscribers, Calvyn also pursue digital art & photography and has created “BitBoards – 3D Surfboard collection” and “Crystaloids” NFT art project on Opensea.

He purchased Omnimorph NFT #3622 on Sept 20, 2021 for a price of 0.45 ETH (Approx. $1200). On December 17, 2021 he minted an “Omnimorph Soul Shard” by Fusion burns of his other Omnimorph NFTs.

Laurence Fuller – Omnimorphs NFT #1832

Laurence Fuller - Omnimorphs NFT #1832

Laurence Fuller is an Actor, Director & Screenwriter with over 20+ acting credits under his belt including lead roles in feature films “Road To The Well”, “Apostle Peter & The Last Supper” and “Paint It Red”. He was the finalists for the 6th annual “Heath Ledger Scholarship” in 2014 and the winner of “Best Adapted Screenplay Award” for “MODERN ART” at the “Burbank International Film Festival 2020“.

An aesthete, Laurence has created/collaborated in many Crypto art projects including with her mother “Stephanie Fuller“, a British/Australian artist who has been exhibiting for more than thirty years. An early adopter and strong supporter of Omnimorphs NFT project, Laurence holds 24 NFTs from the collection in his Opensea wallet.

#NewNFTProfilePic wearing one of my @omnimorphs by @DanielTaylorArt today in honor of Twitter’s NFT verification. 🥀🔥

Twitter @LaurenceFuller

Colin Goltra – Omnimorphs Collabs Omni Goltra

Colin Goltra - Omnimorphs Collabs Omni Goltra NFT

Colin Goltra is the Global COO at Yield Guild Games (YGG) and the Co-Owner of Narra Gallery. He has earlier worked as Binance’s Director of Growth for Southeast Asia and Country Director for the Philippines.

Not a celebrity in the traditional sense, Goltra is well-known personality in the Crypto space, where his insights as an art collector, Crypto-Merchant & Speculator is par none. Colin is also ardent supporter of the Omnimorphs NFT project and currently owns 64 Omnimorphs NFTs, 20 Soul Shards and an honorary PFP from “Omnimorphs Collabs” called “Omni Goltra” on his Opensea Wallet address.

I’ve been quiet about @omnimorphs lately, but I still believe this 👇 – Their Fusion mechanic will be a game changer. 💖 #Omnifam

Twitter @Goltra

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