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Caitlin Long is a Wall Street veteran and one of the best personalities in the blockchain space who is working continuously for reforms/adoption of virtual digital assets. She is also a renowned entrepreneur, Bitcoin evangelist & public speaker, participating in international Crypto events-conferences.

Caitlin Long made the ranks of Forbes prestigious “50 Over 50 – Investment” list of 2021, which honors female visionaries on the Wall Street. In 2016, she was featured in Inc. magazines “10 Business Leaders Changing the World Through Tech” list, along with Symbiont CO-Founder “Mark Smith” and Ethereal Co-Creator “Jesse Grushack”.

Having experienced both the ills of traditional financial system and witnessing Bitcoin birth & cryptocurrency promise over the years, her voice in the matter is followed by over 160K Followers via her official twitter handle (@CaitlinLong_).

In this article, we’ll explore Caitlin Long’s Biography/Wiki, Net Worth, her 20+ year long Wall Street career from equity research analyst to Managing director, her future goals as founder of Crypto Bank Avanti and much more.

Quick Info

Full NameCaitlin F. Long
Known ForFounder & CEO @Avanti,
Former Chairman of the Board & President @Symbiont
Age53 Years
Birth PlaceWyoming, United States
Current ResidenceWyoming, United States
EducationMPP, International Trade and Finance
Net Worth$50 Million USD
Email[email protected]
Social MediaTwitter

Caitlin was born and grew up in Laramie city in Albany County of Wyoming State of United states. Both her parents were educators. Her father was a professor who taught electrical engineering for 40 years at University of Wyoming, while her mother was an elementary school teacher in Laramie.

After her high school school education, Caitlin enrolled in the “B.A. Political Economy” course at “University of Wyoming”, a public land-grant research university in Laramie, Wyoming. She started the three year under-graduation course from the “College of Arts & Sciences” in 1987 and Pass out with the class of 1990.

Caitlin didn’t land a job straight out of college, so she decided to left Wyoming to join graduate school for higher education. She cleared all the eligibility test to enroll in the JD/MPP joint degree program in law and government from Harvard Law School (HLS) and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).

Caitlin Long completed the rigorous JD/MPP joint degree program with distinction and earned her “Master in Public Policy (MPP) – International Trade and Finance” degree from Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from Harvard Law School (HLS). She is an alumna of the 1990-1994 batch of both the schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Net Worth

Net worth of Bitcoin evangelist and Wall Street veteran Caitlin F. Long is estimated to be more than $50 Million USD in 2024. In her 20+ long wall street career, Caitlin was involved in some fruitful early investment. As the CEO & Founder of Avanti Bank, the 2nd crypto bank in Wyoming, her future income tied directly to the company’s success as well as her diverse crypto portfolio.

After graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue a career on the Wall street, all the while keeping one foot in Wyoming by sitting on multiple University of Wyoming boards. Before her career in digital assets, Caitlin had a fruitful 22 years long career on Wall Street, working from Salomon Brothers to Credit Suisse to Morgan Stanley.

In August 1994, Caitlin started out as an associate at “Salomon Brothers (now Citigroup)“. It was one of the five largest investment banking enterprises in the United States and she worked for a period of 2 years 11 months at the firm.

From June 1997 to September 2007, Caitlin worked for “Credit Suisse“, a leading global investment bank and financial services firm, Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. She started as the director of “Equity Research Department” of Credit Suisse, where she followed the life insurance and financial guarantee insurance industries.

Caitlin was ranked as a runner-up member of the Institutional Investor’s “All-America Research Team” for Life Insurance Industry in 1999 and 2000. Founded in 1972, Institutional Investor‘s AART (All-America Research Team) is an annual list of top sell-side analysts valued by money managers.

Caitlin was ranked 3rd by “institutional investors” & 2nd by the “management of life insurance companies” in the Reuters mid-to-smaller company survey – 1999. Next year in 2000, Caitlin Long was ranked the 3rd most profitable stock picker (out of 14 sell-side analyst) in the life insurance sector of annual StarMine Awards.

While at “Credit Suisse”, Caitlin helped place the IPO of MetLife, Manulife, Prudential, Principal, and John Hancock etc.. She existed the company from the post of “Managing Director (2001-2007)”, after a period of 10 years 4 months in September 2007.

From September 2007 to April 2016, Caitlin worked as the Managing Director at “Morgan Stanley”, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company based out of New York City. She lead the company as the “Head – Corporate Strategies Group” and “Head of Pension Solutions Group”.

In 2014, she served on Morgan Stanley’s 5 person “Distributed ledger technology working group” and collaborated with various blockchain startup to gain valuable insights about the technology.

After that Caitlin joined blockchain startup “Symbiont” as president and chairman of the board in August 2016. As president and chairman at Symbiont, Caitlin guided the company to win the inaugural “Best distributed-ledger technology project” category award at the 2016 “Buy-Side Technology Awards”.

Caitlin Long currently serve as the Founder & CEO of “Avanti Bank & Trust”, a chartered bank based out of Cheyenne, WY. Avanti is basically a software platform with a bank charter, built to connect digital assets with the U.S. dollar payments system. Her Company Avanti is the 2nd company (after Kraken Digital exchange) to be chartered in Wyoming as a crypto bank.

Some Important Facts

  • Caitlin Long set up her first bitcoin wallet in 2013
  • Caitlin F. Long won the 2nd edition of “Markets Choice Awards: Women in Finance 2016” in the “Excellence in Blockchain” category.
  • Caitlin made the rank of Institutional Investor’s “40 most influential people in pensions” during her final 3 years on Wall Street, Ranked 12 (in 2013), Ranked 19 (in 2014) & Ranked 25 (in 2015). 
  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.
  • She has personally made a sizeable investment in Symbiont’s Series A round
  • She was on the “University of Wyoming Foundation’s board” from 2003 to 2011.
  • Caitlin Long is the co-founder (2017) of “Wyoming Blockchain Coalition“.
  • Caitlin is an Ethereum fan and is involved with Media-focused blockchain startup – “Singular DTV”.
  • Caitlin is an investor in Digital Exchange company Kraken
  • Some of Caitlin’s recommended book reads include: “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, “The Truth Machine” by Paul Vigna and “When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson
  • She also served as Gubernatorial Appointee (volunteer role 2018-2019) on the “Wyoming’s Blockchain Task Force“, a Legislature-created committee

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