Natalie Salemink

Natalie Salemink is an entrepreneur, Businesswoman, and a prominent figure in the Web3 space. She is the founder of “Skadi Labs”, a web3 technology & research company, and also the founder/CEO of “Prismatic”, a DAO tooling and spinup platform.

Over the years, Natalie has contributed her labor across various blockchain startups, such as DigiCash, TrueX and SIX Digital Exchange. She was involved in the early Ethereum community in Australia and is generally hailed amongst the most well-connected personalities within the Crypto and Blockchain sphere. In this article, we’ll cover her Bio, Family, Professional Career.

NameNatalie Salemink
Birthday27 May 1992
Known ForDigiCash, Skadi Labs, Prismatic
Net-WorthEstimated Figure – $25 Million
Marital StatusSingle
LocationPortugal and Cayman Islands
Role modelsElinor Ostrom
HobbiesMarathon Running, Scuba Diving
& Flight Training
BAYCBAYC #4315 owned by Natalie Salemink

Born on May 27, 1992, in the Netherlands, Natalie spent her formative years living in Switzerland and Germany. Shortly after graduating, Natalie proceeded to spend several years living in Sydney, Australia, and has been deeply involved in the Crypto space since 2015.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in “Finance and Business Law” from UTS (University of Technology Sydney) and also holds a graduate certificate in Mathematics & Statistics from UTS’s faculty of science.

Natalie then completed her “Masters of Science in Applied Economics” with a major in Data Science from the University of Neuchatel, which helped her to enter a Ph.D. program in Applied Finance at Macquarie University in Sydney.

The Ph.D. course with topics in blockchain-based capital markets is one of the most sought-after courses, but Natalie is currently putting that on hold to focus completely on building her current ventures.

As the founder of “Skadi Labs”, a DAO-tooling venture studio, she is passionately working towards building tools that are flexible for decentralized, self-organized, and organizational structures to emerge. Recently they launched a product called “Prismatic”, which is a DAO-tooling framework on “Algorand”, a proof-of-stake blockchain cryptocurrency protocol founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali.

Natalie has previously contributed to various DAOs, such as the “Blockathon DAO”, and was a member of the “Multichain Asset Management Association”. She was also involved in European Crypto regulation, where among other skills she honed and fine-tuned her leadership and team-building capabilities.

Having been formally educated in Finance, Corporate Law, Economics, and Data Science, Natalie carry a vast experience as a business analyst, market researcher, Blockchain advisor, and investor. Her current areas of expertise include DAOs, blockchains, and emerging Crypto ecosystems. 

Her accomplishments also include being a business lead at “Swissloop” – the ETH hyperloop team building a pod and placing 2nd at the SpaceX hyperloop competition, as well as being featured in Forbes’ 30-Under-30 list 2021 for the DACH region

Natalie is an adventurous person who is always fascinated towards trying the next venturesome. She runs marathons and ultra-marathons. She has participated in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival (2015), Ultra-Trail Australia (100KM) in 2016, Wentworth Falls Trail Run 2017 (Full Course 16KM), and Zurich & Winterthur Marathons in 2018, etc.

Pursuing the tenets of effective altruism, Natalie has pledged 10% of her annual income and investments to effective charities through “Giving What We Can”, founded by Toby Ord.

Twitter data reveals that Natalie is in a romantic relationship with Bored Ape #8091 holder “Kyle Wang”, a Partner at Valhalla Capital.

Natalie has been a winner of numerous start-up awards, and currently enjoys her casual active angel investor role in the Crypto space, encouraging budding talents in Web3. She is also a highly sought-after speaker at various Crypto & blockchain events across the globe. Most recent among those are ETHDenver, AVM 2022, Consensus 2022, the Forbes global summit, and the MIT web3 summit.

Showcasing her charismatic public speaking skill, she recently delivered a 30 min session on the agenda “DAOs & Next Gen Frameworks” during the Consensus 2022 event. The presentation discussed topics of “coordination problem”, “Polycentric governance”, “decentralized network of ant colonies”, “DAO Emergence”, and “self-organization.”

She also attended the 2022 “Forbes under 30 Summit EMEA”, as a panelist, with Liat Aaronson (Co-Founder – Horizen Labs) & Lior Messika (Founder – Eden Bloc). The session titled “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle: How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are Changing Business and the World”, offered great insights into the future of DAOs.

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