Spanish Football League LaLiga Partners with Dapper Labs to launch LaLiga Golazos NFT Platform

Football fans who want to own iconic, officially licensed LaLiga video collectibles can now rejoice as the Spanish football league has recently unveiled the name of its NFT Platform and announced its launch date to be October 27, 2022. The official NFT Platform, named “LaLiga Golazos,” is built on the Flow blockchain, in partnership with Dapper Labs.

The Primera División (aka La Liga in English-speaking countries) is the biggest men’s professional football division in the Spanish football league system, drawing over 350,000 viewers per match and featuring some of the oldest football clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, and Barcelona.

Dapper Labs is a gaming company that has been actively involved in blockchain-based games and digital collectibles since 2018. The Vancouver, BC-based web3.0 company is known for its superior NFT Collectible series across different sports like NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike, etc.

Dapper has been featured in Fast Company’s world’s 50 most innovative companies of 2022 list and boasts a massive 2 million+ global users. Dapper Labs has created “FLOW”, a proof of stake blockchain designed for NFTs, gaming, Metaverse, and even DeFi. And now, “La Liga Golazos” NFT Platform will be utilizing FLOW’s fast, easy-to-use, low-cost transactions, and environmentally friendly features to provide a web3.0 experience to their football fans.

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Spanish Football League LaLiga Partners with Dapper Labs to launch LaLiga Golazos NFT Platform for Digital Collectibles -

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Interested football fans can join the “LaLiga Golazos” platform’s closed beta and get on the waitlist, and on October 27th, 2022, when the first LaLiga Golazos pack drops, it will give them a chance to own their favorite player’s greatest moments.

“Moments” are officially licensed LaLiga video highlights collectibles, which fans can either own forever or sell on the LaLiga Golazos global marketplace. These “moments” include spectacular goals; legendary dribbles and skills; the greatest assists; sensational saves; and brilliant defensive actions from across the league.

The rarity of “Moments” in each LaLiga Golazos pack is classified into 4 levels: Legendary Moments (0.09% of total Moments), Rare (1.72% of total Moments), Uncommon (2.80% of total Moments), and Common (95.38% of total Moments).

Each moment in a LaLiga Golazos NFT pack will also feature different angles, on-pitch fans’ celebrations, and match narration of the highlights. This will also be the first fully bilingual product developed by Dapper Labs, as match and player statistics will also be included with the NFTs in both Spanish and English.

What Does the Future Hold for La Liga Galazos Collectors?

  • Fans can buy, sell, and trade video clips of the most iconic plays from all the football clubs which have been part of LaLiga Santander since the 2005-2006 season.
  • Own historic trading NFT cards of the matches in the current LaLiga season, including clashes between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF, and Real Madrid CF vs Atlético de Madrid, etc.
  • Flex your football knowledge by completing “La Liga Golazos” challenges during live matches.
  • Completing the LaLiga Golazos “Moments crafting challenge” will allow you to gain exclusive Moments that aren’t even available in the packs.

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