Metaverse Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exhibitors unveiled for CES 2023

CES is the most influential tech event in the world, and its 2023 edition is just a few months away, scheduled from Jan. 5 through Jan. 8, 2023. The 53rd edition of this prestigious annual trade show, organised by the Consumer Technology Association, has returned as an in-person event in 2023 and will be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The International Consumer Electronics Show has recently unveiled more than 1600+ exhibitors in 45 product categories, and in this article, we have curated all the Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, and Cryptocurrency exhibitors from the list.

The last edition of CES saw around 45K in-person attendance, while another 40K people joined the event digitally. Over 2200 exhibitors registered for the event, and around 1500 media outlets covered the latest innovations from the industry’s biggest players. The CES 2023 event, however, is expected to repeat the record attendance of 2019, when it saw over 180k attendees from around the world. So, read on for a glimpse of what to expect at CES 2023 in the Blockchain and Metaverse Product categories.

Metaverse Blockchain and cryptocurrency Exhibitors unveiled for CES 2023


OWO is a Spanish company, which has developed and patented a haptic Second Skin sensation technology that provides powerful immersive experiences in Metaverse or a video game.

Their OWO Vest and App allows a person in Virtual reality to physically feel more than 30 physical sensations like Free Fall/Wind & Fast Driving experience, Machine Gun recoil, Push/Pull interactions, and Dart, Punch and Insect bite impacts etc.

For its cutting-edge technology, application in all online & multiplayer games, and Compatibility with PC, mobile, console, and VR, OWO was selected as one of the 18 CES Innovation award honoree 2022, in Virtual & Augmented Reality category. The company has been a great hit this year at Gamescom Germany and Tokyo Games Show 2022, and will be showcasing at CES 2023 in the Metaverse category.

CES 2023 ExhibitorOWO
CategoryMetaverse, AR/VR/XR, Entertainment and Content,
Gaming and Esports, Startups, Streaming
LocationTech East, LVCC
Email[email protected]

RDX Works

Radix is a platform that is building a layer 1 protocol, which’ll provide an integrated technology solution for various DeFi problems. Four of the major technologies of Radix: The Radix Engine2 smart contract environment + Scrypto programming language, the on-network Blueprint Catalog, the on-network system of flexible Developer Royalties, and their unique Cerberus5 consensus protocol, is geared towards building the future of DeFi.

CES 2023 Exhibitor RDX Works
CategoryBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Investing
LocationTech East, LVCC
CountryUnited Kingdom
Email[email protected]

Toptal, LLC

Toptal is an exclusive network of the world’s top software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. They houses the best blockchain developers, engineers, and consultants to launch ICOs, write smart contracts, or to create Dapps etc.

It is world-class marketplace for top AI Designers, AR (Augmented Reality) designers, NFT art direction experts, and VR (Virtual Reality) Designers. Toptal connects this elite talent with businesses around the world, and their freelance blockchain consultants and Blockchain Product managers are hired by leading names in the crypto industry.

CES 2023 Exhibitor Toptal, LLC
CategoryBlockchain, Cloud Computing/Data, Fintech,
High-Tech Retailing/E-Commerce, Vehicle Technology
LocationTech East, LVCC
CountryUnited States
Email[email protected]

LOTTE Data Communication Company

LOTTE Data Communication Co. is a South Korea based global company, aimed at creating a smart world by combining cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Bigdata, IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain. It offers Blockchain-based livestock history management system under digital transformation.

In July 2021, LOTTE Data Communication acquired Korean metaverse startup Caliverse for $10.58M and turned it into a subsidiary. Last year at CES 2022, its duty-free shop operation unit – “Lotte Duty Free”, unveiled a metaverse duty-free shop and a virtual fitting room.

Caliverse currently offers feature-length interactive VR Dramas, Virtual Cinema Theatre experience, 360° K-POP Concerts, Metaverse Shopping with Virtual Assistant, and virtual luxury store which allow your 3D avater to explore different fashion items.

CES 2023 Exhibitor LOTTE Data Communication Company
CategoryAR/VR/XR, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment & Content,
High-Tech Retailing/E-Commerce, Video Technologies
LocationTech East, LVCC
CountrySouth Korea
Email[email protected]

Mytrix Technology LLC

Mytrix Technology LLC is a major player in development of gaming electronics and accessories for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and handheld consoles.Based in Salem, New Hampshire, the company will be exhibiting at CES 2023 in Cryptocurrency category (including others), showcasing cutting-edge development.

CES 2023 Exhibitor Mytrix Technology LLC
CategoryCryptocurrency, Gaming and Esports,
High-Tech Retailing/E-Commerce,
Home Office Hardware & Accessories, Robotics
LocationTech East, LVCC
CountryUnited States
Email[email protected]

Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd.

Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd. is a India-based company, co-founded by Abhijit Patil, Pankaj Raut,and Abhishek Tomar. The team created “AjnaLens” – the first augmented reality headset with 90 degree field of view, back in 2018, and are currently working on “AjnaX” – India’s First Enterprise-Grade AR Glasses, “AjnaSuite” Virtual rooms for enterprise needs, and “AjnaXR Station”.

They are heavily involved in Metaverse education and 3D Asset design for budding Indian Talent through their Ajna Creator Program, and recently partnered with Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd to host AjnaLens’ XR experiences on Qualcomm’s 5G infrastructure, thus making high end XR content accessible to all.

CES 2023 ExhibitorDimension NXG Pvt. Ltd.
Category5G Technologies, AR/VR/XR, Metaverse, NFT, Web3
LocationTech East, LVCC
Email[email protected]

Hancom Group

Hancom Group is a South Korean Company, which is mainly composed of software, hardware and finance stock-listed companies. The group is now gearing towards becoming an ICT Convergence company, seeking to lead the 4th industrial revolution through Blockchain, Robotics, and AI Technology.

The group is aiming to build a safe Block Chain Platform and then a smart city ecosystem, based on the Block Chain, which’ll include Smart Parking, Smart Contract Admin, Smart Digital Payment, Smart Logistics, Integrated facility management and Medical Information Management.

CES 2023 ExhibitorHancom Group
CategoryAR/VR/XR, IoT/Sensors, Metaverse, NFT, Robotics
LocationTech East, LVCC
CountrySouth Korea

Some of the other prominent Metaverse related Exhibitors at CES 2023 Includes:

Canon USA Inc.16359Tech East, LVCC
EMD Electronics9427Tech East, LVCC
MetaVu15567 Tech East, LVCC
Industrial Technology Research Institute9855Tech East, LVCC
OVR Technology51365Tech West, Venetian Expo
Pivo Inc.40525 Tech East, LVCC, South Connector
SLAMcoreSuite 29-104Tech West, Venetian Exhibit Suites, Floor 29
Switzerland61433Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G
VIA Labs, Inc.Westgate Hospitality SuitesTech East, Westgate
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