NFT Artist Speakers announced for NFT NYC 2022

Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT NYC has been regarded as the topmost non fungible event in the world; where digital assets ecosystem is shaped, ideas are exchanged, untapped markets are discovered and the NFT community lead the Art world by breaking new grounds.

There are over 750+ speakers already announced for the 2022 edition and many more are expected to join in upcoming months. Amidst them are the 200+ women crypto entrepreneurs, lawyers, NFT artist and founders, who’ll participate in sessions, panel discussions and meet & greet events.

Its international women’s day today and we’ve decided to commemorate this special day by highlighting all the amazing women crypto artists who are announced as speaker at the upcoming NFT.NYC 2022 event, scheduled for June 20-23.

These leading women artists, illustrators, photographers, singers & entrepreneurs represents the very best the NFT domain has to offer in terms of innovation, inclusivity and women empowerment/growth. So, here are some of the best NFT artist, bringing fresh voices to the space:

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Carrie Able

Carrie Able multidisciplinary NFT artist Speaking at NFT NYC 2022

Carrie Able is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist, working across XR media (virtual and augmented reality), music, oil paintings, and poetry. From the Honolulu Museum of Art to the Toledo Museum of Art, Carrie has exhibited worldwide.

The Brooklyn based visual artist has previously given a session on “The Metaverse and NFT Art” at NFT.NYC 2021 and her limited edition VR NFTs can be viewed on Makersplace and Foundation NFT marketplace.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerCarrie Able
Social MediaIG – @carrieableart
Twitter – @CarrieAble

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Abieyuwa Eigbobo

Abieyuwa Eigbobo Nigerian American NFT Artist Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Abieyuwa Eigbobo is a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist and photographer from Arlington, Texas. Her portraits have been exhibited at the “Houston Center for Photography” and at 2021 NFT Oasis VR artwalk. Abi’s work has also been published in “The Art of Breaking Up“, by Harper’s Books and “Celebrating Black Fatherhood“, by Urban Ivy Co.

As a multimedia artist, she uses various mediums like photography, digital and analog video, 3D modeling, and acrylic paint to explore themes that surround being a Black woman in contemporary society, while showcasing her Esan-Igbo culture. At NFTNYC 2021, she participated as one of the panelist during the “NFTs Bring GeoCommunities Together” session.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerAbieyuwa Eigbobo
Social MediaIG –
Twitter – @abieyuwaart

Donglee Han

Donglee Han (b.1993) is a Visual Artist, Illustrator, Animator and Instructor based in Los Angeles. She received her BA in Art History from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and currently works on her NFT arts, both as a creator of “PixelTots” NFT Project as well as the founder of “” – a nest for all Korean NFT artists.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerDonglee Han
Social MediaIG – @dongleehan
Twitter – @dongleehan

Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam NFT Artist at Speaker NFTNYC 2022

Marjan Moghaddam is an Iranian-American digital artist and animator, who has been hailed as the “First Lady of Animated Painting”. The award-winning pioneer works primarily with 3D CG and digital media for animation, sculpture, installation, and AR/VR.

Last year her “Glitched Faes Flexing in the Metaverse” was featured at 2021 “Transformations NFT Art show”, Unit London, UK and many of her crypto art using 3D CG Animation regularly drops on Superrare NFT Marketplace.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerMarjan Moghaddam
Social MediaIG – @marjan_moghaddam_artist
Twitter – @TheMarjan

Maryanne Chisholm

Maryanne Chisholm NFT Artist Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Maryanne Chisholm is an acclaimed Surreal Painter & Illustrator from Tucson, Arizona. Her work has adorned many national and international art galleries and exhibitions, including at the “Herberger Theater & Art Gallery“.

Last year she was awarded “Collectors Vision Award” by “Contemporary Curator Magazine” and some of her most magnificent NFT artwork titles are: “Abstract Ideology“, “the agony of faith, while life hangs in the balance”, “The Optimist” and “MetaMorphosis“.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerMaryanne Chisholm
Social MediaIG – @maryannechisholmartist
Twitter – @MaryanneChisho2

Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah

Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah NFT Photographer speaker at NFT NYC 2022

Akosua (pronounced ‘A-koss-ya) Viktoria Adu-Sanyah is a professional visual artist and photographer with German-Ghanaian roots based in Zürich, Switzerland. The internationally exhibited and published artist and photographer was recently announced as the “first artistic residency” at “Photoforum Pasquart” museum.

She is currently building “Behold The Ocean” NFT Project, the first blockchain-enabled climate research expedition, she documented with oceanographers “Max Vergara” and “Marco Pinto”. This unique NFT photography collectibles consist of rarity weights, made of the ocean, colorful light, and real ocean data as well as a collection of expedition photography pieces.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerAkosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah
Social MediaIG – @ava.silvery
Twitter – @AvaSilvery

Olive Allen

Olive Allen Visual artist Speaker at NFT NYC 2022

Olive Allen is a New York-based visual artist working at the intersection of art and technology. An early adopter of cryptocurrency and one of the pioneers of the NFT space, Allen blends pop-cultural elements with witty social commentary.

Last year she was one of the featured artist at NFT now x Christie’s – ‘The Gateway’, at Art Basel Miami and also at Christie’s “Trespassing” online sale curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerOlive Allen
Social MediaIG – @olive_allen
Twitter – @IamOliveAllen

Nygilia McClain

Nygilia McClain NFT Artist Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Nygilia McClain is a NY based mixed-media artist that specializes in blending 2D & 3D styles into experimental visuals. Her work compromises of mixed styles, combining skills in Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Illustration, VR Art, and 2D Animation.

Last year she was featured in The Renaissance Protocol Exhibition NYC Selection, Meta Menagerie Exhibition NYC Selection, Crossroads Exhibition, AfroTech NFT Artist Feature, Art Basel: Playb0y&Roc-Nation Exhibition Feature, and Hyphenova Film Festival. Nygilia’s art is currently available on Opensea, Foundation, Known Origin, and Fandefi.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerNygilia McClain
Social MediaIG – @nygi_designs_
Twitter – @nygi_xxv

Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria NY Based Artist and Poet speaker at NFT NYC 2022

Amber is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and poet based in New York City. She was featured in the “Forbes 30 Under 30 – Art & Style” list of 2020 and her work aims to represent the nuances of womanhood through abstracted form & ribbons of color.

She has created many NFT Collection on Opensea Marketplace like: Alphabet, Colon Parenthesis, Final Forms Collection, I Love Me, Inaugural Collection featuring 25 unique 1/1 pieces, and the ongoing Artwork Collection etc.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerAmber Vittoria
Social MediaIG – @amber_vittoria
Twitter – @amber_vittoria

Ana Maria Caballero

Ana Maria Caballero Poetic NFT Artist Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Ana Maria Caballero is a first-generation Colombian-American poet. Her work has won multiple awards, including the Beverly International Prize for Literature and Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize.

She is the co-founder of “theVERSEverse” – a literary gallery in the metaverse. Her poems are part of the second edition of “Etherpoems” and all her poetic NFTs can be found on major NFT Marketplaces like Opensea, Foundation, Makersplace etc.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerAna Maria Caballero
Social MediaIG – @anamariacaballero
Twitter – @CaballeroAnaMa

Ilhan Jama

Ilhan Jama is a travel photographer, NFT Creator and founder of “Unlearningx”, a movement designed to educate, onboard, and distribute Web 3.0. Her NFT collection of 10 treasured photography pieces, titled “Unlearning Landscape”, are currently available on Opensea Marketplace.

NFT NYC 2022 Speakerilhan Jama
Social MediaIG – @ilhan.eth
Twitter – @syzygiess

Ivona Tau (Tautkute-Rustecka)

Ivona Tau (Tautkute-Rustecka) AI Artist and Photographer - Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Ivona Tau (Tautkute-Rustecka) is an AI artist and researcher from Lithuania who works with artificial intelligence as a medium in visual arts. Her work lies on the border of photography, new technologies and machine learning

Last year, NFT of her AI art work “VISIONS:reflected” was part of the Burning Man x Sotheby’s collection – “Boundless Space The Possibilities of Burning Man“. In 2020, She was awarded the “Digital Ars festival” award for Art generated with AI & this past year she won the “Computer Space Award” in the Computer Animation category.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerIvona Tau
Social MediaIG – @ivonatau
Twitter – @ivonatau

Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha Kazim Photographer NFT Artist Speaker at NFT NYC 2022

Ayesha Kazim is a Nigerian-South African photographer and digital collage artist working between NYC, Cape Town, and London. She holds a B.F.A from NYU Tisch in Photography & Imaging and some of her major clients includes: Airbnb, Dior, Photoville, and Twitter

In addition to her freelance Photographic NFTs, Ayesha is the Operations Team Member at “Cyber Baat“, a collective of artists of African descent on Web 3.0 . Her NFTs explores identity through themes of power, introspection, & resilience as well as themes surrounding femininity, strength, and the nature of play.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerAyesha Kazim
Social MediaIG – @ayeshavkazim
Twitter – @ayeshachasm

Sasha Stiles

Sasha Stiles Poet and AI Reasearcher Speaker at NFT NYC 2022

Sasha Stiles is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet and artist based out of New York City. Also as an AI Researcher, she is the poetry mentor to BINA48 humanoid robot since 2018. Stiles is also the co-founder of “theVERSEverse” and her poetic crypto art has been regularly featured in top art exhibitions.

Some of popular metapoems are titled: Proof of poetry, Cursive binary, Floralgorithm and Technelegy. Her cross media work can be cherished at theVERSEverse, Objkt, Versum, Foundation & OpenSea Marketplaces.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerSasha Stiles
Social MediaIG – @sashastiles
Twitter – @sashastiles

Parin Heidari

Parin Heidari one line nft artist speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Parin Heidari is a multidisciplinary Iranian artist, based in Italy. Known for her minimalist ‘one-line’ illustrations and contemporary portraits, she try to capture and convey the deepest human emotions.

Before entering into the NFT space as a full time crypto artist, she has worked as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer for 10 years in The Netherlands, Italy, and Iran. She is the Co-Founder @oneo2studio and her NFT art was recently Featured in @time genesis NFT drop.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerParin Heidari
Social MediaIG – @parindesigns
Twitter – @ParinHeidari

Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo

Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo aka Bonesy Speaker NFT NYC 2022

Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo, aka Bonesy, is a Puerto Rican-American painter born in New Jersey, and now resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Some of her stunning artwork includes: Clarity, The Love series, Yogis in the Caribbean and The Pandemia series.

She is the Founder & Director of the “Bonesy Collective”, a non-profit Residency Program & Collective Studio Space expected to open in Santurce, Puerto Rico this year. Her “Goddess Series” Augmented reality NFTs based on original oil paintings are currently available at Opensea marketplace.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerBonesy
Social MediaIG – @artbybonesy
Twitter – @artbybonesy

Emily Lazar

Emily Lazar September Mourning NFT Artist - Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Emily Lazar is a multi-disciplinary artist known for being the Lead singer of heavy metal, female fronted band “September Mourning”, creator of September Mourning NFTs in collaboration with comic book legend “Marc Silvestri” and a painter @pixie_girls_paintings.

Apart from being a rock/metal frontwoman to launch her own NFTs, she started her side art project “The Pixie Girls” in 2020, collaborated “September’s Monsters” Art+Music NFT project, and recently spoke at “Harvard Club of Boston’s” web 3.0 learning initiative.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerEmily Lazar
Social MediaIG – @emilylazar_sm
Twitter – @EmilyLazar_SM

Bianca Rothschild

Bianca Rothschild NFT Artist Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Bianca is a writer, music producer, spiritual coach, meditation teacher, artist & entrepreneur, currently living in the South of Turkey. She is the Co-founder of “Magicdust”, Australia’s leading digital agency for small businesses, since 2006.

In the crypto space she is currently helming “The 10th door” music NFT project as well as working towards “Ethereality”, a metaverse fashion week project, which she also co-founded. Bība‘s audio artwork titled 2021 is the core of “Emerald Keys”, the genesis of The Tenth Door.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerBianca Rothschild
Social MediaIG – @biba.withlove
Twitter – @secretlyfamous

Fer Caggiano

Fer Caggiano Painter NFT Creator - Speaker at NFTNYC 2022

Fer Caggiano is a Brazilian-born painter known for her colorful, textured impasto landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. A full-time artist for 20+ years and NFT creator since mid-2021, Fer has also been involved in philanthropic work, be it her “Brazil (SAUDADE) series” for reforestation or “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream” artwork collection.

She is the Founder/Host for @daretodreamnft Twitter Spaces and her NFT Collections like “The Hive” & “The Red Heels series” as well as her 1/1 original artwork NFTs can be explored on Opensea & Foundation NFT Marketplaces.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerFer Caggiano
Social MediaIG – @fercaggiano
Twitter – @FerCaggianoArt

Jessica Ragzy Ewud

Jessica Ewud (professionally known as Ragzy) is an American visual artist and entrepreneur from the metropolitan area. She was a finalist on FOX’s hit series LEGO MASTERS and has been featured in Art galleries worldwide.

In May 2021, Ragzy debuts her genesis NFT series “Byte Candy”, a collection of LEGO pixelated Candy hearts, on Opensea marketplace. The NFT Collection has since been featured in Daily Mail, the NY Times, INSIDER, & The Rolling Stone.

NFT NYC 2022 SpeakerJessica Ragzy Ewud
Social MediaIG – @ragzyart
Twitter – @ragzyart

Hope you like this list of crypto artists at 2022 NFT.NYC event. We’ll update this article as more artists are announced by the official NFT.NYC site, along with their session details, time and venue.

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