Enjin NFT Awards Winners Decentraland 2022

Enjin’s NFT awards 2021 which was originally scheduled for January 12th, has been re-scheduled and will now take place on February 10, 2022. Like the debut NFT Decentraland awards in 2020, the 2nd edition of this prestigious award will honor NFT Projects, people and organizations across 10 categories for the year 2021.

The event will be hosted by “Enjin”, a leading NFT ecosystem and the ceremony will materialize on “Decentraland”, a 3D virtual world platform. Find Date, Schedule, Timeline, Entry Fee and 2021 NFT awards nominees & winners, in this article.

EventNFT awards 2021
DateFebruary 10, 2022
Attendees5000+ (Virtual)
Social MediaTwitter

NFT Decentraland awards 2021 Timeline

Nominations entry for the 2021 Decentraland NFT awards started back in October 28, 2021. The nominations were open and any person, NFT artist or Collector could nominated a NFT project, even their own. There was no cost (free) to participate in the nominations.

The community Voting process started simultaneously and interested party has to register and make an account to vote. Each nomination is reviewed by industry leaders from blockchain and CryptoArt space, before the submissions were accepted. Submission and Voting closed on December 3, 2021.

Enjin’s NFT Awards 2021 Nominees and Winners

There will be 10 Award categories at the 2021 NFT awards to be hosted in Decentraland. Out of which 7 categories will be Community Awards (fully determined by public voting) while 3 categories are Judge Awards (determined by a panel of judges, based on top-10 public voting shortlist).

  • Project of the Year: NFT awards judge Panels’ choice for best overall NFT project
  • Best Virtual World: awarded to the best decentralized virtual world
  • Best Avatar: awarded to the most up-voted NFT avatar project
  • Most Innovative Art: judge panel’s choice for the best NFT art collection
  • Best Collaboration: awarded to the best project bridging the Metaverse
  • Game of the Year: Best NFT game, according to community votes
  • Best Digital Fashion: awarded to best NFT Fashion Project
  • Newcomer Game: judge panel’s choice for the best new NFT game launched in 2021
  • VR/AR Award: awarded to the best NFT extended reality project
  • Utility Award: awarded to the NFT project with the most utility

NFT Award 2021 Nominees & Winner: Project of the Year Category

A total of 100+ NFT projects were submitted for the “Project of the year” award category, but only a handful of them made into the top 15 (500+ votes). Interestingly, many Cardano NFT Projects made their way into this most voted top 15 list. The winner will be announced on February 10, 2022 but the most voted NFT projects on the official sites is as follows:

Project of the Year NomineesVotesChain
Cheeky Unts NFTs3664Cardano
Eudaimonia NFTs3495Cardano
DeadPXLZ NFTs2687Cardano
DeGods NFTs2685Solana
Bored Mummy Waking Up NFTs2129Ethereum
IMMORTALZ NFTs1575Ethereum
Divine Anarchy NFTs1561Ethereum
Derp Birds NFTs1560Cardano
Lion Legends NFTs1443Cardano
Wall St Bulls NFTs1224Ethereum
Klay rabbit NFTs1056Klaytn
Clay Nation NFTs971Cardano
Jungle Cats NFTs924Solana
Crypto Cavemen Club878Solana
Yummi Universe795Cardano

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Best Virtual World Category

Best Virtual World NomineesVotesTwitter
Pavia NFT Awards 2022 Nominee Best Virtual World Category
Property’s 192@propertys_nft

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Best Avatar Category

Best Avatar NomineesVotes
Satoshibles NFT Awards 2022 Nominee Best Avatar Category
Boonji Project4026

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Most Innovative Art Category

Most Innovative Art NomineesVotes
Goblin Lab NFT Awards 2022 Nominee Most Innovative Art Category
Goblin Lab
Clumsy Ghosts381
Vudu Brigada301
Museum Generative Morphing Collection275

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Best Collaboration Category

Best Collaboration NomineesVotes
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate X #888InnerCircle Collab NFT Awards Nominee Best Collaboration category
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate x #888InnerCircle
Claybudz Claymates x Spacebudz132
Burberry x Mythical Games124
Rare Wojak19

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Game of the Year Category

Game of the Year NomineesVotes
Neo Tokyo Part 1 Identities NFT Awards 2022 nominee Game of the Year Category
Neo Tokyo Part 1: Identities
Cardano Warriors117
Chibidango Heroes110
Blankos Block Party97

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Best Digital Fashion Category

Best Digital Fashion NomineesVotes
Bohemian Bulldogs NFT Awards 2022 nominee Best Digital Fashion Category
Bohemian Bulldogs

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Newcomer Game Category

Newcomer Game NomineesVotes
Joylina's Cantina NFT Awards 2022 Nominee Newcomer Game Category
Joylina’s Cantina
VampireVania (Sneaky Vampire Syndicate)323
Guardians of the Metaverse250
Pandemic Games Galleries152
Project Eluüne132

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: VR/AR Award Category

VR/AR Award NomineesVotes
Hololoot NFT Awards 2022 Nominee VR AR Award Category
Chibi Labs3
Bonsai by ZENFT2

NFT Awards 2021 Nominees & Winner: Utility Award Category

Utility Award NomineesVotes
Alto City NFT Awards 2022 Nominee Utility award category
Alto City
Blockchain Cuties Universe1080
SVS $BLOOD Exclusive Champagne302
Flowtys — The Aging 1920s Cartoon NFTs126

NFT Awards 2021 Judging Panel

Judging Panel 2022IndustryTwitter
3LAUMusician / CEO & Co-Founder, Royal@3LAU
Aaron KhooHead of Listings & Ecosystem, CoinMarketCap@ErrantCoup
Ashley HigginsCEO, Product Hunt@ahiggz
Dean TakahashiLead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat@deantak
Drue KataokaArtist & CEO, Drue Kataoka Studios@DrueKataoka
Frank DowningAnalyst, ARK Invest@downingARK
Holly WoodHead of Creator Relationships, Rarible@HollyWoodNFTs
Joe Conyers IIIEVP, Global Head of NFT at
Marco MarchesiCTO, The Fabricant@marcomarchesi
Micah JohnsonCreator, Aku@Micah_Johnson3
Nicholas GrousAnalyst, ARK Invest@GrousARK
Patrick BarileCOO, DappRadar@PatrickBarile
Rhian LewisDeveloper Relations Advocate, Boson Protocol
(author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution)
Witek RadomskiCo-founder & CTO, Enjin@witekradomski

We will further update this article on the day of Decentraland virtual ceremony on February 10, 2022. Judge’s panel choice in some category and most public voted award winners in other categories will be announced on the same day.

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