CBDC Summit 2022, Conference Venue, Ticket Price, Agenda and Speakers List

Do you want to attend CBDC Summit 2022 which will be hosted in Washington, DC this year? or need venue address and tickets for this CBDC conference? Check here for all info about CBDC Summit’s agenda, ticket price and venue location which is happening on 12th and 14th October 2022.

CBDC Summit 2022, Washington DC

CBDC Summit 2022 is the first kind of crypto conference where the sessions will be focused on CBDC and digital currency. We have seen various flagship events are happening in almost every country about Bitcoin, DeFi, Decentralized Finance etc. but CBDCs are missing from them. We should be aware of the fact that CBDCs will be playing an important part in the cryptocurrency sector as they will be required after the crypto regulations are fully implemented worldwide.

This year 10,000+ dignitaries and staffers will be present in Washington for the annual IMF meetings & CBDC Summit 2022 will be happening just 2 days before it. This is a special kind of premiere conference which will be beneficial for regulators, bankers, finance related people and entrepreneurs as they will learn more about CBDC and their impact in the future here.

The venue of CBDC Summit 2022 is at this address: The George Washington University, 2121 I Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20052, United States.

Special Attractions of CBDC Conference 2022:

  • Digital Currency and CBDC Masterclass
  • Lectures on Digital Currency

Tickets For CBDC & Digital Currency Masterclass:

Ticket CategoryTicket Price
VIP – Early Bird$249.00 +$14.94 Sales Tax
VIP $599.00 +$38.10 Fee +$38.23 Sales Tax
Academic$99.00 +$7.66 Fee +$6.40 Sales Tax
Official Sector$99.00 +$7.66 Fee +$6.40 Sales Tax

Note: For attending Digital Currency Lecture Series on 14th October 2022 no tickets are required but you have to register.

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Check full details about agenda for the CBDC Summit 2022 which is scheduled on 12th and 14th October at Washington DC.

Digital Currency & CBDC Masterclass (12 October 2022): This CDBC masterclass will be running from 9am to 6pm and following topics will be included here- technology design considerations, CBDCs, financial stability, digital currency [The topics will be delivered by experienced industry experts]

Opening RemarksProf. Jamiel Sheikh, Dr. Jonas Gross
How can central banks communicate with the public on CBDC?Louise Johnston [Bank of England]
Design ConsiderationsFrancisco Rivadeneyra [Bank of Canada]
DeFi + CBDCs: Understanding DeFi, AMMs & Stablecoin SwapsBinur Zhalenov [National Bank of Kazakhstan] and Prof. Jamiel Sheikh [CBDC Think Tank]
Understanding the eCNY, China’s digital currencyProfessor David Wen [Zhejiang University]
Who’s Doing What and Why?John Kiff [ex-IMF, CBDC Think Tank]
The CBDC Decision Making ProcessAshley Lannquist [IMF] and Herve Tourpe [IMF]
Macro and Financial Stability RisksMarcello Miccoli, IMF
CBDC Legal ConsiderationsProf. Dr. Jiaying Jiang, UF Law
CBDC Cybersecurity ReadinessArvinder Bharath, IMF

Digital Currency Lecture Series (14 October 2022): This lecture series on Digital Currencies in colloboration with DC FinTech Week will be hosted at Georgetown University. To deliver these lectures brighest minds from the digital currency related space are invited and will be running from 9am to noon.

Opening RemarksProf. Jamiel Sheikh and Chris Brummer
The Macroeconomic Impact of Cryptocurrency and StablecoinsKathryn White [WEF/Accenture]
Digital Money and Central Banking OperationsManmohan Singh, IMF
Economic Model of Consensus on Distributed LedgersJiasun Li [George Mason University]
Blockchain Consensus MechanismsParma Bains [IMF]
CBDC and Cross-Border PaymentsMaria Teresa Chimienti [World Bank]
Project Sand DollarVinay Mohan [Movmint](formerly NZIA)
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What is the venue location for CBDC Summit 2022?

Venue address of CBDC Summit 2022 is: The George Washington University, 2121 I Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20052, United States.

What topics will be addressed at CBDC conference 2022 in Washington DC?

Topics List: CBDC, Digital Currency, Banking Operations, Cross Border Payments, Digital Money, Stablecoins, DeFi, eCNY and many more

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