Solanas Blue Chip NFT project Okay Bears signs licensing deal with IMG

On 20.09.2022, IMG Licensing announced that popular Solana based NFT project Okay Bears has teamed up with IMG – the largest global licensing business, to venture into the retail world with promising products. “Okay Bears” is a blue-chip NFT project on Solana Blockchain, which features 10,000 algorithmically generated bear-art, popularly used as a PFP.

After co-founder Kais recognized the team up as a ground-breaking step towards making OKB a globally recognized brand, as per their blueprint promise, Okay Bear’s official twitter handle shared the good news, which reads:

Okay Bears has signed with @IMG, the world’s number one licensing agency. Managing over $15B in annual retail sales for the world’s biggest brands. @IMG looks to unlock our brand’s potential through strategic product licensing and collaborations.


The Okay Bears project was founded by members of Australian-based “Aussie DAO”, and the co-founder designer KAIS and engineer SUBY, plans to make a “culture shift” in web3.

With official community tagine – WAGBO (We-re all gonna be Okay), and Playing on puns like “All bear and no bull” and “Bear with Us” etc., the Okay Bear NFT collection resonates its message of creating a kind, community-centric and globally recognized brand.

Solana NFT project Okay Bears signs licensing deal with IMG -

Their Discord dropped on March 11, whereas the official website of Okay Bear NFT was launched on April 15, 2022. Minting of the 10K NFTs was scheduled at 18:00 UTC for 7400 whitelist sale and at 20:00 UTC for 2500 Public sale, on 26 April 2022. They partnered with Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden (@MagicEden) for the launch and the initial Mint price was set at 1.5 SOL.

On Launch, Okay Bear had a record-breaking adoption with $18 million sales within just 24 hours, making it the 1st Solana NFT project ever, to generate more 24 Hour trading volume than any individual Ethereum base NFT project. Solana co-founder Raj Gokal even celebrated the OKB success by changing his PFP to a OKB.

Some of the plus this blue-chip NFT project has going for it since its inception were: A very clear and unique roadmap, Okay Bear offering community grants and copyright licensing to artists and initiatives, attracting big investors like Shopify, genius guerilla marketing techniques and exclusive access to digital/physical merchandise and OKB events etc.

Celebrity adopters includes YouTuber Arnold Poernomo, NBA Basketball Players Tobias Harris and Anthony DeVante Edwards, Miami-based Afro-Pop/Alternative singer Daramola, Social Media influencer Eric V dunn, and several prominent ETH-based influencers such as FaZe Banks @Banks, Youtuber Alex Becker @ZssBecker, and prominent crypto trader @CryptoGodJohn etc.

On June 24, 2022, OKB NFT project launched “Okay Bears Shop” – the first tokengated Solana based Shopify store and their collaboration with IKONICK on stage at Solana’s keynote event. On August 1, 2022, the project introduced Golden Bear Drops – A collection of 10,000 founder collectible coins, which are worth their weight in gold. All Bears completing Hibernation receive Founders Coins directly to their wallet, and currently it sits at 3 SOL Floor price and 14,068.09 total volume.

  • Marketplace: Magic Eden and Opensea
  • Mint price: 1.5 SOL on April 26th ($147.57)
  • Current floor price: 80 SOL ($2.57k)
  • All-time high floor price: 229 SOL on May 16, 2022 ($8.73k)
  • Market cap: 8,00,000SOL ($25.4 million) 
  • Total volume: 2,053,875.02
  • Owners: 5378 
  • Official Community Page: @okbcommunity

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