TABConf 2022 (The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference 2022), Venue, Ticket Price, Speakers & Sponsors

Looking for “TABConf 2022”, “TABConf 2022 event schedule”, “TABConf ticket price” or “The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference Agenda” online on search engines? The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference 2022 will be hosted at Omni Hotel, CNN Center from 13 to 15 October 2022 where you can find workshops, multiple conferences & after party.

TABConf 2022 Event Details

TABConf 2022 [The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference] is a crypto event for supporting developer community, providing education on blockchain sector and building communities. The venue of TABConf 2022 is at Omni Hotel which is located at this address: 100 CNN Center NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States. If you are a Bitcoiner then you should not miss this TABConf 2022 as multiple things will be happening at this conference.

Special Attractions of TABConf 2022 Event:

  • Great Speakers: At TABConf 2022, there will be talks, speaking sessions and panels on Bitcoin which will be delivered by top minds from blockchain space.
  • Workshops: Interested to get hands-on experience on bitcoin libraries and applications? Find multiple workshops to get practical experience at TABConf 2022.
  • Builder Day: On this you can connect and meetup with the people who are behind the success of open-source bitcoin projects.
  • BitDevs Socratic Village: The main agenda for this BitDevs Socratic Village is about discussion and participation in Bitcoin research related projects (Austin, Miami, NYC, and Raleigh)
  • NextGenVillage: This is fun event which a person of any age can attend to play games, create art and many more activities.
  • PlebDevVillage: This event is organised by PlebLab and Base58 [Bitcoin and Lightning]
  • Gaming Village: This gaming event is organised by ZEBEDEE where you can get mobile as well as PC gaming experience. Also understand the future of Bitcoin and its impact on gaming sector.

The TABConf 2022 Ticket will cost you only just $275.00 which will give you full access from 12 to 15th October 2022. This 275 USD ticket includes lunch for the 2 conference days but during the workshop day, you have arrange your refreshments yourself. Don’t worry access to the TABConf2022 after party is also included in this pass. If for some reason after purchasing TABConf 2022 tickets you are are unable to attend, then you can transfer your tickets to someone else also.

Purchase TABConf 2022 Tickets Online:

TABConf 2022 Venue Location

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TABConf 2022 Agenda

Check full information about Side Events which are scheduled from 11th to 14th September at NEARCON 2022:

Builder Day – 12 Oct 2022

There will be multiple tables for bitcoin FOSS projects from which you can select and learn more. Here the attendees will learn more about project development, its importance, impact of project on bitcoin, setting up dev environment for using old and new tools, how to contribute in open source projects. If you want to know what kind of projects will be present at Builder Day, check list below to get some idea about this day:

  • BDK – Bitcoin Dev Kit
  • LDK – Lightning Dev Kit
  • FediMint
  • Galoy
  • Core Lightning
Note: You can also book a table at Builder day if you are project owner by using this link:

Workshops Day October 13, 2022

Here is the list of Workshops at TABConf 2022 but for attending these you must signup first using their official website –

Workshop AgendaWorkshop Duration
98% Real Bitcoin Smart Contracts™3 – 3.5 Hours
Attacking Lightning1 Hour
Build a Fedimint Module1.5 – 2 hours
Building Lightning-based Authentication with LSATs1 hour 30 minutes
Demystifying Elliptic Curves1 Hour
Getting Started with LNC-Web45-60 min
Integration of Lightning into Web Apps2 hours
Intro to 3D Printing: create and take home a bitcoin product2.5 hours
Intro to Multisig and Sovereign Recovery with COLDCARD1 hour
Magma Channel Shop15-30 mins
Packaging Your Favorite Open Source Project for Start9 EmbassyOS2 hours
Remote Signing for Lightning Node with Sphinx Chat1 – 1.5 hours
Setting Up Vortex on Your Lightning Node1 – 1.5 hours
Starter kit for building your own Bitcoin hardware project with MicroPython

Conference 14 – 15 October, 2022

These two days 14 and 15 Oct are specially for the Bitcoin conference where you can find speaking sessions from people like – Matt Hill [CEO Start9], Desiree Dickerson [CEO THNDR], André Neves[ Co-Founder & CTO ZEBEDEE] and many more. During the conference a scavenger-hunt which is named as Capture The Bitcoin will be held to test your knowledge about Bitcoin.


  • Adam Jonas [Head of Special Projects: Chaincode Labs]
  • Matt Hill [CEO: Start9]
  • Ghost of Rockstar [Core Contributor, BTCPay Server VP of Engineering @ Strike]
  • Matt Corallo [Bitcoin Core Contributor / LDK Spiral]
  • Gloria Zhao [Bitcoin Core Maintainer: Brink]
  • Murch [Bitcoin Core Contributor: Chaincode / Bitcoin StackExchange]
  • Pieter Wuille [Engineer: Chaincode Labs]
  • Lisa Neigut [Lightning Protocol Engineer: Blockstream]
  • Ben Carman [Developer: The Bitcoin Company]
  • Bastien Teinturier [Lightning Protocol Engineer, VP of Engineering at Acinq]
  • Tim Ruffing [ROAST: Blockstream]
  • Richard Safier [R&D Lightning Ops Engineer: Zebedee]
  • Mike Jarmuz “Muzz” [Founder: Lightning Ventures]
  • Tony Giorgio [Lightning Developer and Researcher]
  • Daniel Ameli [Bitcoin Educator: BitMiami]
  • Sahil Chaturvedi [Product designer: Unchained Capital]
  • Carla & Walker [Content Creators: The Crypto Couple]
  • Elly & Asher [Pembroke Leaders: NextGen Village]
  • Arik Sosman [Software Engineer: Spiral]
  • Jeremy Rubin [CEO: Judica]
  • Desiree Dickerson [CEO: THNDR]
  • Santos Hernandez [Business Lead, Tech and Product @ ZEBEDEE]
  • Zack Shapiro [Attorney, Investor, Startup Advisor @ Bitcoin Policy Institute and Pleb Lab]
  • Ruben Somsen [Spacechains Dev Spiral + Superlunar Grantee]
  • Valentine Wallace [Lightning Developer @ Spiral]
  • Justine Harper [VP, Business Development @ Unchained Capital]
  • André Neves [Co-Founder & CTO @ ZEBEDEE]
  • Decoy Octopus [Spy @ FOXHOUND]
  • Robert Malka [Board Member @ Bitcoin Today Coalition]
  • Terrence Yang [Swan Private Managing Director @]
  • evan [Organizer @ Triangle BitDevs]
  • Ras [Organizer @ Miami BitDevs]
  • Stak [stakamoto21 @ Base58]
  • Kyle Murphy [Co-founder @ PlebLab_]
  • Buck Perley [Contributor @ Sphinx Chat Software Engineer @ Unchained Capital]
  • Jestopher [Co-Founder @ Amboss Technologies, Inc.]
  • Dread [Shadowy Service Coder @ Start9]
  • Keith Mukai [Open-Source Developer SeedSigner, Specter Desktop]
  • Justin Moon [Cofounder @ Fedi]


  • Conference Sponsors: Kingsway Capital, Noah, Voltage, Bitpay, Sphinx, Spiral, Start9, Guerrila Product Group, Coinkite, Flugur Ventures, CardCoins, Strike, Superlunar, Zebedee, Trammel Venture Partners.
  • Community Sponsors: Atlanta Bitdevs, Atlanta Bit Plebs, NoGood, Terminus


What is the venue address of TABConf 2022?

TABConf 2022 Venue Location: Omni Hotel, 100 CNN Center NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

What is the ticket price for attending TABConf 2022?

TABConf 2022 Ticket Price: $275.00

How to connect with TABConf 2022 team for sponsorship?

Email TABConf 2022 team at [email protected] for any kind of sponsorships and general questions.

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