NFT Paris 2023 (February 24-25th, 2023)

If you are an NFT enthusiast, just pack up your bags for the NFT Paris 2023, which is going to happen on February 24 and 25, 2023, at the Grand Palais. This is the largest NFT event happening in Europe for the second time. The main mission of the NFT Paris is to revamp old models using the upcoming NFT technology.

NFT Paris came into existence last year with its first edition, which brought more than 8,000 people together. Now in 2023, this NFT event is going to break all the historical records in terms of attendees, NFT artists, and influencers from popular NFT projects. Top executives from multinational giants like LVMH, L’Oréal, Volkswagen, and Shopify will be present to discuss the NFT space.

This is a two-day event; attendees will hear from influential people from the NFT sector and professionals like Sébastien Borget (founder and COO of The Sandbox) and Matt Medved, who is the founder and CEO of NFT Now.

Why NFT Paris is a must attend event of 2023:

  • Updated information about NFT sector from NFT pioneers and Brand visionaries.
  • Multiple Ticket Options: General Attendee, Discovery Pass, Brands & Investors, Student Pass
  • Explore new and upcoming NFT projects


The venue of the NFT Paris is at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, which is located at the following address: 3 Av. du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris, France.


The ticket is free for the students but they have to fill the form available on to become eligible for the student pass. Other three tickets are listed below with price and features:

  • General Attendee Pass (390€): 2 Day Ticket, Full Networking Experience
  • Discovery Pass (60€): Last-Afternoon Ticket, Half-a-day Immersion Experience
  • Brands & Investors: Upon Request


Day 1

10:00AM – 10:20AMKeynote – arianeePierre-Nicolas Hurstel
10:20AM – 10:55AMA new fashion narrativeStephy Fung,
Jeremy Muras,
Megan Kaspar,
Florent Sroka
10:55AM – 11:15AMSolo talk – art blocksEric Calderon
11:15AM – 11:50AMThe open metaverseSebastien Borget,
Krista Kim,
Rayan Boutaleb,
Benoit Pagotto
11:50AM – 12:10PMFireside Chat- MoonPayIvan Soto-Wright
12:10PM – 12:45PMNFT PhotographyMisan Harriman,
Natalie Amrossi,
Justin Aversano,
Jean-Michel Pailhon
12:45PM – 13:05PMSolo Talk – UnpairedKimberly Knoller
13:05PM – 13:15PMNFT NowMatt Medved,
Alejandro Nvia
13:15PM – 14:00PMLUNCH
14:00PM – 14:30PMSecurityJason Bailey,
Clarisse Hagege,
Charles Guillemet
14:30PM – 14:45PMSolo Talk – BitwavePatrick White
14:45PM – 15:20PMLoyalty through Web3Danielle Barich,
Guidione Machava,
Edward Dowling,
Julien Rames
15:20PM – 15:55PMNFTs at ScaleMarc Matthieu,
Tim Walther,
Eva Assayag
15:55PM – 16:15PMFireside chat with DoodlesJulian Holguin,
Evan Keast
16:15PM – 16:50PMGamingAleksander Larsen,
Ena Berbic,
Tyler Drewitz,
Thomas Webb
16:50PM – 17:05PMSolo Talk – LedgerSebastien Badault
17:05PM – 17:30PMFire Side ChatTBA
17:30PM – 18:05PMAvatars & Self ExpressionBetty,
Stan Georgiev,
Camille Kroely,
Leanne Elliott Young
18:05PM – 18:40PMGamingJulien Bouteloup,
Thomas Zaepffel,
Ridhima Ahuja Kahn

Day 1

10:00AM – 10:35AMCuration & DecentralizationMicol Ap,
Carlos Marcial,
Serena Tabacchi,
Eleonora Brizi
10:35AM – 10:50AMSolo Talks – SorareNicolas Julia
10:50AM – 11:25AMTBDTom Sachs,
Erika Wykes,
Adriana Hoppenbrouwer
11:25AM – 11:55AMFireSide chat with Yuga LabsGreg Solano
11:55AM – 12:40PMThe rise of PFPSFrank Degods,
Luca Schnetzler,
Harri Thomas,
Bryan Pellegrino
12:40PM – 13:15PMGoing Beyond JPGErick Calderon,
Ivona Tau,
Craig Palmer
14:00PM – 14:35PMNFTs for GoodMaliha A,dibi
Inna Modja,
Pablo Stanley,
Diane Drubay
14:35PM – 15:10PMDAOISMJonathan Perkins,
15:10PM – 15:30PMSolo Talk – Animoca BrandsYat Siu
15:30PM – 16:05PMNFT MusicCooper Turley,
Kimberly Knoller
16:05PM – 16:20PMSolo Talk – POAPLucas Verra
16:20PM – 16:55PMDigital FashionJürgen Alker,
Joel Contartese
16:55PM – 17:30PMEntertainmentJosh Hackbarth,
Josie Bellini,
Matt Medved,
Dave Broome
17:30PM – 18:05PMGamifying brandsJerôme De Tychey,
Liz Suman,
Olivier Moingeon,
Constantin Garreau
18:05PM – 18:40PMExperiential ArtJiayin Chen,
Roei Amit,
Philip Colbert,
Alexander Groves

Contact Details

  • Event Name: NFT Paris
  • Venue Address: Grand Palais, 3 Av. du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris, France
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Website:

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