Ethereum Zürich 2023 [April 14-16, 2023]

Attention all Ethereum enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for the most anticipated event of the year. From April 14-16, 2023, Ethereum Zürich is set to take place, where we will witness the convergence of the Ethereum community in none other than the world’s most crypto-friendly country – Switzerland.

This is not only a conference for speaking sessions but also includes a hackathon, which is co-organized by the UZH Blockchain Center at UZH (University of Zürich). At the event, there will be talk sessions on blockchain topics like cryptography, data availability, P2P networking, regulations & compliance, tokenomics, ZKP, and programming languages.

The venue of Ethereum Zürich 2023 is located at following address- University Zurich, Building HAH, Häldeliweg 2, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland.

Tickets: Get your free pass for this Ethereum conference, which can be availed by registering on their official website:

Few recommended nearby hotels in Zürich which you can book for during the event are- B2 Hotel, Acasa Suites, Hotel Josef and Youth Hostel Zurich.

Still have any doubts about attending the conference? Simply email your queries to [email protected], and for sponsorship opportunities, connect with their team at [email protected]. PWN, Swarm, Octant, GALAXIS, STARKWARE, 0VIX, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and other leading blockchain projects are sponsoring this conference in Zürich. 

Speakers List

  • Claudio J. Tessone, (Uzh Blockchain Center)
  • Mario Havel, (Ethereum Foundation)
  • Hilmar Orth, (Gelato)
  • Maria Magenes, (
  • Arthur Gervais, (University College London & Uc Berkeley)
  • Valerio Stallone, (Zurich University Of Applied Sciences)
  • Https://, (
  • Marcus Wunsch, (Zurich University Of Applied Sciences)
  • Miao Zhicheng, (Superfluid)
  • Michal Převrátil, (ACKEE BLOCKCHAIN)
  • Ravital Solomon, (Sunscreen)
  • Andras Kristof, (Galaxis)
  • Torgin Mackinga, (Chainsecurity)
  • Garry, (0vix)
  • Daniel A. Nagy, (Swarm)
  • George, (Consensys Diligence)
  • Marieke Flament, (Near)
  • Oxytocin, (Paraswap)
  • Laurence Kirk, ( and many more.

Side Events

Friday, 14 – Sunday,
16 April, (10:00-18:00)
Friday, 14 April,
Tacos With Nerif

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