Bitcoin Day Omaha [May 6, 2023]

Hey there folks! Mark your calendars for May 6, 2023, ’cause Bitcoin Day is happening in Omaha! Get ready to dive into some seriously hot topics like bitcoin mining, digital privacy, altcoins, tokens, and more.

This epic event is the perfect opportunity for the Omaha community, blockchain bigwigs, newbies, and crypto pros to mingle, connect and collaborate.

It doesn’t matter in which field you are working, as you will be able to learn new things about Bitcoin and spread the word to your co-workers as well. So, join us and let’s rock this Bitcoin party like there’s no tomorrow!

What you’ll learn at Bitcoin Day:

  • What is the importance of Bitcoin in the current age of Digital Technologies?
  • What is Blockchain
  • What is mining?
  • How can i mine Bitcoin using a miner?
  • Integrating your business and bitcoin
  • Buying/Selling and Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • Importance of digital privacy
  • Difference between altcoins, tokens, and NFTs
  • What is Bitcoin IRA and how to setup?
  • Regulations on Bitcoin
  • Tax scenario on Bitcoin

Note: The speaker list, venue and schedule for the Bitcoin Day is not yet revealed, we will update it here once we get an official update from

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