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Are you looking for Bitcoin conferences in Edinburgh? or require the venue address or ticket price for Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022? Well, you must end your search here as info about the Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022, which is going to happen from October 21 to 22, 2022, is listed here.

Bitcoin Collective Conference, Edinburg UK Details

The Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022 is the first major Bitcoin conference that will be hosted in the UK this year. This Bitcoin event is powered by OKX, which is the title sponsor of this conference in Edinburg, UK. As currencies across Europe are collapsing due to inflation, more and more people are moving towards Bitcoin. So this Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022 is all about learning about this magic internet money, which can be a hedge against the falling centralised currencies. 


The venue of Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022 is in the Assembly Rooms, which is located at this address: 54 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR, United Kingdom. The venue of this Bitcoin conference in Edinburg is well surrounded by restaurants and clothing stores.


There are two kinds of tickets for this Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022: the first is the General Admission Ticket, which will cost you £149, and the second one is the Bitcoiner Brings a Newbie [(2x GA Tickets)] which will cost you £279. These tickets give you full access to the two-day Bitcoin conference and can be purchased via fiat or bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Conference Trailer:

What you can expect at Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022 Edinburg

  • Acclaimed Speakers: International Bitcoin experts under one roof
  • Topical Panels: Discussions on importance and future of Bitcoin
  • Exhibitors
  • Bitcoin Pitching Competition (With partnership with P1 Investment Management and Geyser Fund

Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022 Venue Location:


Friday, 21st October

TimeAgenda DetailsSpeakers
13:30Opening WordsJordan Walker, Jim Duffy, Joe Hall
13:50What is Money?Lawrence Lepard, Greg Foss
14:25The Price of TomorrowNatalie Brunell, Jeff Booth
15:30It’s Just MathMartell Fox (Host), Greg Foss, Allen Farrington, Pierre Corbin
16:20Bitcoin is a Marathon, Not a SprintPeter McCormack (Host), Adam Back, Obi Nwosu
17:00Name TBCHost TBC, Allen Farrington
18:40Institutional Wall of MoneyPeter McCormack (Host), James Priday, Manuel Nordeste, Alan Higgins
19:40To Be Announced
20:05Can Bitcoin Help Save The Planet?Host TBC, Margot Paez, Peter Wall, Lee Bratcher, Mark Morton
21:05ClosingJoe Hall
23:30Social Event (Hosted by CoinCorner)BrewDog – 50 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh

Saturday, 22nd October

13:30Welcome & Recap at Joe Hall
13:40Latin American AdoptionNatalie Brunell (Host), Samson Mow, Jeff Booth, Jose Lemus
14:20Not Your Keys, Not Your CoinsJoe Hall (Host), Obi Nwosu, Adam Back
15:40Bitcoin is for EveryoneMartell Fox (Host), Natalie Brunell, Margot Paez
16:25To Be Announced
16:40Bitcoin & GovernmentHost TBC, Samson Mow
18:30Pitching Competition
19:20To Be Announced
19:55Magic Internet MoneyHost TBC, Jose Lemus, Danny Scott, TBC
20:40For The KidsNatalie Brunell (Host), Greg Foss, Lawrence Lepard, Jeff Booth
21:30ClosingJoe Hall, Jordan Walker, Jim Duffy


  • Adam Back [CEO & Co-Founder of Blockstream]
  • Jonathan Bier [BitMEX Research & Administrator of BitMEX Bitcoin open source grant program]
  • Lee Bratcher [President and Founder of the Texas Blockchain Council]
  • Jeff Booth [Entrepreneur, Tech Leader, Author of the Price of Tomorrow]
  • Natalie Brunell [Host of Coin Stories & Hard Money]
  • Pierre Corbin [Director & Producer of ‘The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin’]
  • Allen Farrington [Bitcoin’s cultural and literature alignments & Author of ‘Bitcoin is Venice’]
  • Greg Foss [Bitcoin Strategist & Bond Expert]
  • Martell Fox [Chief People Officer & Bitcoin Advocate]
  • Joe Hall [Bitcoin advocate and reporter for Cointelegraph]
  • Jose Lemus [CEO at Ibex Mercado]
  • Lawrence Lepard [Investment Manager & Sound Money Advocate]
  • Peter McCormack [Host of What Bitcoin Did & chairman of Real Bedford FC]
  • Mark Morton [Co-Founder and Managing Director Scilling Digital Mining]
  • Samson Mow [Nation-state Bitcoin adoption, JAN3 CEO & architect of the Bitcoin Bonds]
  • Obi Nwosu [CEO of Fedi and board member for ₿trust]
  • Margot Paez [Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute specialising in Renewable Energy and Environmental Studies]
  • James Priday [CEO of P1 Investment Management and Prydis Wealth]
  • Danny Scott [CoinCorner CEO]
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  • Title Sponsor: OKX
  • Signature Sponsors & Partners: Zendesk Startups, CoinCorner, JAN3, P1 Investment Management


What is the venue location of Bitcoin Collective Conference 2022?

Venue Location: Assembly Rooms, 54 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR, United Kingdom

Is there any discount for group ticket bookings?

Yes, if you are more than five people who are interested in attending Bitcoin Conference, just send an email to [email protected]

Is WiFi available at the Bitcoin Conference venue?

Yes high speed WiFi is available at the Bitcoin Collective Conference in Edinburg.

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