Will Luna Classic Reach $1 In this Bull Season of 2024-25? Let’s Find The Truth Behind This LUNC Prediction

Will Lunc Classic Reach $1? This is one of the trending questions asked by the LUNC community, but there are two answers to it. It may reach 1 dollar or not be possible. Well, here we will do a deep dive into finding the exact truth behind this price prediction of 1 dollar, which looks quite unrealistic.

Some of our realistic price predictions for Terra Classic (LUNC) which are based on historical data-sets, and current crypto market trends:

  • Terra Classic can reach $0.01 price mark by the end of 2025.
  • LUNC can reach a price of 10 cents by 2030, if huge supply is burnt.

Let’s find out whether the Lunca Classic token can reach $1 in the upcoming years (2025–2030) or not. According to the current situation and market data, you will be disappointed to know that it will be impossible for LUNC to reach 1 dollar, as a market cap of more than $1 trillion will be required to achieve this target. 

But wait, this can happen also, but the case scenario could be different for it to happen. First, the main factor that is resisting LUNC from crossing the $1 dollar price mark is the total token supply, which is 6.8T LUNC. This supply is quite large, and a huge burning of Luna Classic coins will be required at regular intervals to reduce the maximum supply. 

If LUNC’s team is able to provide a solid use case for gaining mass adoption along with a huge token burning mechanism, then there is a slight chance for Luna Classic to get closer to $0.10 by 2030.

In the past month alone, LUNC has pumped more than 100% and is currently sitting at a market cap of more than $1 billion. The retail users must be aware that it can pump more and provide more than 25x gains in this bull season of 2024–25, but current tokenomics are not in favour of making the 1 dollar price mark happen.

As of May 2024, the price of the Luna Classic token is $0.000111 at a market cap of close to $650 Million. In the last bull run, the LUNA project reached its peak at a market cap of $40 billion. If we take the bullish scenario, if the market remains bullish until the end of 2025, then reaching a market cap of $50 billion can be possible for LUNC, which will result in a $0.01 price mark.

According to our price forecast, Luna Classic can reach the $0.01 price mark in the current crypto bull cycle of 2025, but it is unrealistic for it to attain a price of $1.

But the cryptocurrency space is quite unpredictable, and anything can happen in a short span of time. Although 1 USD is not possible by the end of 2025, if the Luna Classic survives long enough until crypto gets mass adoption, like after 10–50 years, this can also become a reality.

LUNC Tokenomics

Market Cap$650 Million+
Circulating Supply5.8T LUNC
Total Supply6.8T LUNC
Max. Supply

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