Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Price Predictions – 2024, 2025 & 2030 | Will Hook Reach $10 in Future? Let’s Find Out

Get Hooked Protocol (HOOK) price prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050 based on tokenomics, historical price data sets, project roadmaps, and chart analysis here. If you are a Web3 enthusiast, then you must spend 5 minutes here to read more about Hooked Protocol and its future price potential. Let’s find out.

Although there are many Web3 projects in the whole crypto space, Hooked Protocol, which has a government token, is quite new with a new concept. It basically integrated Web3 education along with games and quizzes, which in turn rewarded users. This Web3 project is already popular in Indonesia and Brazil, where its app, Wild Cash, topped the Google Play ranking once. So the potential is huge here, and a good return on investment can be expected from HOOK coin if the DCA strategy is applied for purchasing the tokens.

HOOKED Protocol

Hooked Protocol is a unique Web3 product that is on a mission to provide services like tailored lean and earn product experiences. Along with serving the on-ramp layer for Web3, it aims to onboard infrastructure for businesses and users. In the initial stages, their first product was the Wild Cash App, which is a quiz-to-earn-based platform with more than 2 million active users monthly. The main USP behind the exponential growth of their product is their gamified learning features and in-app social referral mechanism. In simple language, Hooked Protocol is making it easier and more entertaining for users who want to enhance their blockchain knowledge.

So What exactly users do on their Wild Cash Application:

  1. Quiz to Earn: Users get to learn more about Web3 and also get a chance to earn a token prize.
  2. POWT (Proof of Work and Time) Mining Game: This game is designed to reward users for their efforts and time spent within the Wild Cash App.
  3. Social Referral: Here, users get the option to create their own Web3 social graph by inviting their friends, which helps them earn more.
  4. Stake & Swap: Store and Stake

Hook is the native token for Hooked Protocol and is backed by Binance as well. The concept is new, but it is quite engaging, which draws the attention of the masses to the Web3 space. This will bring more retail investors into it and will grow gradually. We are expecting that the HOOK token can reach a $1 billion market cap, which will bring a clean 10x return in this bull season. For a conservative approach, you can aim for $500 million

HOOK’s token allocation data is already public, where 20% of the supply was allotted for the private sale, 5% was allotted during the Binance Launchpad Sale, 20% was for the developers and team, 30% was for the ecosystem and Treasury, and another 25% was allocated for the community. The tokenomics look great, which will definitely help Hook tokens surge in price.

HOOK Price Predictions – 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050

If you don’t have enough time to go through the monthly price predictions for Hook token, just check out these prepared price forecast data sets for 2024, 2025, 2025, 2040, and 2050. 

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price


Let’s look at the tokenomics of Hooked Protocol as they are important for predicting the price of its token in future.

Market Cap$180 Million+
Circulating Supply130,588,045 HOOK
Total Supply500,000,000 HOOK
Maximum Supply500,000,000 HOOK

HOOK Coin Price Prediction 2024

April 2024$1.5 – $2
May 2024$2.36 – $2.42
June 2024$2.4 – $2.5
July 2024$2.5 – $2.8
August 2024$2.8 – $3.1
September 2024$3.2 – $4.4
October 2024$3.3 – $3.6
November 2024$3.4 – $3.5
December 2024$3.6 – $5

HOOK Coin Price Prediction 2025

We can expect a gain of 1000% from Hooked Protocol by the end of 2025, as its market cap is expected to cross $1 billion in this bull season. According to our price prediction model, Hook tokens can surge up to $10 in price.

January 2025$2.6 – $2.8
February 2025$2.9 – $3.5
March 2025$4.5 – $6.5
April 2025$6.5 – $10
May 2025$4.6 – $6.5
June 2025$3.5 – $5.5
July 2025$2.9 – $4.5
August 2025$3.6 – $5.6
September 2025$2.9 – $3.8
October 2025$1.8 – $2.8
November 2025$1.6 – $2.5
December 2025$2 – $2.2

HOOK Coin Price Prediction 2030

If you believe that Hook Protocol will make a dent in the Web3 space, then hold it for at least 5 years. According to Hook’s price forecast, the token price can rise up to $25 by the end of 2030, which is more than a 2000% return on investment.

January 2030$5 – $6
February 2030$6 – $10
March 2030$11 – $15
April 2030$15 – $25
May 2030$8 – $10
June 2030$15 – $16
July 2030$20 – $25
August 2030$15 – $18
September 2030$15 – $20
October 2030$25 – $30
November 2030$19 – $22
December 2030$14 – $15

Buy HOOK Token (Hooked Protocol)

Hook tokens are available for trading on Binance, Bybit,, MEXC, Bitget, Phemex, Tokocrypto, and many more. For Decentralized Exchange users, it can also be swapped using the PancakeSwap exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the all time high of Hook coin?

The all time high of Hook is $4.06

What are investment returns for Hook coin after 1 year?

A return of 200% can be expected from Hook, if you are planning to hold the tokens until the end of 2024.

How much returns can i expect from HOOK coin after 5 years?

More than a 2,000% return on investment can be expected from Hooked Protocol as its ecosystem is continuously growing.

Can HOOK coin reach $10?

Hook can reach $10 in the bull season of 2024-25.

What is the price prediction for HOOK coin at the end of 2024 (after 1 year)?

At the end of 2024, Hook is expected to be trading in the price range of $1.8 – $3

What is the price prediction for HOOK coin at the of 2025 (after 2 years)?

$10 per Hook token is expected before the end of 2025.

Disclaimer: The prices predicted here for the MINU token are just the author's personal opinions and can't be considered financial advice. For any kind of investment or trade, just connect with a certified financial consultant, as will not be liable for your investments or trades. Also note that these price forecast data sets can't be used for republication or embedding purposes on any online or offline platform.

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