Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 Upto 2050

Explore Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction for 2024 and the forthcoming years 2025, 2030 – 2050. This detailed price forecast is prepared by our trade analyst using historical data sets, the fundamentals of this project, and current crypto trends. All your burning questions, like “Can Cosmos Reach $1,000“, or “What is the Future Potential of This Project?” etc., will be answered here with full analysis. So stick wherever you are to read these realistic coin predictions.

Only a handful of new cryptocurrencies in 2024 can be considered serious digital assets, and even fewer of them show potential to be the next big thing in terms of mainstream utility. Cosmos (ATOM) is one such crypto project that is still flying under the radar despite its solid foundation, growing Cosmos ecosystem, and real-world application.

Cosmos (ATOM) has evolved enormously since its early stages back in 2017 and is now gearing towards the next bull season, which is expected to start in 2025. Crypto investors on the lookout for the next big crypto project should definitely add Cosmos (ATOM) to their digital asset portfolio for a great return on their investments.

So, if you want to dig deep into the Cosmos (ATOM) cryptocurrency ecosystem and want realistic price predictions, then we’ve done all the research work for you! Cosmos cryptocurrency is trending these days as it is a layer 1 contender and is continuously gaining traction among crypto enthusiasts.

Here we have prepared a detailed price prediction for Atom Crypto based on its technical analysis as well as its fundamentals. After going through this piece of content, you will get a first-rate overview of Cosmos [Atom] cryptocurrency and how high its price can go, both in the near future and in the long term.

Before we move on to the trade analysis of Cosmos cryptocurrency, let’s look at a brief overview of its native token, ATOM.

BlockchainCosmos Blockchain
Token SymbolATOM
Market Cap$3.3 Billion+
Tokens in Circulation390,930,671 ATOM

At present, the rest of the cryptocurrency market is turning bullish due to the news of Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF, and ATOM coin is also showing strength. Cosmos blockchain is gaining traction by providing updates like interoperability using the IBS protocol. It is not only a single blockchain, but it is also known as the internet of blockchains.

Interoperability is one of the crucial points for the success of a blockchain, as communicating with other blockchains will become necessary in the near future. So Cosmos is solving this issue perfectly, and through the recent update about Gravity Bridge, it is very easy to communicate with the Ethereum network.

Cosmos not only provides security, interoperability, and scalability, but its SDK can be used to create your own blockchain, which can connect to the network easily. Their ecosystem is also expanding regularly and includes popular tokens like Binance, Terra, Osmosis, Thorchain, Secret, Kava, Akash Network, Injective Protocol, etc.

Also, more than 250 applications and services are built up on the Cosmos ecosystem, like Antlia Marketplace, Binance Chain [DEX], etc. If we go through the crypto wallet space, wallets like Keplr, Exodus, Math Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and Trust Wallet are also powered by the Cosmos.

So as far as we have read about the ecosystem of COSMOS, which is expanding at an exponential rate, we can see an explosion in the price of ATOM crypto in the year 2025.

ATOM Price Analysis & History

Cosmos blockchain came into existence in 2017, but the price history of its native token, ATOM, can be tracked on Coinmarketcap’s website since 2019. In March 2019, Atom was trading between 7 and 5 in the USDT pair. The ATOM token came into the market in the bear phase, when the whole crypto market was consolidating from 2019 to 2020. So for the whole year, ATOM Coin was trading in the range of $2 to $5 and fell to $1.12 due to the March 2020 crash.

In March 2020, the Bitcoin price also crashed to approx. 5000 USD, which indirectly created panic in the whole crypto market, and ATOM also dropped to its all-time low of 1.12 USD. But soon after the crash, bulls took over, and huge buying volume was seen in the coming months. And in a matter of a few months, Cosmos [ATOM] reached a price of 8.43 in August 2020, providing an ROI of more than 600% since the deadly March crash.

After the rise in the price of ATOM coin, there were small corrections, and the price consolidated for 2-3 months in the range of 3.8 USD to 5 USD. You can call 2021 the best year for COSMOS because during the first phase of this bull run, it marked an all-time high at 29.44 USD in May 2021.

But this all-time high of 29.44 for the ATOM token was short-lived as bitcoin crashed to 29,000 USD, and the price also fell to the 9–10 dollar range. This was not the end for this layer 1, as many updates were going on in the whole ecosystem.

Atom coin bounced strong from this price of 10 dollars, and just after a month in September 2021, it marked an all-time high at 44.70 USD. Since the start of the bear market in 2022, the token has been trying to consolidate in the range of $7–$16 and is preparing for a price explosion in the upcoming bull season.

Can ATOM Coin Reach $100?

Currently, Cosmos [ATOM] is trading at a price range of $6–$10, while its all-time high is $44.70, so to reach the price of $100, the total market cap of this token should be more than $25 billion. The ecosystem of Cosmos is scaling, and more developers are using their SDK for building applications. So due to the surge in on-boarding projects and current market trends, the price of ATOM crypto can go beyond $100 but is is quite un-realistic for it to reach the price of $10,000.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction For 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050

Read these quick price prediction table for Cosmos crypto before moving towards the next section where monthly forecast for 2024, and upcoming years 2025, and 2030 -2050 are provided.

YearYearly LowYearly High

Live Price

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, investors may have the last chance to accumulate Cosmos coin as the beginning of one of the biggest bullish seasons is speculated just after the Bitcoin halving event.

After analysis of historical data sets, price movements, and current crypto trends, Cosmos Crypto is predicted to be trading at a minimum price of $7.5 and a maximum price of $25.7. So for maximum gains in the next bull season, simply accumulate the ATOM coin whenever the price is below the resitance level of $16.

MonthMinimum PriceMaximum Price
May 2024$7.5$12
June 2024$12.4$14.9
July 2024$14.2$15.1
August 2024$16.4$18.2
September 2024$18.3$19.4
October 2024$20.4$24.8
November 2024$23.2$25.7
December 2024$25.2$26.3

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2025

2025 is the year for which most crypto lovers are searching for predictions for this Cosmos coin as bull season due to the expectation of bull season.

According to our Cosmos price forecast, the coin can explode up to $150 before the end of 2025, which will be a 1500% return on investment. Although the token price can go as low as $22 within this year, make sure you DCA properly to accumulate this ATOM crypto.

MonthMinimum PriceMaximum Price
January 2025$23.8$25.5
February 2025$29.2$32.7
March 2025$38.2$45.7
April 2025$52.8$108
May 2025$120.9$150.6
June 2025$96.2$110
July 2025$65.7$80.6
August 2025$55.8$62.8
September 2025$45.9 $55.8
October 2025$38.8$45.9
November 2025$22.7$25.7
December 2025$23.8$28.7

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Predictions 2030

Accumulating Cosmos (ATOM Token) until 2030 can be done by diamond hand holders only because it is a long time frame of 7 years, and 2 or more bear seasons are expected in between. Although there is a strong chance for the Cosmos project to stay in the crypto market for such a long time due to its fundamentals, more than 2500% gains are expected before the end of 2030.

According to our predictions and analysis for 2030, the ATOM price can surge up to $250, which is a decent return on investment for long-term holders.

MonthMinimum PriceMaximum Price
January 2030$45$50
February 2030$55$80
March 2030$90$150
April 2030$110$170
May 2030$150$250
June 2030$120$160
July 2030$90$120
August 2030$85$90
September 2030$72$75
October 2030$68$70
November 2030$57$62
December 2030$48$50

How to Buy ATOM Coin?

ATOM cryptocurrency is currently in the top 20 cryptocurrencies as per the data listed on Coinmarketcap. This ATOM token is available for trading on almost every top cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase, Binance, Binance US, FTX, Kucoin, Gemini, and many more. Trading pairs are available in USD, USDT, USDC, ETH, GBP, EUR, BTC, KCS, and many more. If you are not fond of KYC, then you can swap tokens using decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the all time high for Cosmos cryptocurrency?

Cosmos crypto has seen an ATH of $44.70

What will be the returns for Cosmos (Atom coin) after 1 year?

If you are interested to invest in Cosmos for atleast 1 year, then more than 150% returns are expected.

What will be the investment returns from Cosmos crypto token after 5 years?

Investors can gain more than 1000% by just accumulating Cosos for atleast 5 years.

How can i buy Cosmos crypto online?

Cosmos can be bought through almost every centralized exchange as well as the tokens can be swapped on DEXs like Uniswap.

Is investing now in ATOM coin is profitable or not?

If you’re thinking of investing now in Cosmos, then it is definitely profitable, as its all-time high is just 4x away from the current price level, which is quite achievable.

What is the price prediction for Cosmos cryptocurrency in 2024?

At the end of 2024, Cosos price forecast can be anywhere between $12 – $25.

What is the price prediction for ATOM Token in 2025?

In 2025, Cosmos is about to explode due to the bull season. The price per token will be around $150 which is a decent profit.

Can Cosmos crypto will ever reach $100 dollar in future?

Yes, Cosmos Crypto is expected to cross $100 by 2025.


DISCLAIMER: The price predictions listed here for the Cosmos cryptocurrency are only for educational purpose only and only author's personal opinions. The data-sets provided here are calculated using the historical prices and the past performance of token and cannot be considered as financial/legal advice. is not liable for you Cosmos crypto investments and trades. Cryptocurrency is a risky sector so you should consult with your financial advisor before thinking to invest in this project. 
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