APTOS (APT) Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Do you want to know the short and long-term [APTOS] APT coin price predictions? Just spend a few minutes here to get detailed technical and fundamental analysis on the APTOS price forecast for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 to 2050. Although the cryptocurrency market is fluctuating a lot these days, APTOS, which is a new layer 1 blockchain project, can explode in the future.

APTOS Blockchain Overview

In the year 2022 alone, we came across many Layer 1 projects, but almost everyone is failing, as a few have high transactional fees and others have network outages. While blockchain enthusiasts and investors are constantly looking for the next 100x blockchain project, APTOS Crypto could be their next layer 1 bet based on current crypto market trends.

If we see customer data on Google Trends and social media platforms, APTOS [APT Coin] is in the trends. Like last year, we have heard about Solana from almost every crypto influencer, and now APTOS has become the most hyped blockchain project. Let us investigate APTOS crypto and the tokenomics underlying this APT coin. 

APTOS is a Layer 1 crypto project that is more focused on scalability, usability, and security. Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching are the two main co-founders behind this APTOS project, which is built using MOVE [Programming Language]. The technical background of the APTOS team is extremely strong, as the majority of the developers have previous experience in META (Facebook). If we see the architecture of the APTOS blockchain, it is kind of unique, which has gathered the attention of VCs.

In March 2022, the APTOS team raised more than $200 million from investment groups like Tiger Global, a16z, Three Arrows Capital, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, and Multicoin Capital. After these multiple VC rounds, in June 2022, FTX Ventures (currently in bankruptcy) and Jump Crypto also invested privately in the APTOS blockchain. So APTOS Labs has raised more than $300 million until now, which makes it a strong contender in Layer 1.

So, what’s the deal with APTOS these days? Why are VCs considering this blockchain as their next bet? Let’s find out what APTOS is capable of. Aptos blockchain makes the transaction cost very low by maintaining security due to its parallel execution engine. This blockchain is based on the DIEM blockchain, which was an initiative from META’s team but closed due to unknown issues.

The main objective of Aptos is to make cryptocurrency accessible for the average user, which almost every blockchain has failed to do until now. In terms of speed, APTOS has marked a top speed of 130K transactions per second (130,000 TPS), although they claim to attain 160,000 TPS in their whitepaper. The reason behind these unbelievable transaction speeds is the use of Block-STM technology, which is efficient in handling smart contracts.

The main USP of the APTOS blockchain is that a failing transaction can’t stop the whole block from processing other transactions because it can run parallel transactions.

What makes APTOS superior than other Layer 1 Blockchains?

  • Although many layer 1 projects are claiming to be on number 1 spot but in reality APTOS has shown their claims in real time frame.
  • If we look at the competitors of APTOS blockchain like Solana, Cosmos & Avax, APTOS is the only Layer 1 which can process the transactions with relability and full proof security.
  • The main feature of APTOS is the redundancy which makes the blockchain network always up. Also, if a single node fails during processing of transaction then other nearest node will handle the processing of pending transaction. Although APTOS blockchain requires higher hardware requirements but still the gas fees are very less.
  • We all know that Ethereum operates on 1 core but for Aptos 16 core is required which make it highly scalable and increases its reliability.


There are 410 million APTOS tokens available currently, of which 125 million are reserved for APTOS ecosystem projects, grants, and community initiatives [5 million APT are reserved for the APTOS Foundation]. At present, 100 million APT tokens are held by Aptos Labs, which is the main organisation behind the development of this blockchain. Although the full release of APTO coins will take ten years, their team currently controls more than 15% of the total token supply. So due to this issue, many influencers and people are complaining that VCs will dump their APT coins on retail investors. But for your knowledge, the Aptos tokens of VCs are locked for a duration of 1 year, although they can earn interest at a rate of 7% per annum.

APTOS Price Forecast

Here is the forecast table for the APTOS coin for the current year 2023 along with the upcoming years: 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2023$10 – $20
APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2024$20 – $75
APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2025$70- $500
APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2030$250- $800
APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2040$1000 – $1500
APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2050$1500 – $2500
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Now that you must have learned about the functionality of the APTOS blockchain, let’s discuss APT coin distribution and tokenomics. The parameters of the APTOS token, like the market cap, maximum token supply, circulating supply, and fully diluted market cap, play an important role in predicting the future price of the APT coin.

Market Cap1 billion +
Market Dominance0.11%
Circulating Supply130,000,000 APT
Total Supply1,000,000,000 APT
Maximum Supply

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2022

MonthAPT Coin Price Forecast 2022
November 2022$5 – $10
December 2022$4 – $12

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2023

MonthAPT Coin Price Forecast 2023
January 2023$10 – $15
February 2023 $12 – $15
March 2023 $11 – $16
April 2023$14 – $15
May 2023$15 – $20
June 2023$20 – $25
July 2023$25 – $30
August 2023$22 – $28
September 2023$30 – $35
October 2023$18 – $25
November 2023$23 – $28
December 2023$28- $32

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2024

MonthAPT Coin Price Forecast 2024
January 2024$30- $35
February 2024$35- $45
March 2024$38- $70
April 2024$74- $80
May 2024$80- $90
June 2024$130- $200
July 2024$70- $75
August 2024$50- $55
September 2024$40- $56
October 2024$45- $60
November 2024$60- $70
December 2024$70- $75

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2025

APTOS cryptocurrency may be a decent choice of investment for retail investors across the globe, as there is a possibility of a 50x to 100x return in the next bull market, which is predicted for 2025. We saw how Solana pumped and peaked at a market cap of nearly $80 billion in 2021. Currently, the APTOS coin has a market cap of less than $1 billion, which is an easy 50x-100x if you can take the risk of investing in 2022. 50x returns for APT coins are quite reasonable, but they totally depend on the mission and reliability of the APTOS team and its investors. Still, users must do thorough research on the APTOS blockchain before putting their hard-earned cash into it.

MonthAPT Coin Price Forecast 2025
January 2025$70- $150
February 2025$120- $150
March 2025$140- $200
April 2025$180- $200
May 2025$220- $350
June 2025$200- $340
July 2025$230- $320
August 2025$280- $350
September 2025$200- $220
October 2025$220- $250
November 2025$150- $180
December 2025$160- $200

APTOS Coin Price Prediction 2030

If you are a long-term investor and want to invest in APTOS for at least 10 years, then 100x returns can be possible by 2030, but you must be prepared for multiple bear markets during this long time frame. Stop panicking if you are thinking of investing long-term in APT coins, as you can earn more APT coins by staking your APTOS.

MonthAPT Coin Price Forecast 2030
January 2030$200- $250
February 2030$250- $300
March 2030$350- $400
April 2030$430- $500
May 2030$550- $640
June 2030$520- $680
July 2030$550- $700
August 2030$450- $500
September 2030$650- $800
October 2030$550- $600
November 2030$480- $500
December 2030$380- $550

Where to buy APTOS?

At present, APT coins are available for trading on almost every centralised cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase. Here is the list of centralised entities from which you can buy and trade APTOS crypto using fiat. Also for decentralised users, APTOS tokens are available for swapping on Pancakeswap Finance.

Crypto Exchange NameTrading Pair
Coinbase ExchangeAPT/USD
Hotcoin GlobalAPT/USDT


What is the all time high (ATH) of APTOS coin?

The all-time high (ATH) of the APTOS coin is $19.86 (as of January 2023).

What are the expected investment returns for APTOS coin after 1 year?

Although APTOS coin is new in the crypto market, top investors like a16z, FTX, and Three Arrows Capital have backed this project. So, by the end of 2023, APTOS coin should be worth at least 2x to 5x, but use the DCA strategy to maximise your gains. 

How much returns from investment can i expect from APTOS coin after 5 years?

APTOS coin buyers who are interested in holding this coin for a 5 year duration can expect a fruitful investment return. As it stands currently, the market cap of APT coin is 1 billion, so to do a 50x it needs a market cap of only 50 billion, which is quite realistic. If we consider its fundamentals and technical analysis, it could reach $500 per APT coin by the end of 2025.

Which is the best exchange for buying APTOS coin?

If you are a casual day trader who only trades volatility, then you can use exchanges like Bitmart, Kucoin, Hotbit, and MEXC. For big investments, you must use crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, as these exchanges have the highest liquidity for APTOS cryptocurrency.

Can APTOS coin reach 500 dollar?

After the launch of APTOS coin, it is trading in the range of 7-8 USD at a market cap of close to 1 billion. So for APTOS to reach 500 USD in price, it needs a market cap of more than 500 USD, which is possible in the next bull cycle of 2025.

What are the price predictions for APTOS coin at the end of 2023 (after 2 years)?

Well, at present, stock as well as crypto markets are in a downtrend due to an increase in inflation and increasing dollar index strength. So we can call it an accumulation phase, but there are regular pumps and dumps in bear markets also. A return of 2 to 4x can be expected from APTOS coin after 2 years, but it is better that you put your sell orders in advance as the markets will be volatile during the bear phases.

What is the price prediction for APTOS coin at the end of 2024 (after 3 years)?

APTOS coin may trade in a range of $20-$75 by the end of 2024. 

What is the price prediction for APTOS coin at the end of 2025 (after 4 years)?

2025 could be the most fruitful year for APTOS coin investors as all trends and statistics show that the next bull cycle will start at that time. So at the end of 2025, the APTOS coin will be in price discovery after breaking previous all-time highs and may cross $500 per APT coin.

Can APTOS coin reach $100 in future?

APTOS coin at $100 is very likely, as to reach the $100 mark from the current price, one must perform a 10x, which will result in a market cap of $10 billion. 

Contact Details

Aptos Labs Twitter Page@aptoslabs
Aptos Linkedinaptoslabs
DISCLAIMER: The price predictions made here for the APTOS COIN are only for educational purposes and are based on personal opinions. Aptos coin price predictions here are calculated using tokenomics and crypto market historical data. This APTOS coin price forecast cannot be considered as legal-financial advice and investors must do their own research before investing in the APTOS cryptocurrency. Our website is not responsible for your Aptos coin transactions or investments. The crypto market is a risky segment, so before making any investments in APTOS Crypto, you must consult with your financial advisor. This APTOS Coin price forecast can't be used for republication, redistribution, or for embedding on any online app or platform without our permission.

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