Dragy Coin (DRAGY) Price Predictions

Explore DRAGY price predictions for immediate short-term and long-term based on token fundamentals, historical data, and crypto market seasons. You have to spend only 2 minutes from your busy schedule to get a realistic price forecast for the DRAGY meme coin for the current year (2024 and the upcoming years (2025), 2030, and 2050. So let’s find out.

The meme cryptocurrency space is very volatile, as newly launched tokens can pump in thousands of percent within a day and can dump more than 90% of their all-time high prices. But every bull run has its own narrative, and this season Solana is looking bullish, and tokens based on the SOL blockchain are pumping a lot. So we can expect bullish things to happen for DRAGY coin as it is built on the Solana network.


Dragy is a meta token that is not just a meme coin but also provides server-side functions like staking, AI, and other utilities. We all know about the Chinese New Year, and Dragy also evolved from this concept by naming itself after the word dragon. Dragy’s developers have divided its roadmap into three phases, which are listed here, of which the Egg phase is almost complete:

  • Phase Egg: Fair Launch, $DRAGY Mass Airdrops, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko Listing, Liquidity Staking Pools, Whitepaper, CEX Listings (2 Tier)
  • Phase Hatchling: AI Web3 Image App, CEX Listing (Tier 1), P2E Game, NFTs, Mobile Application, DRAGY AI Swap
  • Phase Dragon: AI Integration, Web3 Apps, Utilities, Own DEX, Blockchain, and many more.

As per their roadmap, $DRAGY looks like a solid meme project that has utilities, and their market cap is less than $100k, which makes it a solid contender in the meme coin space.

DRAGY Price Predictions – 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050

Just take a look at the price forecast table for the DRAGY coin for 2024, 2025, and 2030–2050 if you don’t have enough time to go through the monthly predictions data set.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price


So now that you have the basic information about what exactly is DRAGY, let’s explore its tokenomics, which includes data like amrket cap, token supply, circulating supply, sell-buy tax, and many more things. These data sets about the token are very important as they impact the future price, so keep this in mind before investing your money.

Market Cap$35k+
Circulating Supply10B DRAGY
Total Supply10B DRAGY
Maximum Supply10B DRAGY
Note: Buy/Sell Tax is 0%

DRAGY Coin Price Prediction 2024

April 2024$0.0000030 – $0.00010
May 2024$0.0012 – $0.0015
June 2024$0.0010 – $0.0030
July 2024$0.0014 – $0.025
August 2024$0.0022 – $0.0028
September 2024$0.0008 – $0.0012
October 2024$0.0012 – $0.0040
November 2024$0.0028 – $0.0066
December 2024$0.0076 – $0.012

DRAGY Coin Price Prediction 2025

DRAGY crypto can easily get up to a $100 million market cap, which will result in a 100x gain as its current market cap is just above $1 million, which is very low.

January 2025$0.011 – $0.016
February 2025$0.018 – $0.022
March 2025$0.034 – $0.076
April 2025$0.011 – $0.018
May 2025$0.0091 – $0.0099
June 2025$0.0067 – $0.0088
July 2025$0.0045 – $0.0066
August 2025$0.0048 – $0.0067
September 2025$0.0028 – $0.0044
October 2025$0.0023 – $0.0035
November 2025$0.0011 – $0.0044
December 2025$0.0009 – $0.0015

DRAGY Coin Price Prediction 2030

If DRAGY stays in the crypto market up to 2030, then you can easily target 1000x gains on your investment, as to achieve this target, it only needs a $1 billion market cap, which can happen before 2030 if it gains the attention of VC funds and retail investors.

January 2030$0.035 – $0.038
February 2030$0.047 – $0.065
March 2030$0.056 – $0.078
April 2030$0.10 – $0.17
May 2030$0.14 – $0.18
June 2030$0.17 – $0.20
July 2030$0.08 – $0.10
August 2030$0.06 – $0.08
September 2030$0.03 – $0.05
October 2030$0.02 – $0.05
November 2030$0.01 – $0.02
December 2030$0.009 – $0.01


At present, DRAGY is available for trading only on a few decentralised exchanges, of which the most popular is Radium, which is based on the SOLANA blockchain. To start the purchase, you will need crypto wallets like Solfalre or Phantom where you can transfer your SOL tokens. After that, the user can simply visit the website of Radium or Jupiter to start swapping $SOL for $DRAGY tokens. Also, 100% of the token supply is in circulation, and the project is also audited by Coinsult, which ensures safety.

Currently, DRAGY is not listed on any central exchanges, but soon this can happen as bull season gears up for the next leg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the all time high of DRAGY coin?

The all time high of DRAGY coin is $0.00013.

What are investment returns for DRAGY coin after 1 year?

You can expect a decent 10x gains within an year of investment from DRAGY.

How much returns can i expect from DRAGY coin after 5 years?

DRAGY may be trading around 10 cents after 5 years as it has tiny market cap of 1 million currently which can easily pump to 1 billion if it gains attention of inevstors during that bull run.

Can DRAGY coin reach $0.01?

Yes, DRAGY can easily reach $0.01 within this Bull season of 2024-25.

What is the price prediction for DRAGY coin at the end of 2024 (after 1 year)?

At the end of 2024, DRAGY is expected to be trading between the price range of $0.0076 – $0.012

What is the price prediction for DRAGY coin at the of 2025 (after 2 years)?

10,000% ROI can be expected from DRAGY before the end of 2025 as it onl required $100 million market cap which is possible.

Can DRAGY coin reach $0.10 in future?

DRAGY can reach $0.10 but it will take $1 billion market cap, although this can happen in 2025 but it all depends on marketing and retail attention.

Disclaimer: The price predictions for DRAGY coin listed here can be used only for educational purposes, as these are just the author's personal opinions. These price forecast data sets can't be used as financial advice; for any kind of investment or trading of the DRAGY token, you must consult with a certified financial advisor. will not be liable for your trades or investments in the cryptocurrency sector, as it is very risky. Also, the data presented here can't be used for republication or redistribution on any other platform without our permission.

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