Piyush Gupta (Founder of PolyTrade)

India has always been on the forefront of global financial initiatives and success stories like that of Piyush Gupta is a great reminder of the talent pool the country has to offer. Piyush Gupta is a seasoned trade finance professional with over 15 years of experience.

He is well-known for the success of “Riqueza Capital Group” and currently creating a lot of buzz with his blockchain initiative – Polytrade. The entrepreneur turned angel investor is a Blockchain enthusiast, passionately steering Polytrade to tap into crypto liquidity pool to fill the large trade finance gap.

Let’s know a little bit more about Piyush Gupta, His education, Professional Journey as well as future plans in this article.

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NamePiyush Gupta
Known ForPolytrade
Birth Year1984
Current ResidenceDubai, UAE
Marital StatusMarried
Email[email protected]
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Piyush Gupta is a NRI (Non-Resident Indian), who currently lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with his wife Shefali Gupta and their children Aryan and Vihaan. He is a fitness fanatic who gives a devoted time to gym, yoga and meditation. Among various interests, Piyush is an avid traveler and loves reading books. Piyush is also a strong advocate of women empowerment is all spheres of work, especially in Business.

Known for his strong opinions and positive outlook, Piyush was also a brilliant student throughout his school days with great academic record. Piyush then enrolled into prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay after securing top grades in the national entrance exam.

Piyush Gupta was in the 2002-2006 batch of IIT-Bombay and regarded as an esteemed alumnus of the Institute today. He completed his B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) graduation in 2006 in Aerospace Engineering branch.

Right out of college, Piyush started his professional career as a Trader at “Societe Generale” – the leading French multinational investment bank and financial services company. He worked in their Hong Kong Branch location for a year and a month from August 2006 to August 2007.

He then switched job to another company in Hong Kong named “SHK Asia Dynamic Fund”, in the same role of a Trader, sharpening his skills. Piyush worked at this company for a year and a month from September 2007 to December 2008.

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He returned to Mumbai, India for a brief period in early 2009 before settling down in middle eastern country Oman. There he started working in the job role of VP-Investments at “Kitara Capital” – a private equity and venture capital firm headquartered in Muscat, Oman. Piyush successfully fulfilled all his duties at the firm for a period of two year and a month from March 2009 to March 2011.

During these early career opportunities, Piyush have made an everlasting mark amongst his peers and seniors with whopping returns some north of 400% in equity markets, especially the banking sector.

From April 2011 to Feb 2012, he worked as the Vice President at Muscat based “ICT Oman” – a boutique investment banking and advisory firm specialized in cross border transactions in MENASA region.

After a successful stint in Oman, Piyush grabbed the role of “Director Of Business Development” at Amicorp Group, in their Dadar West, Mumbai Location. He stationed at the location for 2 year 3 months from March 2012 to May 2014.

Piyush founded “Riqueza Capital Group” in 2014 and since then have expanded operations to Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Dubai. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has raised over USD 500 million in trade finance for global clients.

Piyush has been the Managing Director of the company since its inception in June 2014. For some 3 year (Jun 2014 – Aug 2017), he was the M.D. at the main Hong Kong branch and then from September 2017 to present, he is executing Managing Director role at their Dubai Branch location.

Understanding that digital assets will be a solid alternative to fiat currencies in the near future, Piyush then initiated his ambitious project in the Crypto space named – “PolyTrade”. Since early 2021, Piyush and his team has been working tirelessly to achieve marked milestones for the company. Polytrade aims to brings safe and insurance backed real world assets to crypto world and has a promising use-case scenarios.

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