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Alena Afanaseva Will Be Attending Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai 2022 As A Speaker

Alena Afanaseva is known as one of the most influential women in Blockchain & Crypto space and a trusted financial analyst. From her humble beginnings to being the co-founder of one of the biggest Crypto media empire (BeInCrypto) in the world, Alena’s Journey is an inspiration that encourages women to take a step forward into the Crypto universe.

She is an accomplished author and a keynote speaker, who is vocal about the future development of blockchain and the implementation of blockchain technologies around the world. Let’s take a look at the vivacious leader’s life, professional career and future goals.

NameAlena Afanaseva
Known forCo-Founder and CEO BeInCrypto
Current ResidenceVoronezh & Palo Alto
ChildrenYes, Two Daughters
ProfessionMedia Personality, Lecturer
IG Profile@afalenka

Alena is a Polyglot speaking fluent Russian and English language, whereas she also speaks Spanish in working proficiency and German in elementary proficiency. A strong advocate of providing ample opportunities for women in business workspace, her team consist of more than 30% women’s at different levels of the company.

As far as her hobbies are concerned, Alena loves to travel a lot, be it work related or quality family time. She is the proud mother of two daughters. During her early career, she traveled a lot in different cities of Russia like Crimea, Krasnodar, Sochi, Kolomna and Dolganka etc., leading seminars and financial conferences to the masses.

With branches of BeInCrypto opening in Europe, South American countries like Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil as well south east Asian countries like India & Hong Kong, Alena Afanaseva has traveled to more than 15 countries.

She also loves to be a part of some education initiative which introduces practical knowledge at grass root level. She is already fulfilling some of her vision as a NFT lecturer at the “Plekhanov University of Economics”, one of the leading and oldest financial university in Moscow, Russia.

Alena was born and brought up in “Voronezh”, a city on the Voronezh River. From 1999-2005, she completed her early education from “Voronezh State University” in Oblast, Central Russia in “international and intercultural communication”. She later received her Bachelor’s degree in “Finance and Financial Management” from the same university in the 2010-2013 batch.

In between, she gained practical knowledge of the financial world, working at different levels of hierarchy. Alena first got a job in the role of leader of the “Translator’s Team” at E-Capital – a FOREX newsfeed company based out of Voronezh, Russia.

During her 1 year 4 month tenure at the company, Alena supervised and translated economic and financial news from English into Russian for the readers in the CIS Region (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine).

From April 2007 to February 2011, Alena Afanaseva worked as Head of Research / Online Magazine Managing Editor at “Akmos Trade”, one of Russia’s oldest brokers which was acquired by “Forex Club”, one of Russia’s largest brokers in 2010.

During her early months at the company, Alena played a critical role in the transition of “Currency speculator” –  the first Russian financial journal, bringing it from offline to online version and building strong community of Forex bloggers.

From year 2011 to mid 2018, Alena gained more prominent role at “Forex Club”, fulfilling the role of Senior analyst and Product manager. As the product manager, she oversee the development of News feed in “Libertex trading platform” and as an Analyst, she traveled around Russia taking part in conferences and workshops focused on fundamental analyzes in trading.

Alena wrote her first “Bitcoin Analysis” back in 2016, and since then hooked on the functionality and usability of Blockchain technologies. Later she experienced a huge vacuum in the Crypto focused media, where the elite few were dominating. But it is only after the burst of 2017/2018 crypto bubble burst, she decided to actively pursue the idea.

In early 2018, Alena planned to enter the “Crypto Media” space in full capacity, majorly in English but with Russian, Spanish and other languages in her radar. She drew up a business plan, found investors, and built the first team of three core members.

In September of 2018, she finally launched “BeInCrypto” with her second Co-Founder. The site fulfilled the existing demand of a credible crypto news source and within 18 months, BIC achieved a whooping 2 Million per month of organic traffic. With her constant leadership effort, BeInCrypto won the “Best Website for Cryptocurrency News” at the 2021 ADVFN International Financial Awards.

Alena currently also delivers her own course titled “The NFT market – Introduction into digital art” at the Econmics department of “Plekhanov Russian University” in Moscow, Russia. The practical course delves into the history of non-fungible tokens and the technical aspects of creating an NFT.

Alena is nominated for the “Women in Blockchain and Crypto” category at the 2021 Crypto Awards. The winner of the award will be revealed during the 2021 Blockchain Fest in Cyprus on 2-3 December.

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