Web3 Fashion Platform Faith Tribe and Threedium announces Partnership for phygital fashion

London-based 3D engine and Augmented Reality (AR) platform Threedium recently announced a strategic partnership with Paris-based fashion platform Faith Tribe to create phygital experiences for fashion and luxury brands.

Together, Threedium and FaithTribe will provide a Web3 toolkit for fashion creators to design and customize their digital and physical fashion assets and mint them as NFTs.

Phygital, or “digital twinning,” is the concept of creating digital assets tied to physical goods, facilitating economical brand awareness and better consumer engagement. The digital asset minted as NFT can then utilize blockchain technology to provide ownership and authentication of the physical item.

Faith Tribe is a digital creative platform launched in 2021 by the owners of Faith Connexion (FC), a leading luxury streetwear brand based in Paris. Fashion Tribe is basically an open-source design platform and fashion creator ecosystem that brings together independent designers, artists, curators, celebrities, brands, and buyers.

Faith Tribe’s Designer Studio allows a decentralized community of creators to either work independently or in collaboration to create digital and physical designs for fashion items and outfits. And since all design assets are minted as NFTs, a creator earns incentives as other community members interact (buy or customize) with their design assets.

A faith tribe creator will get full ownership over their digital assets, including the decision over minting NFTs in single or multiple copies, prices, distribution rights, and royalty fees. The design NFTs are displayed on the NFT marketplace, and once purchased, buyers will receive a physical version of them.

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Faith Tribe’s recent collaboration with Threedium is a step forward in achieving the brand’s mission to build the ultimate fashion creator ecosystem. With offices across London, Washington, D.C., Paris, and Belgrade, Threedium is a pioneering 3D engine and Augmented Reality platform, creating photorealistic 3D assets and Metaverse experiences.

As part of its strategic partnership with Faith Tribe, Threedium will provide a suite of tools to create high-quality 3D design assets, interactive 3D product animations, immersive product display pages, and an AR shopping experience where users can visualize the product in real life.

Faith Tribe’s ecosystem members will be provided with Threedium’s web-based 3D and e-commerce tools for 3D creation, sharing, and publishing. Through Threedium’s 3D Commerce Engine, independent designers can distribute their digital fashion designs to digital fashion marketplaces and stores in virtual metaverses. The integration is expected to deliver seamless fashion production and efficient marketing opportunities.

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