Toonstar Studio Launches Season 2 of The Gimmicks NFT Animated Series on Avalanche Blockchain

The Los Angeles-based Web3 animation studio “Toonstar” has recently announced the second season of its breakout animated comedy series “The Gimmicks”, on the Avalanche Blockchain. The second season, titled “House of Chico,” will be the first Hispanic animated telenovela to use Web3 technology.

On March 15 this year, the first season of this community-driven animated NFT series was launched on the Solana blockchain. Season 1 of “The Gimmicks” was produced in partnership with “Sixth Wall”, the digital arm of actress Mila Kunis’ “Orchard Farm Productions.”

In Season 1 of “The Gimmicks”, fans were introduced to a group of washed-up former wrestlers through 20 episodes released per week. These animated characters were voiced by professional wrestlers like Luke “Doc” Gallows, Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson, and Rocky “Chico El Luchador” Romero.

Soon after its release in March, the interactive Web3 series became a pop culture phenomenon, giving fans an opportunity for ownership and participation. Apart from the series’ creators, the 10K NFT holders were also given narrative control, where they were able to vote to direct the next episode’s story path.

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Yesterday, on October 27, 2022, the season two premiere of this highly anticipated animated series was hosted at the Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, California. This private premiere, titled “Hollywood 3.0 on Avalanche,” was part of the “Avalanche Creates” Web3 event by “Ava Labs,” the lead developer of the Avalanche blockchain.

Season 2, dubbed “House of Chico”, follows the main character “Chico el Luchador” (voiced by Rocky Romero), as he returns to his Lucha origins in Mexico after the destruction of Kayfabe Estates in The Gimmicks Season 1.

“House of Chico” also set out to display diverse talent, especially Latino, in Hollywood. Social media influencers and comedy duo “Jairo Orozco/Bryan Rojo” of “MexicanGueys“, YouTube comedian “Eric Ochoa“, Latinx comedy star “Jesus Sepulveda“, stand-up comedian “Laura DiLorenzo“, and actor “Fabian Alomar“, will be featured prominently in this weekly web3 series.

LA-based Latino writer “Mike Tenango” will join Hollywood veteran writers and “The Gimmicks” executive producers “Dave Ihlenfeld” and “David Wright” to pen “House of Chico”. Riverdale’s famed actor, “Mark Consuelos,” will also join the Season 2 team as an Executive Producer and voice talent.

The first season of “The Gimmicks” Web3 series saw unprecedented audience engagement throughout the season. Toonstar’s proprietary technologies, which allowed NFT holders to interact on-chain to impact storylines and character arcs, were a huge success.

And for Season 2, Toonstar is expanding its services to build a community directly with consumers, introducing on-chain features like up-voting, a community forum, and a Rotten Tomatoes-like rating board.

The NFTs of “The Gimmicks” Season 2 will be made available to the fans throughout the season and the drop will be announced via the official Twitter handle (@therealgimmicks).

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