Telefonica allows payments in crypto on TU.COM with Bit2Me Commerce

Telefónica, the largest telco and mobile network provider in Spain, is now permitting consumers to buy certain products with cryptocurrencies via their device marketplace, Interested customers can select “Bit2Me Commerce” as the payment method during checkout, and use their cryptocurrencies to purchase devices.

Founded in 2014, Bit2Me is Spain’s largest crypto exchange and a frictionless gateway into the cryptocurrency world. They launched their Bit2me Commerce product in July 2022, with the goal of securely accepting cryptocurrency payments in online stores.

The company, which is based in Valencia, Spain, and known as the first company recognized by the Bank of Spain as a provider of virtual currency services, has since made numerous strides towards facilitating e-commerce websites with crypto payment gateways.

And now, with the integration of “Bit2Me Commerce” into Telefónica’s technology marketplace, crypto enthusiasts will be able to make withdrawals, exchanges, and other safe operations with cryptos.

Currently, there are six products which are eligible to be purchased with this new feature, including smartphones from brands like OPPO, Samsung, and Redmi, as well as Xiaomi Mi TV and Xiaomi Mi electric scooter.

Before advancing further, Please note that all the information provided in this article is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice. Please visit the official website of TU.Com and Bit2Me for a more updated news.

Telefonica allows payments in crypto on TU marketplace with Bit2Me Commerce

How to use cryptocurrencies through Bit2Me Commerce to buy products on

Step 1: Place the product or products in your shopping cart. Remember that the total amount of the cart must be between €200 and €500.

Step 2: Select the Bit2MeCommerce service as a payment method and accept its terms and conditions.

Step 3: Next, choose the cryptocurrency you prefer, and Bit2Me Commerce will show you the equivalent value of your purchase in cryptocurrencies.

Step 4: Proceed to the transfer through your wallet or digital wallet. Bit2Me will handle the exchange of cryptocurrencies to euros and will manage the payment of the terminal on your behalf.

FAQ about the use of cryptocurrencies in

What cryptocurrencies are accepted by Bit2Me Commerce?

To make your purchase with cryptocurrencies on, you can now choose Bit2Me Commerce as the payment method. And currently, the following eight different cryptocurrencies are accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether USD TRC20 token (USDTT), USD coin (USDC), and TRON (TRX).

What are the requirements to place an order on TU.Com with cryptocurrencies?

Currently, customers just need to have a digital wallet or cryptocurrency wallet, select Bit2Me Commerce as their payment method, and have a total cart amount between €200 and €500 to place an order on TU.Com with cryptocurrencies.

What is the process for transferring cryptocurrencies through Bit2Me?

First, customers have to choose one of the 8 available cryptocurrencies for their purchase through the Bit2Me Commerce payment method. After that, they’ll have 2 options to make the transfer.

1. If customers are making the payment from their computer, Bit2Me will provide them with the address of the wallet where to make the transfer and the exact amount in the chosen currency. Customers must copy both and make the transfer from their wallet.

2. For customers making the payment from their mobile smartphones, there is a QR code that they can scan directly from their phone. This QR will show them the wallet address where they can make the cryptocurrency transfer but not the amount. Therefore, they must type this figure manually into their wallet to complete the transfer.

If the price appears in euros, how do I know the value of the product in cryptocurrencies? sells all its products in euros. When you have decided on your purchase and selected Bit2Me Commerce as the payment method, you can choose any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the Bit2me service. At that moment, you will see the amount of the product in the selected virtual currency.
This amount is calculated from a euro-crypto exchange rate that is only valid for a short time at the time of payment (15 minutes). Once this time has elapsed, if the transaction has not been carried out, the operation will be cancelled.

How do I know if my payment was successful via Bit2Me Commerce?

At the beginning of the payment process, you can leave an email where you will be sent a copy of the purchase data, in which you will find the details of the Bit2Me Commerce payment method and its corresponding price in euros. In the same way, you will receive the usual order confirmation email for orders on

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