SEGA, Double Jump Tokyo and Oasys to develop blockchain game based on Sangokushi Taisen IP

Double Jump, a leading blockchain game developer company from Tokyo, has recently announced its partnership with Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company SEGA for the development of a blockchain game using the IP of “Sangokushi Taisen.”

The upcoming blockchain card game is expected to be released on HOME Verse, a Layer2 blockchain by Oasys, a Japanese blockchain project specializing in games. And since Sangokushi Taisen is already a popular hybrid physical and digital collectible card game for the arcade, the IP is seen as an apt choice for SEGA’s first ever blockchain-based game.

Sangokushi Taisen is a real-time strategy-based arcade game based on the Chinese literary classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The game features trading cards with illustrations of characters from the novel, and players use tactics to force their opponents to surrender their castle.

The first version of the game was launched in 2005 on arcade platforms, followed by versions 2.0 and 3.0 in 2006 and 2007. Since then, many new arcade versions, as well as Nintendo DS and PC versions of the game, have been released. The game’s official Twitter page (@3594_taisen) currently sits at a follower count of over 37K.

SEGA Double Jump Tokyo and Oasys collaboration to develop a blockchain game based on Sangokushi Taisen IP -

Established on April 3, 2018, and Headquartered in Tokyo, Double Jump is a Japanese startup that specializes in developing NFT and blockchain games. The company is known for developing popular blockchain games like “My Crypto Heroes”, a MMORPG (massive-multiplayer online role-playing game) that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game was launched in November of 2018, and features the in-game Play-2-Earn token GUM, trading NFTs, and the game’s own governance token, My Crypto Heroes Coin (MCHC).

Oasys is a blockchain project that is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its EVM compatible and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based eco-friendly blockchain. The Oasys founding team consists of pioneers from the gaming and web3.0 industries, namely, Gabby Dizon (Co-Founder of P2E YGG Yield Guild Games), Hajime Nakatani (President and CEO of Bandai Namco Research), Hironobu Ueno (CEO of Double, Hironao Kunimitsu (Founder of gumi and CEO of Thirdverse), and veteran Shuji Utsumi (founding member of PlayStation, and currently Co-COO of SEGA CORPORATION).

SEGA has previously hinted at its intention to enter the Blockchain and NFT gaming technologies, when on April 27, 2021, SEGA’s official twitter account (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) posted the following announcement:

“We will start selling NFT digital content using blockchain technology in collaboration with Double Co., Ltd. around the summer of 2021.”


At the time, the announcement didn’t go well with some gaming enthusiasts, but a later trademark filing for the term “Sega NFT” in December 2021, and now this announcement of the NFT based Sangokushi Taisen game, show the company’s enthusiasm towards the future of Blockchain gaming.

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