Renowned illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards Launches Exordium NFT Comic Series with Atmos Labs

The Atmos Labs studio has recently announced the launch of their nine-chapter comic book series called Atmos: Exordium. American illustrator and world-renowned creator, Tommy Lee Edwards, who has recently joined ATMOS LABS as Creative Director, will be overseeing the visual world-building development of this epic sci-fi comic series universe, including the forthcoming ExoGP game.

Tommy Lee Edwards is an established illustrator and digital artist, known amongst comic book fans for his work on titles like Marvel 1985, Batman, etc. He has also designed video games like the 1995 released real-time strategy game Command and Conquer.

The multi-faceted artist has since then contributed as a conceptual designer, storyboard artist, production designer, and film/music video director. His most notable client work includes Lucasfilm Ltd.’s “Star Wars,” Warner Bros.’ “Harry Potter,” and Denzel Washington’s starrer film “The Book of Eli.”

Now, the pioneer illustrator is all set in his new role as creative director of this grand metaversal project, full of innovative games, comics, and animation. The 9 chapters of “Atmos: Exordium” are scheduled for a bimonthly release, starting from chapter 1 on October 7, 2022, to chapter 9 in February 2024.

“Building an entirely new world across new technology and new styles of collaboration required a new approach to creative world-building.”

Tommy Lee Edwards, ATMOS LABS Creative director and Author & Illustrator Atmos: Exordium
Renowned illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards Launches Exordium NFT Comic Series with Atmos Labs
Atmos: Exordium Chapter 01 Main Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

The 9-chapter Atmos: Exordium comic book series introduces the world of ATMOS and ExoGP, a skill-based AAA flight racing game, which will be developed with web3.0 integration. The Digital Collectible edition of Atmos: Exordium Chapter 01 is now available for minting and features three covers:

  • Main Cover with artwork by Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Rare Variant Cover 1 with artwork by Japanese comic book artist and writer Peach Momoko (2021 EISNER and RINGO award winner in Best cover artist category
  • Rare Variant Cover 2 with artwork by American comic book artist Dave Johnson (2002 Eisner Award winner in Best Cover Artist category for DC/Vertigo’s 100 Bullets)

The 2K+ items of Atmos: Exordium Chapter 01 Digital Collector’s Edition are also available on Opensea NFT Marketplace, whose cover will be revealed on October 10, 2022. The standard digital edition of Atmos: Exordium will be available for purchase on October 17, 2022 on Amazon for $ 4.99. A print edition graphic novel is also planned for release by the end of this year.

“Exordium is our entry point into the ATMOS world. The first chapter puts two really disparate characters on a collision course. The story cascades from there.”

Dylan Bushnell, ATMOS LABS VP of Game Design and co-author of Exordium Chapter 01

What is the ATMOS Project?

The ATMOS team consists of pioneers in diverse professions like gaming, esports, web3, design, film, automotive, comics, and more. Together, they envisioned a new world of Metaverse-Native Sports, where everything is owned by players. Now with ATMOS, the team is transforming their vision of a fully decentralized, open world, play-and-own game into reality.

“We have this fascinating opportunity to create a world, lore, multiple games, and real competition in the virtual world. And with Atmos we are beginning the sci-fi Metaverse sports journey”

Kevin Beauregard, Atmos Labs Founder & CEO

Set over 500 years in the future, the ATMOS story brings together the planet “Atmos”, its rare mineral “ORE”, and special flight suits called “Exos” to counter the hostile environment of the planet. The lore further delves into the planet’s inter-class conflict and ExoGP racing competition, a way of keeping citizens and communities aligned.

ATMOS ASSETS: There are four core-ownable assets in ATMOS, which are: Exos, gear, land, and OREs. Each player owns these assets as well as shares of the game itself.

  • Exos are omni-directional flight suits needed to live, work, and compete in ATMOS. Each Exo is a composable NFT containing five pieces of equipment: Endo (undersuit), Helm (Helmet/HUD), Jetpack (primary thruster), Gauntlets (Arm Thruster), and Greaves (Leg Thruster unit).
  • Gears: Each equipment is made of multiple pieces of Gear (each a distinct NFT), which determines EXO’s stats and appearances.
  • Land: Planet ATMOS has eight regions, further divided into land and plots, each with a different mineral composition. Players can purchase, lease, or mine for ores with these NFT plots.
  • Ore: Ore is collected by mining plots and is used to generate new pieces of gear.

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