Notcoin Price Soars Amid Earning Missions Launch: A Deep Dive

Notcoin’s (NOT) price has been on an exhilarating upward trajectory, igniting excitement in the crypto community. As of Friday, during European business hours, Notcoin traded around $0.012, marking a 2.5% increase in just 24 hours and a staggering 158% surge over the past week, according to CoinMarketCap.

Market Cap Milestone

Notcoin’s market cap hit an impressive $1.2 billion for the first time, spreading optimism among investors and those who held onto their tokens post-Token Generation Event (TGE). Additionally, the 24-hour trading volume rose by 9.8%, indicating heightened market activity.

Riding the Bullish Wave

Currently, Notcoin is trending well above its 50-day simple moving average (SMA), showcasing robust bullish momentum. The price extended its gains by 51%, reaching a new daily high of $0.0132 before slightly cooling off.

Charting the Course

On the 4-hour chart, Notcoin has found solid support around the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level at approximately $0.011. This support level has been tested twice in the past 12 hours, proving its strength. Analysts predict that Notcoin will bounce off this support and aim for the 0.27% Fibonacci extension level, which would boost the price by 21%, placing it around $0.0145. On the daily chart, the 0.27 extension level is around $0.0155, a 31% leap from the current price.

Key Resistance and Support Levels

Notcoin has been hitting higher highs and higher lows over the past week, further reinforcing the bullish sentiment. As it ascends, key resistance points are expected around $0.0132, $0.0145, and $0.0156. Conversely, critical support levels to watch are around $0.011 and $0.0085.

Earning Missions Spark Hype

The launch of Notcoin’s Earning Missions has reignited investor optimism, driving the price surge. The initiative, coupled with the fervent community support and the active Telegram ecosystem, has played a significant role. Notcoin’s listing on multiple tier-1 centralized exchanges also underscores strong financial backing and resilience, appealing to major investors. This momentum has catapulted Notcoin into the ranks of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Notcoin’s rise is a testament to the ever-evolving crypto landscape. As Notcoin’s price continues to soar, other projects like Tapswap (TAPS) are gearing up to enter the Tap-to-Earn niche, eager to capture a share of this burgeoning market. The journey ahead for Notcoin looks promising, with many eyes watching its next move.

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