Mask Network Price Predictions For Short and Long Term

Mask Network: An In-Depth Analysis and Price Prediction

Current Market Snapshot

As of now, Mask Network (MASK) is trading at $2.42 USD. Our real-time data and technical analysis suggest a promising uptick in the near future. Specifically, we forecast a potential 11.16% increase, pushing the price to approximately $2.69 by June 26, 2024. Despite a mixed market sentiment—23% bullish to be precise—the Fear & Greed Index holds a neutral score of 51. Over the past 30 days, MASK has experienced 37% green days and a price volatility of 13.25%.

Mask Network Price Predictions for 2024

Overall 2024 Forecast

Based on thorough technical analysis, we project Mask Network’s price in 2024 to range between a minimum of $2.39 and a maximum of $5.41, with an average trading price around $8.42.

June 2024

Crypto experts predict that by June 2024, Mask Network’s average price will be $2.87. The anticipated price range for this month is between $2.39 and $3.34.

July 2024

In July 2024, the MASK price is expected to fluctuate between $3.22 and $8.42, with an average price of approximately $5.82.

August 2024

For August 2024, analysts forecast the average MASK price to be around $5.37. The price could dip to a minimum of $3.11 and peak at $7.63.

September 2024

By September 2024, the average price is predicted to be $3.29. The price might increase to $3.36, with a floor price of $3.21.

October 2024

In October 2024, experts anticipate an average trading price of $5.51. The MASK price could range between $3.21 and $7.80.

November 2024

For November 2024, analysts expect MASK to trade at around $7.09. The price could drop to a minimum of $5.95 and reach a peak of $8.23.

December 2024

By December 2024, the forecasted average MASK price is $5.76. The price could fluctuate between $3.76 and $7.75.

Long-Term Predictions

Mask Network Price Prediction for 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, historical price analysis suggests that Mask Network will trade between $5.89 and $7.49, with an average price around $6.11.

Mask Network Price Prediction for 2030

Looking even further ahead to 2030, experts estimate that MASK will trade between $36.68 and $43.14, with an average price around $37.70. This prediction reflects a significant potential growth trajectory for Mask Network, highlighting its long-term investment potential.


Mask Network has shown resilience and potential for growth in the volatile crypto market. With its innovative technology and strong community support, MASK is poised for substantial gains in the coming years. Investors should keep an eye on market trends, regulatory developments, and technological advancements to make informed decisions.

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