Mantle Price Predictions

Current Snapshot

As of now, Mantle (MNT) is trading at $0.773992 USD. Our latest price forecast indicates a bullish trend with an expected 12.25% increase, projecting the price to hit $0.868823 by June 28, 2024. Despite a current Bearish Bullish sentiment of 15%, the Fear & Greed Index is showing a score of 46, indicating fear in the market. Over the last 30 days, Mantle has seen 11 out of 30 green days, with a price volatility of 9.17%.

Mantle Price Prediction for 2024

According to technical analysis, Mantle’s price in 2024 is expected to fluctuate with a minimum value of $0.774 and a potential maximum of $0.977. The average trading price is anticipated to be around $1.18.

MNT Price Forecast for June 2024

Based on early 2024 price trends, experts predict Mantle will average $0.854 in June 2024, with possible fluctuations between $0.774 and $0.934.

July 2024: Mantle Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency analysts project Mantle’s price in July 2024 to range between a minimum of $1.01 and a maximum of $1.18, with an average trading value around $1.09.

MNT Price Forecast for August 2024

In August 2024, Mantle’s average price is predicted to be around $1.03. The price could drop to $0.902 at its lowest, and reach up to $1.15 at its highest.

September 2024: Mantle Price Forecast

By September 2024, analysts expect Mantle’s average price to be around $0.972. The price could rise to $1.03, with a possible low of $0.914.

MNT Price Forecast for October 2024

For October 2024, experts estimate Mantle’s average trading price to be $1.02, with the price fluctuating between $0.899 and $1.14.

November 2024: Mantle Price Forecast

In November 2024, analysts predict Mantle’s price to average around $1.15, with a minimum expected value of $1.11 and a maximum of $1.18.

MNT Price Forecast for December 2024

December 2024 forecasts indicate that Mantle could reach a maximum price of $1.18, potentially dropping to $0.826. The average price is expected to hover around $1.00.

Long-Term Predictions

Mantle Price Prediction for 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, Mantle’s price is projected to have a minimum value of $2.19 and a maximum of $2.61. The average trading price is expected to be around $2.25.

Mantle Price Prediction for 2030

By 2030, experts predict Mantle will trade between $15.35 and $17.95, with an average price expected to be around $15.90 for the year.

These insights offer a comprehensive look at Mantle’s potential price trajectory, helping investors make informed decisions about their portfolios.

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