KEF enters the Metaverse with Audio based NFT Collection

KEF, the British high-end audio product company, has entered the virtual world with their “Absorbed” NFT Collection, in collaboration with creative studio “Parameta” and generative artist “Hieroglyphica”.

To mark its 60th anniversary, KEF celebrated the occasion with this inaugural NFT series inspired by the intricacy of their first wireless tower stereo system, the LS60, and their signature MAT technology.

KEF’s MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology) has been awarded ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the 2020 What Hi-Fi? Awards, for its innovative maze-like structure that eliminates unwanted sound waves.

To visually depict the embodiment of “noise becomes sound”, “Absorbed” will illustrate random networks of patterns, slowly emerging and evolving into the maze-like form of MAT.


Recently, KEF has been gearing towards the next stage of their vision to unite lovers of sound and immersive explorers in the virtual world. The 1060 unique generative NFTs, by self-taught generative artist Hieroglyphica (@hieroglyphica22), are the first step towards the goal.

The “Absorbed” series is a collection of animations based on the battle between signal and noise, where noise is absorbed and the clarity of sound is revealed.

Parameta, a multidisciplinary studio that creates web3 cultural content for the metaverse and NFT platforms through collaborations, has lent its expertise to build this amazing experience in the metaverse.

KEF enters the Metaverse with Absorbed NFT Collection with Parameta and Hieroglyphica

The “Absorbed” NFT collection is the first stage of KEF’s “Into the Metaverse” project.

Stage 1: Absorbed: a token of appreciation

KEF’s superfans and 1060 LS60 Wireless owners will be able to own an exclusive NFT from the absorbed collection. All holders of an Absorbed NFT will also get many exclusive members-only perks, including future global events, membership benefits, and upcoming metaverse perks.

Stage 2: As an incubator, empowering and collaborating with the creator economy

Stage 3: Sound and visual artists craft a series of acoustic sculptures.

Stage 4: Live concerts, immersive showrooms, and the KEF Music gallery in the digital realm.

Stage 5: Introducing High-Definition Audio to the Metaverse

How do I register for the Absorbed NFT Collection?

If you are already a myKEF member, then simply enter your digital wallet address into your profile. Otherwise, follow these steps for registration.

Step 1: Sign up for a myKEF account and save your digital wallet to your profile.

Step 2: To be eligible, register your LS60 Wireless on your myKEF account.

Step 3. If you’re successful, KEF will send you all the details on how to mint your “Absorbed” NFT.

KEF’s “into the Metaverse” project has garnered a positive response from the brand’s online community, with many getting on-board with the artistic integration of digital assets with high-fidelity sound. There are a few who are sceptical about the Web3 space, and have posed the question of why NFTs? on @KEFAmerica’s official Facebook page, to which the brand replied with the following comment:

“We are journeying into the Metaverse at a global venture to reward our community. There’s no denying or hiding from the negatives of web3’s early stages, but there’s none of that here. Certainly no lure or bait, just an optional dive into the Metaverse if you’re interested in it!”

@KEFAmerica Replying to a Facebook Comment

FAQ About KEF’s Absorbed NFT Collection

How do I receive a KEF NFT?

Sign Up for myKEF account, save your wallet address details on your myKEF profile. eligible KEF owners will be entered into an Allow-List for the designated mint date on the FX(hash) platform.

Which blockchain will the KEF NFTs be minted on?

KEF NFTs are minted on the Tezos blockchain. And you can purchase its token XTZ, through an online crypto exchange.

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