KAS Price Explodes: New All-Time High for Kaspa in Sight?

Kaspa Crypto Jumps Big! Will KAS Price Record a New ATH This Month?

The cryptocurrency market continues to display mixed sentiment, with top tokens showing neutral price action while mid-cap and low-cap altcoins record significant movement in their respective portfolios over the past few days.

Kaspa (KAS) Surges Amid Market Volatility

Amid this backdrop, Kaspa (KAS) has emerged as a standout performer. The token’s trading volume surged by an impressive 328%, and its price jumped approximately 10% in the past 24 hours. Over the past 30 days, KAS has seen a 40.27% increase, pointing to a bullish outlook for the altcoin this month.

KAS Coin Price Breaks Through Key Resistance

In April, Kaspa experienced bearish price action, hitting a low of $0.09760. However, the bulls quickly regained control, driving the price up by 30.85% in the following days. The price then consolidated near its resistance level of $0.14050.

As market volatility increased, the bulls broke through this resistance, adding approximately 10% in the past two days. With a current trading price of $0.14025, a circulating supply of 23,821,687,224 KAS tokens, and a market cap of $3.570 billion, Kaspa has secured the 29th position in the global cryptocurrency rankings.

Bullish Indicators Suggest Continued Momentum

The Cross EMA 50/200-day on the 1D time frame indicates a bullish pattern, suggesting positive sentiment for KAS in the coming days. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) also displays a consistent green histogram, highlighting increasing buying pressure. The bullish curve in the MACD averages further supports a positive outlook for the altcoin.

How High Will Kaspa Go?

If the market maintains the price above the $0.14050 support level, the bulls are likely to continue gaining momentum, potentially testing the $0.1620 resistance level. Should the bullish momentum persist, KAS could aim for the upper resistance level of $0.18375.

Conversely, if the bears overpower the bulls, the price could lose momentum and retest the $0.14050 support level. Should bearish sentiment dominate, the KAS coin price might fall towards its lower support level of $0.11685.


Kaspa’s recent performance highlights its potential for significant gains amid market volatility. Investors should watch for key support and resistance levels to gauge future price movements. As always, thorough research and staying informed about market trends are crucial for navigating the dynamic crypto landscape.

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