HAL’s Web3 Notification and Webhook Tool to Join Infura Stack Following ConsenSys Acquisition

In a recent announcement on their official Twitter account (@HAL_Team), HAL, a Delaware-based platform specializing in blockchain development tooling, shared their excitement about being acquired by Brooklyn-based ConsenSys, a blockchain software company that is renowned for its suite of popular products including MetaMask, Infura, ConsenSys Diligence, Truffle, and Codefi.

This acquisition is a significant milestone for HAL, and they express their enthusiasm for becoming part of the ConsenSys family. HAL’s platform is designed for blockchain data monitoring and automation, featuring workflow tools that automate notifications via email, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter. Its functionalities include tracking digital assets trading such as wallet activity, liquidity levels, tokens, and NFT prices, relevant swaps, and collateral health.

In addition, HAL can assist in decentralized governance by notifying the community about upcoming voting, thereby boosting DAOs’ engagement. The platform can also track crypto activities for tax purposes and push data from blockchains to centralized IT systems to ensure blockchain compliance.

HAL is seen as a revolutionary web3 notification and webhook tool that helps individuals and organizations query and automate blockchain data. The acquisition brings 10 HAL employees and more than 40 application programming interfaces (APIs) for “blockchain listening and signals” to Infura, which is the world’s leading Web3 API provider from ConsenSys.

The 10 employees include Co-Founders Marco De Rossi, Manlio Poltronieri, and Matteo Scurati, as well as head of engineering Björn Gunnarsson, lead-developer Tamas Soos, and CGO Christopher Kocurek.

As a result of the acquisition, Infura is poised to enhance its developer stack capabilities by integrating the robust and customizable webhooks and notification system developed by HAL. This integration empowers developers to generate alerts and notifications at the protocol level for different signals, much like the popular Zapier automation tool.

Interestingly, ConsenSys’ acquisition of HAL comes merely a year after it acquired MyCrypto to join forces with the leading Web3 wallet, MetaMask. Going forward, HAL aims to build on the user experience enhancements that were realized following the MyCrypto acquisition and enable MetaMask to provide a dynamic and tailored notification system. This development is expected to bolster user engagement across the ecosystem.

As a result, HAL Notify could be leveraged by Aave Companies users to receive automated notifications about liquidity events to safeguard their positions, while Snapshot Labs enables DAO participants to receive notifications whenever a proposal is created, deleted, starts, or ends.

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