Get Ahead with Notcoin: $1 Million Giveaway for Telegram Game Pre-Market Enthusiasts

Early Notcoin Investors Reap Rewards as Game Hands Out 40 Million NOT Tokens

Did you buy or hold one of Notcoin’s earliest pre-market vouchers? If so, you’re in luck. The popular Telegram-based game, Notcoin, is distributing a whopping 40 million NOT tokens as a reward to its earliest backers.

The Notcoin Phenomenon: A Triple in Value

Notcoin has taken the gaming and crypto world by storm this year, achieving the biggest gaming token launch to date. Its price has surged dramatically, more than tripling in recent weeks as the NOT token, based on The Open Network (TON), gains significant traction. Now, the team is showing gratitude to its earliest traders who believed in Notcoin’s potential from the start.

The Pre-Market Voucher Model

Back in March, before the official NOT token launch, Notcoin was all about in-game coins. Developer Open Builders introduced an innovative “pre-market vouchers” model. Players who had accumulated at least 10 million in-game coins could exchange them for a tradeable NFT, which could later be redeemed for the on-chain NOT token.

Anticipation and Early Trading Frenzy

The hype around Notcoin was immense. The Telegram clicker game had attracted tens of millions of players, and traders saw a lucrative opportunity in the pre-market vouchers. The limited supply of these vouchers initially drove up prices, with some early vouchers—redeemable for 10,000 NOT tokens—selling for about $230 worth of Toncoin (TON) on the open market. However, as more vouchers became available, prices settled below $100 worth of TON.

Rewarding the Earliest Believers

The pre-market trading allowed speculators to bet on Notcoin’s future value. Interestingly, the initial high price of the vouchers is close to the current value of the actual tokens, with 10,000 NOT worth about $240 today. To address the disparity and support those who initially overpaid amid limited liquidity, the Notcoin team promised a meaningful bonus to early voucher holders.

Fulfilling the Promise

On Tuesday, Open Builders fulfilled this promise, announcing a distribution of 40 million NOT tokens—approximately $1 million worth—to holders of the first 5,867 Notcoin vouchers purchased or held before the pre-market opened to everyone. Each eligible user will receive 6,900 NOT tokens, valued at about $170 per voucher. This bonus provides free crypto to those who held onto their vouchers or redeemed and held the NOT tokens, given the recent price surge.

The Surge in Notcoin’s Value

Notcoin’s price has skyrocketed in the past few weeks, climbing 167% over the last seven days to a current price above $0.024. With a market cap of $2.5 billion, NOT now ranks as the 54th most valuable cryptocurrency, according to CoinGecko. It hit a new all-time high above $0.028 on Sunday.


The strategic reward distribution not only honors early adopters but also reinforces confidence in Notcoin’s continued growth. With its innovative pre-market voucher model and the recent surge in value, Notcoin is proving to be a formidable player in the crypto market. As the game continues to attract attention, the future looks promising for both the project and its investors.

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