GensoKishi Online Meta World is the biggest Japanese Metaverse Project

GensoKishi (Elemental Knight) Online-META WORLD is a Metaverse sequel to the already established Japanese MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) IP “Elemental Knights“, and is scheduled for an official release in November 2022.

The Elemental Knights franchise was originally launched thirteen years ago in 2008 and is played by gamers on iOS, Android, Switch, and PS4. It has garnered over 8 million downloads worldwide and became the recipient of the 2012 “Game of the Year (Gold Award)” in Taiwan. And now the original developer team behind this massively popular gaming franchise is bringing the first on-chain Japanese 3DMMORPG with a metaverse experience and solid tokenomics.

GensoKishi (Elemental Knight) Online-META WORLD is a free-to-play blockchain game for PC, iOS, and Android, aiming to bring back the golden era of MMORPGs by integrating P2E (play-to-earn), Play &ECO, and user-generated NFTs (UGC to Earn) features in a Metaversal setting.

At launch, Gensokishi’s servers will run on a centralised system so that their existing gaming fanbase can smoothly transition to the crypto universe; but once the 3D metaverse can operate on its own, the game will migrate and become a DApp, and the governance will be dictated by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

In the game, players can explore the 3D metaverse space, team up with other players to participate in raid battles, castle battles, boss battles, and many more seasonal events. “Elemental Knights” popular features like players’ fashionable cosplay dresses, etc., will also be a major part of the GensoKishi Online-META WORLD blockchain game.

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GensoKishi Online Meta World is the biggest Japanese metaverse project on Polygon Blockchain based on popular MMORPG franchise Elemental Knights -

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  • Cosplay equipment NFTs: These are perhaps the most important NFTs in this project that can be used to change character appearance and buff up the characters’ strength, HP, speed, and other skills. Cosplay NFTs can even be leased to other players.
  • NFTs of in-game items In-game NFTs are items available in the game, like potions for restoring physical strength or power-up items.
  • Basic equipment NFTs: Equipment that makes the character’s abilities stronger with in-game NFTs
  • Land NFTs: In the future phase 3 update of the game, players will be able to purchase “LAND NFT” to create their own original map and monsters using MODs (modifications). Land owners will earn an entrance fee (ROND) when other players enter and play on their land.
  • UGC Cosplay NFTs: In a future phase 3 update, players will be able to generate new cosplay garments from original Cosplay NFTs by using any 3D design software.

Players will earn base equipment and in-game items through play and ECO. Meaning, if by actively participating in the game, a player gets a powerful weapon, then they’ll be able to turn that item into an NFT and RMT (Real Money Trade) in the Elemental Knight Marketplace.

Also, UGC Cosplay NFTs and land NFTs will be available to only those players who have staked a certain amount of MV tokens.


MV TOKEN: The Metaverse (MV) token is Gensokishi’s governance token and can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kraken, Kucoin, ByBit,, MEXC global, quickswap, and uniswap.

Compatible with both Polygon Chain (MATIC) and Ethereum Chain (ERC20), the MV token is a virtual currency which has UTILITY properties for configuring the Gensokishi metaverse.


  • As a governance token, it grants voting rights to the Genso metaverse’s policies.
  • To buy cosplay equipment NFTs at a bargain price.
  • Right to power up cosplay equipment NFTs
  • To buy various paid items at MV exclusive prices.
  • Function to stake MV and receive ROND as rewards.
  • Right to make and provide user-generated cosplay cosplay NFTs.
  • Right to participate in the LAND auction, so that users can be eligible to create their own lands and monsters.
  • Transaction fees for in-game trading

ROND TOKEN: ROND tokens are the virtual in-game base currency of Elemental Knights Online—Meta World, and can be purchased on the ByBit cryptocurrency exchange. The trading currency pairs are ROND (ERC20)/USDT and ROND (polygon)/USDT. Within the game, RONDs must be converted to miniRONDs to be used in the game. Players will also earn miniRONDs within the game, which can then be exported outside the game by converting to ROND.


  • For purchasing in-metaverse items, base weapons + protectors, strengthening equipment, and character status.
  • Used as entry fees for quests and seasonal events.
  • Used for land entry fees and for using the game’s warp function to move quickly between lands.
  • Used as the in-game challenge fee to take various quests.
  • Used to fully recover HP and MP at the Recovery Fountain.
  • Purchase items and merchandise at the in-game “Genso shopping mall”
  • Admission to concerts, events, museums, and other exhibitions held inside the Metaverse, as well as future GensoKishi physical events IRL.

GENSOKISHI METAVERSE aims to be the biggest blockchain game in Japan and worldwide.

This whole year, the team at Gensokishi Metaverse Game has completed many milestones from its 2022 roadmap. From the listing of the MV token on multiple crypto exchanges to the opening of the Elemental Knight Marketplace on September 15, to the listing of the ROND token on the ByBit crypto exchange on September 29, 2022, the team has kept every promise made to its community.

Recently, Gensokishi Metaverse became the FutureGame Awards Winning Title in the “Media Award” and “Guild Award” categories at the Tokyo Blockchain Game Awards 2022, held on September 15, 2022, at the Fish Bank Tokyo landmark.

Some of the other factors that make Gensokishi Metaverse way ahead of many of its peers include a 300,000 strong community across various social media channels; 130+ experienced designers and developers (including core members of GensoKishi); and a diverse player pool from Japan, Thailand, the USA, India, Taiwan, and Philippines, etc.

So, if you are a gaming enthusiast who wishes to experience a proper blockchain-based game, then join this amazing community of Japan’s number 1 metaverse on the polygon blockchain.

Metaverse ProjectGensokishi Online – META WORLD
Japanese Name元素騎士 Online – META WORLD
Operating PlatformPC Browser, Android, iOS
LanguagesChinese (Traditional), English, Japanese
MV (Token)Polygon/MATIC(ETH base)
ROND (Token)Polygon/MATIC(ETH base)
NFTERC721, ERC1155, & Multiple chains in Future
NFT MarketplaceOpensea, and  gensokishi official Marketplace
Company Name (English)Metap Inc.
CEOMaxi Kuan

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