Fetch AI Price Analysis and Predictions Based On Technical Analysis and ASI Alliance: A New Chapter in AI Infrastructure

In a pivotal move, has voted to merge with AGIX and OCEAN to form the ASI alliance, a significant open-source AI infrastructure.’s native token, FET, will serve as the reserve currency for this ambitious project.

Although the ASI token was slated to launch on June 13, technical and logistical challenges have pushed the date back to July 15. Despite FET’s strong performance early in 2024, it has since corrected from its all-time high on March 28. Price Predictions: What Lies Ahead?

As we dive into FET’s price predictions, let’s explore its historical performance and fundamental aspects to provide a comprehensive outlook. Price Prediction for 2024

Our analysis indicates that FET’s price could reach between $3.62 and $3.65 by the end of 2024. This target aligns closely with both the fractal and wave count methods, suggesting this could be a new all-time high for FET according to the fractal method. Meanwhile, the wave count method suggests the peak may have been reached earlier in the year. Price Prediction for 2025

Looking into 2025, both the fractal and wave count methods project a similar trajectory. FET is expected to hit its all-time high and then enter a prolonged downward trend throughout the year, potentially stabilizing temporarily in 2026. Price Prediction for 2030

For a long-term perspective, the price prediction for FET by the end of 2030 is based on the current rate of increase. If this growth rate continues, FET could be valued between $14.22 and $21.25.

Understanding Key Holders

To get a better grasp of’s market dynamics, it’s crucial to know who holds the most FET. As of June 20, 2024, the top five addresses are:

  1. 0xf58db6a8c84b454cc8d2980b0d8b6017d0b645dc – Holding 1,477,549,566 FET (56.17% of the supply).
  2. 0x947872ad4d95e89e513d7202550a810ac1b626cc – Holding 113,109,918 FET (4.3% of the supply).
  3. 0x351bac612b50e87b46e4b10a282f632d41397de2 – Holding 80,616,476 FET (3.06% of the supply).
  4. 0x8400ac235ed4f139a3e05670a9a3c724e448129b – Holding 61,692,968 FET (2.35% of the supply).
  5. 0xbe0eb53f46cd790cd13851d5eff43d12404d33e8 – This Binance wallet holds 49,333,112 FET (1.88% of the supply).

Final Thoughts’s merger with AGIX and OCEAN marks a significant step towards creating a robust AI infrastructure. While the delay in ASI token’s launch presents short-term challenges, the long-term prospects of FET look promising with substantial price increases expected through 2030. Investors should keep an eye on market trends, project developments, and regulatory changes to make informed decisions. Happy investing!

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