BIAO Price Analysis For Short and Long Term

Biaoqing Price Prediction: What the Future Holds for This Meme Coin

If you’re wondering about the future of Biaoqing (BIAO) and whether it’s a good investment, this comprehensive price prediction will shed some light. We’ll delve into technical and fundamental analyses to address your concerns about Biaoqing’s potential. How much will Biaoqing be worth in the coming years? Is now a good time to buy? Let’s find out.

Biaoqing Overview

  • Token Name: Biaoqing
  • Ticker: BIAO
  • Description: Biaoqing Inu, the “Pepe” of Asia, is a popular meme used by Asian users on social media platforms like Weibo, WeChat, and Twitter.
  • Market Cap: $29,259,060
  • 24h Trading Volume: $8,335,568
  • Current Price: $0.02926

Biaoqing Price Prediction

Short-Term Outlook

  • July 2024:
    • Range: $0.03072 – $0.03189
    • Average Price: $0.03131
  • August 2024:
    • Range: $0.03131 – $0.03423
    • Average Price: $0.03277
  • September 2024:
    • Range: $0.03365 – $0.03482
    • Average Price: $0.03423
  • October 2024:
    • Range: $0.02341 – $0.02780
    • Average Price: $0.02560
  • November 2024:
    • Range: $0.02633 – $0.03511
    • Average Price: $0.03072
  • December 2024:
    • Range: $0.03365 – $0.03804
    • Average Price: $0.03584

Long-Term Outlook

  • End of 2024:
    • Average Price: $0.9326
  • End of 2025:
    • Average Price: $1.60
  • End of 2030:
    • Average Price: $4.17

Technical Indicators and Market Sentiment

Biaoqing has seen significant price fluctuations, influenced by various market factors. Currently priced at $0.02926 with a market cap of $29,259,060, Biaoqing has a 24-hour trading volume of $8,335,568.

Bullish Signals:

  • Stability Above Psychological Level: Despite broader market corrections, Biaoqing has shown resilience, maintaining levels above $0.00001.
  • Short-Term Positive Forecast: Short-term analysis indicates a potential increase in value over the coming months, driven by positive market sentiment and technical factors.

Bearish Signals:

  • Bearish Trend: Recent price movements suggest a bearish trend, characterized by lower highs and lower lows.
  • Flag Pattern: The formation of a flag pattern indicates a temporary downtrend, possibly leading to a further decline before a potential recovery.

Key Support and Resistance Levels:

  • Support: Critical support is at $0.0140. A drop below this could see prices fall to $0.0135 or $0.0130.
  • Resistance: Key resistance levels are at $0.016 and $0.018. Breaking above these levels is crucial for a bullish trend.

Fundamental Analysis

Market Dynamics:

  • Trading Volume: The increase in trading volume to $770 million suggests high volatility and investor concern, indicating potential for either recovery or further decline.
  • Open Interest Decline: A significant drop in open interest, from $189.51 million to $107 million, suggests decreased trader commitment and liquidity.

Future Predictions:

  • By 2024: Biaoqing could range between $0.5486 and $1.32, with an average of $0.9326.
  • By 2025: Price could range between $1.01 and $2.19, with an average of $1.60.
  • By 2030: Biaoqing could reach $4.17, with a potential high of $4.83.


Biaoqing presents both opportunities and risks. The short-term outlook suggests potential growth, but the long-term success depends on overcoming key resistance levels and maintaining positive market sentiment. Investors should monitor technical indicators and market trends closely. Whether you’re considering buying Biaoqing now or holding for the future, staying informed and vigilant is key to navigating this volatile market.

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