Web3 Toronto Summit (March 1 – 2, 2023)

The Web3 Toronto Summit will be held on March 1 and 2, 2023, to feature popular Metaverse players, NFT enthusiasts, and blockchain projects. Don’t miss the golden chance to attend this summit in Toronto, where you can connect with like-minded people. Here you can find the full schedule of the Web3 Toronto Summit, including its venue, ticket registration process, sponsors, and speaker list.

The mission of this summit is to give people a space where they can learn more about blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse, which is quite popular tech these days. The organisers of WEB3 Toronto are DX3 USA, DX3 Canada, and IOT Intelligent Cities.


The venue of Web3 Toronto is at the Toronto Congress Centre (the convention center in Toronto), 650 Dixon Road, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1J1, Canada.

Why you must attend WEB 3 Toronto Summit this year?

  • Community- Speakers from various blockchain companies will be there to discuss about NFTs, Metaverse and their future.
  • Connection: The best way to connect with fellow crypto-minded people and influencers
  • Promote- Get educated about NFTs and how they are going to make a change in future technology space


As this summit is an in-person event, tickets must be purchased to gain entry. The ticket plans are-

  • Retailers, Banks, Academia and Agencies: CA$738.33
  • Vendors,Tech Providers, and Consultants: CA$844.42
  • Floor Pass: CA$16.93


Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 | EST

9:25Welcome RemarksHifazat ‘Faz’ Ahmad, President, WEB3 Toronto
9:30Fireside Chat with Ben EarlBen Earl (Marvel Writer, NFT WorldBuilder),
Hifazat ‘Faz’ Ahmad, President, WEB3 Toronto
10:00Panel: Web 3.0: Why not yet?

1. The delay behind the launch of Web 3.0
2. Challenges when developing a foolproof platform
3. Are investors on the back foot?
Moderator: Andrea Iorio, (Founder, AIK),
Siju Ramakrishnan, (Product Leader, Metalynx),
Andres Florido, (National Leader, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Deloitte Canada),
Larry Lau, (Co-Founder, Run As You Are),
Mark Greenberg, (Managing Director, Kraken Canada)
10:30Keynote: KYC – Know Your Community

1. Optimizing Web2 users to drive adoption of Web3 technology
2. Different strategies and user experiences
3. Avoid the hype: Building real products, solving real problems
Larry Lau, (Co-Founder, RAYA)
11:00Networking Break
11:00Virtual: Keynote: Future Symbiosis of Creativity and TechnologySami Tauber, (Chief Metaverse Officer and Founder, VNCCII)
11:30Panel: Digital Assets & DeFi

1. Breaking down Blockchain
2. Building DeFi Protocols
3. Digital Currencies beyond Investment
4. What after the Crypto-winter?
Moderator: Aviva Klein, (VP, Digital Payments & Cybersecurity Solutions, Mastercard),
Andres Florido, (National Leader, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Deloitte Canada),
Ashley Wright, (Founder & CEO, The Wright Success & Crypto Strategy Academy),
Anna Bittner, (CEO & CMO, 5 Goats),
Mark Greenberg, (Managing Director, Kraken Canada)
12:00Keynote: Powering Web 3

1. Web 3 applications
2. Features of Web 3
Kyle Reidhead, (Co-Founder, Web3 Academy)
12:30Networking Break
14:00Panel: NFT – Jack of All Trades

1. NFT in Arts, Entertainment, collectibles, sports
2. Is the Louvre Museum for tokens a possibility?
3. Why fans are going ga-ga over sports based NFTs
4. Role of avatars in token space
Vandana Taxali, (Blockchain Lawyer | Founder & CEO, Artcryption),
Lorne Sugarman, (CEO & Director, Metaverse Group)
14:30End of Day 1

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 | EST

9:25Day 1 RecapHifazat ‘Faz’ Ahmad, (President, WEB3 Toronto)
9:30Panel: Why Blockchain is important for businesses

1. Benefits and impact of Blockchain technology
2. Possibilities and obstacles in the current set up
Moderator: Soufia Trabelsi, (Head of Gamefi, Ledgerlink Labs),
Ehsan Shariati, (CTO, Functionland),
Mohamed El Kandri, (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, IR4LAB)
10:00Panel: Security and Data Protection on Blockchain

1. Securing the blockchain
2. Using public and private key
Moderator: Mohamed El Kandri, (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, IR4LAB),
Vandana Taxali, (Blockchain Lawyer | Founder & CEO, Artcryption),
Harrison Jordan, (NFT Lawyer, Harrison Jordan Law Professional Corporation),
Jonathan Bench, (Attorney, Harris Bricken)
10:30Networking Break
11:00Panel: Blockchain: The Chain of Applications

1. Tools for developing and organizing on Blockchain
2. Buying and selling on Blockchain
3. What major players do that others don’t
Moderator: Ehsan Shariati, (CTO, Functionland),
Pramod Gopalakrishna, (Global Product Manager, EY)
11:30Innovation Showcase
12:00Networking Break
13:00Panel: Peeling Metaverse layers

1. The idea behind Metaverse
Functionality, benefits and challenges and opportunities
2. The long term outlook of and in Metaverse
Moderator: Raza Jafri, (CEO & Founder, MetaWorldX),
Ganesh Verma, (Founder & Director, Moogle Labs),
Jason Yim, (Founder & CEO, TriggerXR),
Lorne Sugarman, (CEO & Director, Metaverse Group)
13:30Virtual: Panel: Blockchain, Token and Metaverse

1. Understanding the difference and dependency
2. Realm of tokens in Metaverse in post-COVID scenario
3. Unleashing the VR marketplace
4. Major industry-wide switchover inevitable
Zaf Chow, (Director, Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Animoca Brands),
Andrew Kiguel, (CEO & Co-Founder,
14:00Panel: Blockchain for Content Creators

1. Blockchain & Social Media Alliance
2. Power Dynamics with Accountability
3. Getting the Well-Deserved Recognition
Jay Harris, Founder, Web3 Podcast Network
14:30Panel: Monetizing Metaverse

1. Paid games
2. Becoming Real Estate agent of prime properties
3. Paid NFT Artist
4. Paid Marketing Services
Moderator: Nav Gupta, (Founder, Chaarmi Worlds),
Vandana Taxali, (Blockchain Lawyer | Founder & CEO, Artcryption)
Joseph Raczynski, (Futurist, Thomson Rueters)
Soufia Trabelsi, (Head of Gamefi, Ledgerlink Labs)
15:00Panel: Building Future in Metaverse

1. How will metaverse change our lives
2. Difference between now and future
Moderator: Anna Bittner, (CEO & CMO, 5 Goats),
Raza Jafri, (CEO & Founder, MetaWorldX),
Siju Ramakrishnan, (Product Leader, Metalynx),
Nav Gupta, (Founder, Chaarmi Worlds)
15:30Closing Remarks

Workshop – March 1st

2 PM – 4 PMRoundtable: Women in Web 3


  • Associate Sponsor- MasterCard
  • Workshop Partner- Netset
  • Exhibitor- Estuary, York University School of Continuing Studies
  • Partners-, Lassonde Professional Development, LiveArt, Ugly Bros


Web3 Torono Summit

Email- [email protected]

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