sub0 2022 – The Polkadot Developer Conference, Venue, Ticket, Speakers & Agenda

Are you a Polkadot ecosystem project developer or web3 enthusiast? Then sub0 2022 – The Polkadot Developer Conference which is starting from 28 to 29 November 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal is a must attend crypto conference for you. Find all details about sub0 2022 like its agenda, ticket registration process, venue, sessions, speakers and time schedule of the developer conference here.

sub0 – The Polkadot Developer Conference, Lisbon

sub0 2022 is a flagship developer conference which is fully focused on building apps for the polkadot ecosystem and developed of new custom blockchains to enhance scalibility & security. sub0 2022 developer conference is founded by Web3 Foundation last year where many speaking sessions were organised on topics like substrate, substrate chains, deployment of substrate networks, on chain privacy for polkadot, keynote session from Gavin Wood [Parity Technologies] and many more.

This year, the venue location of sub0 – The Polkadot Developer Conference is hosted in Lisbon and the exact address will be soon available on Polkadot’s official website. These two days – 288 and 29 Nov 2022 are complete knowledge boosters as you can find multiple activities like – sessions, talks, panels, discussions, workshops and keynotes. In the sub0 2022 edition of the polkadot’s developer conference the main aim is to bring the global community under one place so they can learn more about rust and substrate.

Who is sub0 2022 Developer Conference for?

  • Rust Builders: You can join interactive workshops at sub0 2022 in Lisbon to develop & scale your substrate project or startup.
  • Blockchain Developers: If you are into substrate development, then you will be able to learn new capabilities of substrate which you can use in development of your blockchain project.
  • Students: Students can also get access to the updated blockchain SDK tools.
  • Curious New People to this Blockchain Industry: If you are a coder or a developer from other than blockchain industry but interested in the blockchain future, then this polkadot conference can be game changing event for your career.

sub0 2022 Tickets

For attending sub0 2022 – The Polkadot Developer Conference you must fill the the form which is available on their website: Although after submission of form the tickets are not guranteed as their team will analyze and verify your application. If your registration is confirmed by Web3 Foundation’s team then they will send an email to you regarding the ticket information. Note: The last date for registration for the sub0 developer conference is 7th October 2022. Also this sub0 conference in Lisbon will not be hosted live on any online platform but recordings will be made available after the completition of conference.

sub0 conference Past Year’s Panel Sessions:

  • Keynote, Gavin Wood, Parity Technologies
  • Parachains Update – Where We Are and What’s Coming, Robert Habermeier
  • Introducing Substrate Connect – Replacing RPC Nodes With Light Clients
  • Substrate Bridges to Polkadot – The View Today
  • Browser Based Smart Contract UIs
  • The Substrate Ecosystem
  • Substrate Builders Program – Where Ideas Become Blockchains
  • Building an Optimized and Economically Secure Parachain
  • Semantic Substrate – Building With Decentralized Knowledge Graph
  • Composable Interoperability Built With Substrate
  • Subsocial – Decentralized Social Networking on Substrate
  • The Gift Secret
  • Building Parachains With Substrate
  • Innovating with FRAME
  • Storage on a Substrate chain
  • Basilisk’s Take on Existential Deposits in a Multi Asset World
  • Wasm Smart Contract With Patract Labs
  • Build an NFT Marketplace in an Hour
  • Unstoppable Apps, Light Clients & Parachains
  • Getting Started with XCM – Your First Cross Chain Messages
  • Getting Weights Right in Polkadot
  • Limited Delegated Proof of Stake for Parachains in the Polkadot Ecosystem
  • Manta Network – On Chain Privacy for Polkadot using zkSNARKs
  • Continuous Deployment of Substrate Networks
  • Breaking the Chain
  • Accelerate Your Builds With Cachepot
  • Statemint – Adding Support for Paying Transactions in Assets
  • Modifying the Block Execution in Substrate
  • Frontier – Ethereum Compatible Substrate Chains
  • Build a Credit Computation Network With the Aggregated Identities
  • Storage Migration – Standalone chain to Parachain
  • Turn Your Substrate Pallets Into a Confidential TEE Validated Sidechain
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What is the ticket price for attending sub0 2022 – The Polkadot Developer Conference?

There is no ticket price mentioned on the sub0 conference website, you submit your registration form to get all details.

Where can i find the agenda with timings for sub0 2022 conference in Lisbon?

The agenda with timings for this conference will be soon available on the sub0 polkadot’s website.

What is the official website of sub0 2022 conference?

The official website of sub0 2022 conference is

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