Starkware Sessions 2023, Venue, Tickets, Speakers & Agenda List

Starkware Sessions 2023 is a two-day event that is going to happen at ETH TLV from February 5–6, 2023, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here you will get all the details, like ticket price, original agenda, venue, and speaker list, of the Starkware Sessions event, which will be hosted at The Cameri Theatre.

The main purpose behind Starkware Sessions is to bring the Ethereum community together for two days of panel discussions, workshops, showcasing, and many more activities. You can interact with almost every member of the Starkware community, and more than 100 speakers will be available to talk about crypto space.


The venue of Starkware Sessions for the year 2023 is at following location- Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo The Cameri Theatre


The tickets for this event can only be purchased through their website –

Early Birds TicketsSold Out
Standard Ticket$220.00
Student Ticket$75.00
Note: For Student Ticket a valid student ID will be required at the entrance.


Jan 31-Feb 7, Tue – TueStarkNet Building Hacker House TLV
Feb 1, WedSTARK 101 Workshops
Feb 3, FriStarkNet 101 Workshop
Feb 5-6, Sun-MonStarkWare Sessions
Feb 6, MonStartup Day @ StarkWare Sessions
Feb 8, WedM337 MetaMask


  • Shafi Goldwasser (Turing Award Winner), Scientific Advisor @ StarkWare
  • Eli Ben-Sasson (Co-Founder & President @ StarkWare)
  • Noam Nisan (Godel Prize Winner Principal Researcher @ StarkWare)
  • Dankrad Feist (Researcher, Ethereum Foundation)
  • Emin Gün Sirer (Co-Founder & CEO, Ava Labs)
  • Olaoluwa Osuntokun (Co-Founder & CTO, Lightning Labs)
  • Stani Kulechov (Founder & CEO, The Aave Companies)
  • Bobbin Threadbare (Co-Founder, Polygon)
  • Eric Wall (Board member of StarkNet Foundation)
  • Jordi Bayllina (Co-Founder, TechLead – Polygon Hermez)
  • Tekla Iashagashvili (Head of Business Development, Apex Protocol)
  • Nicolas Bacca (Co-founder, Leading the Innovation Lab, Ledger)
  • Yoav Weiss (Hacker & Security Researcher, Ethereum Foundation)
  • Alessandro Chiesa (Co-Founder, StarkWare)
  • Tomasz Stańczak (Founder & CEO, Nethermind)
  • Patrick McCorry (Researcher, Infura)
  • Motty Lavie (Co-Founder & CEO, Braavos)
  • Larry Cermak (VP of Research, The Block)
  • Itamar Lesuisse (Co-Founder & CEO, Argent)
  • Ariel Gabizon (Researcher & Engineer)
  • David Engel (Head of Business Development, StarkWare)
  • Brian Retford (CEO, Risc Zero)
  • Irene Zhao (Co-Founder, So-col)
  • Pascal Paillier (CTO, Zama)
  • Tarrence van As (Co-Founder, StarkNet Gaming Console
  • Andreea Buterchi (VP of Engineering, Veridise)
  • Raphael Doukhan (Co-Founder, Rosis Lab)
  • Makoto Inoue (Core Developer Ethereum Name Service)
  • Sam Benyakoub (Founder, Node Guardians / StarkNetcc)
  • Adi Ben-Ari (Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain)
  • Sean Han (Co-Founder, StarkScan)
  • Lukas Schor (Co-Founder, Safe)
  • Bartek Kiepuszewski (Co-Founder, L2beat)
  • Richard Thomas-Pryce (Head of Product, Nostra)
  • Hadrien Charlanes (Founder, Sismo)
  • Omer Shlomovits (CEO, Ingonyama)
  • Jorik Schellekens (Head of StarkNet Group, Nethermind)
  • Swastik Kopparty (Scientific Advisor, StarkWare Industries)
  • Luis Bezzenberger (Product management, Brainbot)
  • Vitaly Yakovlev (Co-Founder and CTO, ZKX)
  • Tiago Neto (Research Engineer, Herodotus)
  • Herman Obst (Tech Lead, LambdaClass)
  • Milan Cermak
  • Amanda Cassatt (Founder & CEO, Serotonin)
  • Joseph Lubin (Founder, ConsenSys)
  • Jeremy Millar (Chief Development Officer, ConsenSys)
  • Giwook Han (Head Software Engineer, Door Labs)
  • FreshPizza
  • Cuy Sheffield (Vice President, Global Head of Crypto, Visa)
  • David Bennahum (CEO, Ready)
  • Edi Sinovčić (Founder & CEO, SpaceShard)
  • Will Robinson (Core Contributor, Alliance DAO)
  • Sylve Chevet (Co-Founder, Briq)
  • Alex Toberoff (Researcher, Jump Crypto)
  • Louis Maker (Facilitator at Starknet Core Unit, Maker)
  • David Lavecky (CEO & Co-Founder, Canvas)
  • Suraj Srinivasan (Researcher, Jump Crypto)
  • Alex Jupiter (Senior Product Manager, ConsenSys)
  • Benjamin Flores (Co-Founder,
  • Federico Carrone (Founder, LambdaClass)
  • Neil Han (Founder & CEO, Reddio)
  • David Mihal (Software Engineer, CryptoStats)
  • Shahar Papini (Engineer, StarkWare)
  • Gideon Kaempfer (Head of Core Engineering, StarkWare)
  • Dan Carmon (Engineer, StarkWare)
  • Ori Ziv (Engineer, StarkWare)
  • Tom Brand (Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher, StarkWare)
  • Henri Lieutaud (Developer Advocate Lead, StarkWare)
  • Liron Hayman (Biz Dev, StarkWare)
  • Gal Ron (Product Manager, StarkWare)
  • Yuval Goldberg (Engineer @StarkWare)
  • Grégoire Gambatto (Co-Founder, OnlyDust)
  • Ilia Volokh (Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher, StarkWare)
  • Benny Pinkas (Researcher, Aptos Labs)
  • Avihu Levy (Head of Product & Blockchain Research, StarkWare)
  • Pierre Duperrin (Senior Software Engineer, Sorare)
  • Julien Niset (CEO & Co-Founder, Argent)
  • Louis Guthmann (Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher, StarkWare)
  • Elias Tazartes (Software Engineer, Theodo)
  • Peter VanValkenburgh (Director of Research, Coin Center)
  • Pol Maire (Co-Founder, Converse)
  • Mustafa Al-Bassam (Co-Founder & CEO, Celestia Labs)
  • Aris Zarimpas (DevRel, Hashstack)
  • Maksymilian Demitraszek (Co-creator, Protostar)
  • Luke Wang (Co-Founder & CEO, Web3QM)
  • Clement Walter (Co-Founder, Starksheet)
  • Idan Ofrat (Co-Founder & CTO, Fireblocks)
  • Mitch Gildenberg (Co-Founder & CTO, Switchboard)
  • Abdelhamid Bakhta (Exploration Lead, StarkWare)

Main Partners

  1. Argent
  3. Braavos

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