Polkadot Summit 2022, Venue, Tickets, Speakers & Agenda

Astar Network is organising Polkadot Summit 2022 at SF Blockchain Week on November 3, 2022. Find all the details about Polkadot Summit, like its agenda, ticket registrations, speakers, venue, and schedule, here.

Polkadot Summit 2022 Event Details

Polkadot Summit is a Web3 flagship event which is going to happen on November 3, 2022, in San Francisco. This event is fully focused on Web3 discussions like automation, privacy, infrastructure, and many more. The venue location of Polkadot Summit 2022 is at Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States.

Tickets: Get full info about ticket prices and the registration process for the upcoming Polkadot Summit at SF Blockchain Week here.

Polkadot Summit Event Registration Link:

What to expect at Polkadot Summit:

  • Discussions on Web3 Technologies
  • Presence of Brightest Web3 Minds like Sota Watanabe, Eric Wang, Chris Li and many more.
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Polkadot Summit Venue Locator:


Infrastructure in Web3Decentralization, Tornado Cash Effects, Infrastructure Projects
ZK and PrivacyPrivacy, Scaling Blockchain, Limitations of Blockchain
Web2 vs Web3: So you want to work in Web3?Decentralized Workforce, Culture, Hiring
Investing in Web3Blockchain Future, Growth in Next Decade, Blockchain VCs
Phat ContractsScaling, Web3 Developers, dApps
Automation in Web3OAK Network, Cross-chain automation, Multi Chain Apps
Building with ZeitgeistPrediction Market Platform
Remote Execution with XCMRemote Execution, Interoperability, Parachains, Lido’s liquid staking products
Connecting Web3 to the Physical WorldNodle’s mobile application, Mesh Networking, Edge Nodes


  • Eric Wang [Head of Strategic Growth Projects, Parity Technologies]
  • Shawn Tabrizi [Runtime Engineer Lead, Parity Technologies]
  • Sota Watanabe [CEO and Founder, Astar Network]
  • Valeria Kholostenko [CMO, Astar Network]
  • Chris Li [Co-Founder, OAK Network]
  • Yev Munchik [Founding Partner, Launch Legal]
  • Hang Yin [Co-Founder, Phala Network]
  • Micha Anthenor Benoliel [CEO and Founder, Nodle]
  • Yubo Ruan [Founder of Parallel Finance]
  • Carolina Mello [Head of Content and Communications, Nodle]
  • Robinson Burkey [Director of Growth, Acala]
  • Logan Saether [CEO and Founder, Zeitgeist]
  • Kenny Li [Core Contributor, Manta Network]
  • Alex Hatoum [Polka Häus]
  • Zoé (Zora) Meckbach [Advisor & Council Member ,Phala Network]
  • Joe Wu [AstridDao]
  • Devlin Rabasso [Business Development Consultant, Zeitgeist PM]
  • James Bayly [COO, Subquery]
  • Luke Youngblood [Co-Founder, Moonwell]
  • Ashley Tyson [General Partner, Hypersphere]
  • Dave Bean [Head of Business Development, Gear Technologies]
  • Kevin Neilson [Developer Relations Engineer, Moonbeam]
  • Gaëtan Thabot [Head of Blockchain Protocol & Foundation Partnerships, Blockdaemon]
  • David Rhodus [Founder, Para Development LLC]
  • Dillon Hanson [Business Development Manager, DIA Data]


What is the venue location of Polkadot Summit 2022?

Venue Address: Fort Mason Center 2 Marina Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94109 United States.

How to get updates about the Polkadot Summit?

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What is the official website of Polkadot Summit?


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