Interop Summit 2023 (27th – 28th February 2023)

Interop Summit 2023 is a 2 day event dedicated for Web3 developers and dApps builders that will take place during ETHDenver’s BUIDLWeek.

Tickets are free for this summit, so what are you waiting for? Simply book your spot through Interop’s website to get access to educational sessions from trending ecosystems like DyDX, Cosmos, Near Protocol, and more. The venue of the Interop Summit is Green Spaces, which is a co-working space located at 2590 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80205.

Special Attractions:

  • Connect: Get chance to meet founders and builders of blockchain projects like AAVE.
  • Learn: Enhance your knowledge through dev workshops, tech-talks and discussions.
  • Buidl: Work on you project at Green Spaces and get exposure from senior developers.


DAY 1Keynotes, panels, tech talks, workshops, networking
DAY 2Technical workshops, code alongs, Q&A, networking


  • Haseeb Qureshi (Managing Partner, Dragonfly)
  • Tascha Che (Founder, Tascha Labs)
  • Alex Shevchenko (CEO, Aurora Labs)
  • Derek Yoo (CEO of PureStake & Founder of Moonbeam PureStake)
  • Sergey Gorbunov (Co-Founder, Axelar)
  • Steve McKeon (Managing Partner, Collab+Currency)
  • Travis Scher (Managing Partner, North Island Ventures)
  • Eric Chen (Co-Founder & CEO Injective)
  • Sunny Aggrawal (Co-Founder, Osmosis Labs)
  • Stephen Novenstern (Head of Strategy, Pangolin DEX)
  • Anett Rolikova (Ethereum Standards Coordinator, Ethereum Magicians)
  • Chris Sharp (CTO, Blockdaemon)
  • Adam Winnick (Managing Partner, Finality Capital Partners)
  • Anthony DiPrinzio (Head of Growth, Aleo)
  • Pooja Ranjan (Herder-In-Chief, Ethereum Cat Herders)
  • Galen Moore (Content Lead, Axelar)
  • Tom Shaugnessy (Co-Founder and Co-Lead, Delphi Digital)
  • Marek Olszewski (Co-Founder, Celo)
  • Dave Balter (CEO, Flipside Crypto)
  • James Parillo (partner, figment capital)
  • Fig . (Co-Founder, Squid)
  • Solange Gueiros (Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs)
  • Kostas Kryptos (Chalkias Co-Founder and Chief Cryptographer, Mysten Labs)
  • Mukaya (Tai) Panich (CEO & CIO, SCB 10X)
  • Guy Zyskind (Founder/CEO, Secret Network/Secret Labs)
  • Colton Conley (Founder, Prime Protocol)
  • Dusan Kovacic (CIO, RockawayX)
  • Austin Federa (Head of Strategy, Solana Foundation)
  • Waikit Lau (Founder & Managing Partner, LuSyd Ventures)
  • Avery Ching (Co-Founder, CTO Aptos Labs)
  • Zooko Wilcox (CEO and Founder, Zcash)

For updated list of speakers kindly checkout on Interop’s official website-

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