FIL Lisbon 2022, Venue, Tickets, Speakers and Event Schedule

Decentralized storage enthusiasts get ready for FIL Lisbon 2022, which is scheduled from October 24 to November 4, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. All information about the FIL Lisbon 2022 is listed here, like its venues, ticket pricing, nearby hotels, speakers list, and conference schedule.

We all know the dangers of centralised storage solutions, which are available on the market currently. FIL Lisbon is here to uncover the importance of FILECOIN Storage solutions in the whole WEB3 ecosystem.

The FIL Lisbon 2022 event is organised by the Filecoin Foundation with the aim of empowering the WEB3 world. The FIL Lisbon event is divided into three parts: LAB Week is from Oct 24 to Nov 4, Oct 30 to Nov 2 is for the main stage events, and Web Summit will be hosted from Nov 2 to Nov 4. Lisbon city is getting popular now in the whole blockchain community as last month’s nearcon event was hosted there, Solana Breakpoint will take place next month, and the FIL Lisbon 2022 event will be hosted there soon.

Speakers from reputed blockchain companies are invited to FIL Lisbon to deliver speeches on FVM, NFTs, Metaverse, and the Web3 wave, which is soon going to take over the older technologies. 50+ speakers will be attending this event in Lisbon to share their thoughts about the Filecoin ecosystem.


FIL Lisbon 2022 event is a 10 day long event so it will be hosted at multiple venues. Here is the list of venues with address:

  • The Filecoin Interplanetary Party Venue: Suspenso Lisboa | R. de Santiago 19, 1100-001 Lisboa, Portugal
  • FIL Lisbon Main Stage Venue: LX Factory | R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisbon, Portugal
  • Hacker Base Venue: Garagem Lisboa | Jardim 9 de Abril, 1200-736 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Filecoin Station at Web Summit Venue: Feira Internacional de Lisboa | R. do Bojador, 1998-010 Lisboa, Portugal

Why Attend FIL Lisbon 2022:

  • 50+ Speakers From Arround The Globe
  • Engineering Workshops
  • Filecoin Interplanetary Party
  • Meetups, Networking, Seminars & Summits


For attending FIL Lisbon 2022 you have to fill the registration form which is available on this url-

Conference Schedule

Oct 24 – Nov 4LabWeek22 [Dozens of Events, Seminars, Conferences, Summits & Celebrations For 10 Day Duration]
Oct 24 – Nov 4FIL Lisbon x Fission Codes x ETH Lisbon Hacker Base
Workshops at Co-Working Space
Oct 30Filecoin Interplanetary Party [Party With Filecoin Community]
Oct 31 – Nov 1FIL Lisbon Main Stage, LX Factory -[Speaking Sessions and Workshops]
Nov 2 – 4Filecoin Station at Web Summit – [Learning and Networking]


Are you feeling excited for the FIL Lisbon 2022 event? As an attendee, you will get a chance to meet your favourite crypto stars, like the founder of Filecoin.

  • Juan Benet [Founder, Protocol Labs, IPFS, and Filecoin]
  • Marta Belcher [President and Chair, Filecoin Foundation]
  • Clara Tsao [Founding Officer & Director, Filecoin Foundation]
  • Angie Lau [CEO & Founder, Forkast News]
  • Eugenia Filippova [Segment Lead, Everstake]
  • Kurt Opsahl [Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation]
  • Michael Cherneski [Sr. Solutions Architect, Quantinuum]
  • Brynn O’Donnell [Social Impact Program Manager, Filecoin Foundation & Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web]
  • Teana Baker-Taylor [VP, Policy & Regulatory Strategy, Circle]


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