ETH Barcelona 2023 [July 5-7, 2023]

ETH Barcelona is a community event that will be held from July 5-7, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain. This conference is totally driven by the Ethereum community to discuss more about decentralization and to celebrate it. The main mission of the event is to spread innovation and education and make a positive social impact.

People here will learn more about the tools and also gain more knowledge about blockchain technology. The event is open to all kinds of people but is specially designed for those who really care about Web3 and decentralization.

ETH Barcelona is not a single event, but the attendees will experience a variety of talk shows and discussions and find great networking opportunities. Along with the educational content, attendees will experience musical performances and art installations at the venue. Also, the hackathon will follow from July 7–9, 2023, after the conclusion of the conference.

Many crypto companies will be present there that have made a dent in the blockchain industry, like XDC Network, API3, Aleph Zero, Aragon, and many more.



How to get the student pass for Eth Barcelona 2023?

The student ticket is free for the conference but you have to register on their official website – Student Pass

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