Crypto Expo Europe 2023 (March 19–20, 2023)

Crypto Expo Europe is the largest blockchain conference that is going to take place from March 19–20, 2023, in Europe. Romania is headed towards becoming the top location where crypto adoption is growing rapidly. So CryptoExpoEurope which is organizing event since a decade has chosen this location for this flagship cryptocurrency conference.

Let’s find out what things are planned for the crypto expo, along with further details like venue, ticket pricing, agenda, and speakers.

At this conference in Romania, more than 4000 attendees are expected, along with valuable speakers and exhibits from more than 59 blockchain firms. The visionary speakers invited at Crypto Expo will be delivering sessions on topics like Bitcoin, the future of blockchain technology, Web3, DeFi Sector, and the most important play of this decade: Metaverse.

Why you must attend Crypto Expo Europe:

  • Visionary Guests: A professional environment where C-levels of the main players can share their thoughts on the future of the industry.
  • Amazing Place: Bucharest is the center of blockchain in the eastern Europe and Radisson Blu, a 5 star hotel is choosen for the venue expo.
  • Networking: This expo will open doors for the attendees to make connections with people working in the blockchain segment; it’s a great opportunity for business as well.


The venue of Crypto Expo Europe in 2023 is located at following address- Radisson Blu Hotel, Calea Victoriei 63-81, București 010065, Romania.


Standard TicketPremium TicketVIP Ticket
Show entranceEntranceEntrance & Access to Seminars
Access to SeminarsSeminar AccessPresentation
Project PresentationsPresentationsExpo Area & Party (Table Reservation)
Expo AreaExpo AreaAccess to VIP lounge
PartyAccess to Award Gala


March 19, 2023

07:00 – 17:00Airport Pickup RADISSON BLU HOTEL
10:00 – 17:00Registration Open
10:00 – 17:00Business Booths Open
10:30 – 10:55Opening Keynote
11:00 – 11:25Is “Crypto Winter” about to end or has just started? Why might this “Winter” be good for all of us?Ilie Puscas, Binance
11:30 – 11:55Innovation and regulationFelix Crisan, Netopia
12:00 – 12:25What’s the Close Future of WEB3.0?Adrian Posteuca, Concept Factory
12:30 – 12:55How to invest in a Bear Market vs how to invest in a Bull Market?Ondrej Pilny, Baserank
13:00 – 13:25Connecting Web2 and Web3 features on the basis of CEXPresented by ZONDA
13:30 – 13:55When do we need WEB3.0 and when we don’t?Adrian Posteuca, Concept Factory
14:00 – 15:00LUNCH
15:30 – 16:00Immersive or not? Should we prepare for VR/AR/3D in the near future?Adrian Posteuca, Concept Factory,
Mugur Frunzetti, Meta Studio
16:00 – 16:25Startups: common mistakesMarwan Haddad, Katana Inu,
Viktoria Soltez, PSP Angels,
Felix Crisan, Netopia,
Bogdan Clipici, Stailer
16:30 – 16:55Debate: DeFi Investing in 2023Ondrej Pilny, Baserank,
Arvin Khamseh, Soldoutnfts
17:00 – 17:25How to choose your exchange today?Ilie Puscas, Binance,
Ekaterina Daminova, Gemeni,
Marius Morra, Tokero
17:30 – 17:55How to fundraise in a Bear Market?Bogdan Clipici, Stailer
18:00 – 18:30Financial Investors / VC’s in Blockchain?Felix Crisan, Netopia
22:00 – 02:30Welcoming Party

March 20, 2023

10:00 – 17:00Registration Open
10:00 – 17:00Business Booths Open
10:30 – 10:55How will Blockchain change and influence our daily life?
11:00 – 11:25How to choose your wallet?Ekaterina Daminova, Gemeni,
Marius Morra, Tokero
11:30 – 11:55Workshop BinancePowerered by Binance
12:00 – 12:25How to stay Secure and make sure You Don’t Get Scammed?Ilie Puscas, Binance
12:30 – 12:55The cyclical structure of crypto marketsOndrej Pilny, Baserank
13:00 – 13:25Tokenization of Real World AssetsMeike Krautscheid, Blockspace
13:30 – 13:55Birding web2 and web3Vanina Ivanova, Ambire,
Arvin Khamseh, Soldoutnfts,
Meike Krautscheid, Blockspace
14:00 – 15:00Lunch
15:00 – 16:00The financial impact of Web3 GamingArvin Khamseh, Soldoutnfts
16:00 – 16:25It’s all connected: Blockchain – DeFI – Metaverse – NFTsAdrian Posteuca, Concept Factory,
Mugur Frunzetti, Meta Studio
16:30 – 16:55CBDC – threats and issues
17:00 – 17:25How to open reliable and cheap banking facilities for your new Web3 or blockchain related startupViktoria Soltez, PSP Angels
17:30 – 17:55Conclusion. What we learned based on the experience? Can we define some guidelines on the market?
18:30 – 19:00Networking
19:00 – 21:00Awards Gala


  • Diamond Sponsor- zonda
  • Gold Sponsor- SimpleFX, Dypius, meta studio, BWARE Labs, Binance
  • Silver Sponsor- Ambire, Bonum 24, stake2earn
  • Bronze Sponsor- CryptoVirally

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