Blockchain Week Berlin 2022, Events, Schedule & Registration Details

Are you searching for Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 which is going to happen from 11 to 18 September? or need information about schedule, speakers, venue, ticket price and registration process for attending these Blockchain events in Berlin? Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 is one of the biggest crypto event as it includes more than 30+ events/conferences which will start from 11th September and ends on 18th September 2022.

If you want to dive deeply into the field of blockchain, then this Blockchain Week 2022 will definitely feed your hunger for more education. The Blockchain Week Berlin is not a kind of initiative which is handled by a single company but the whole decentralized community is behind this event. The main purpose of this Blockchain week is to educate people about crypto, blockchain tech, WEB3 technologies,NFTs, cross chain development, bitcoin, DAO and many more topics.

At Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 blockchain related projects, influencers, speakers, individuals are invited for educational discussions and conferences. The main mission of Blockchain Week is to present information about blockchain industry in such a way that it reaches masses & adoption of blockchain technologies increases worldwide.

Blockchain Week Berlin Event Locator Map:

Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 Schedule

For the sake of crypto lovers, most of the conferences & events which are going to happen at Blockchain Week are free. But you know that there are costs behind organizing an event at such a large scale, so for some events you have purchase tickets. We have created a full list of events-conferences with their schedule, timings, venue and location below:

Blockchain Week Berlin September 2022 Event Schedule Map and Registration Detail

September 11, Sunday

Solidity 0 to 1 for Developers9:00 – 18:001-Day workshop (Building systems on or on top of top of an EVM-compatible chain), Registration: Sign Up
Free WorkshopGet Directions
ETH Station12:00 – 18:00Event for Ethereum enthusiasts (EIPs & ERCs)Event/MeetupDirections

September 12, Monday

DappCon8:00 – 20:00Developer Conference for Ethereum Infrastructure and DappsConferenceGet Directions
DeData Salon9:00 – 20:00Importance of Decentralized data & Possibilities (Edward Snowden is virtually attending this conference) ConferenceGet Location
Hacker day @ Berlin Blockchain Week!10:00 – 21:00Meet up with Parity tech engineers, blockchain enthusiasts & new peopleOtherParity Technologies office
TE FUNDAMENTALS – EARLY ACCESS (Token Engineering Academy)11:00 – 18:00Certification program in token engineering (Tickets for this event is free but seats are limited )Event/MeetupFull Node Berlin
Bitcoin Hangout @ B202911:00 – 16:00Meetup with bitcoin lovers and have a conversation over a coffee/cakeEvent/MeetupB2029
Bitcoin For Kids16:00 – 17:00Bitcoin Beginner classesEvent/MeetupVisit
BeyondTheChain – The Architecture of Unstoppable Applications17:30 – 22:00Workshop with Hernando Castano (Core developer at Parity Technologies)WorkshopParity Technologies office
Rebooting the Web of Trust17:30 – 22:00The Complete German Ecosystem of SSI, Gaia-X and IDunionEvent-Meetuphubraum Cafe
The Loudest NFT Ever Heard…18:00 – 1:00Dance-Degen-PartyPartyBerlin Factory
Anoma Huddle18:00 – 23:00Multi-chain, interchain, modularity , and board game night! (Web3 space)Event-MeetupSpreewalker
Opening Evening Taco Truck Party at DappCon18:00 – 21:00Freestyle Taco with Collider Team (Free Event)PartyDappCon -Radialsystem
UI/UX in Web3 and beyond19:00 – 22:00Polkadot side event (Discussions on UI/UX and future developments) Speakers: Miguel Santafé, Head of Design @Composable finance Lennart Laubisch, Community Manager @Parallel Finance Alisa Orlov, ex-Product Lead @Parity Technologies Leo Hilse, CEO @Style Protocol PartyLocation
Berlin DeFi Sensual Masquerade20:00 – 1:00Berlin DeFi Sensual Masquerade party (By 1inch)Event-PartyWartehalle Berlin
DeData Afterparty @ Watergate20:00 – 4:30DJs of biggest clubs of berlinPartyWatergate

September 13, Tuesday

Event NameTimingsInfoTypeDirections
DappCon8:00 – 20:00Developer Conference for Ethereum Infrastructure and DappsConferenceLocation
#Rundao Berlin BW ’2211:00 – 14:00TG GroupEvent-MeetupRoute TBD
Bitcoin Hangout @ B202911:00 – 16:00Hangout in a open environment (Meetup with bitcoin lovers)Event-MeetupB2029
Tezos Tuesday Brunch11:30 – 18:00Blockchain lovers, developers, and builders all are invited to talk about Tezos TechnologyEvent-Meetupdespace
Cross Chain Product & Developer Workshop (Polkadot & Kusama)13:00 – 16:00True cross chain interoperability – Polkadot’s XCM (cross-consensus messaging), Workshop on cross chain composability in polkadot)WorkshopCentrifuge Office
OpenQ localhost:berlin14:00 – 22:00Interactive Web3 Symposium and HackathonHackathonNest 3
The Radical Sovereignty Workshop15:30 – 19:00Get to know more about projects like Common Ground, Fractal and RadicleWorkshopTBD
Web3 Fan Experience @ FANZONE.io17:30 – 19:30Web3 fan engagement (NFTs & UPs in fun mobile Apps )Event/ HQ
Blockchain Week – Meet & Greet18:00 – 20:00Discussions on distributed ledger technologies, enterprise blockchainsEvent-Meetupflowciety GmbH HQ
Buckle Up & Build with Cosmos18:00 – 24:00Talks on development on Cosmos ecosystem (Free Event)Event/MeetupFluxBau
BlockConnect Berlin #118:30 – 2:30Discussion with crypto industry leadersEventAseven
Neon Party in Berlin18:30 – 22:00 Keynote from Neon team (Party)PartyHotel Amano Eastside
Berlin on a Boat18:30 – 22:00Boat Part Event on Berlin’s Spree riverPartyThe Boat
Bitcoin – Present, Past and Future19:00 – 21:30All about bitcoinEvent-MeetupB2029
An Optimistic Evening with Optimism19:00 – 21:30Casual Networking Event for developers, builders, and web 3 enthusiastsEventDenizen House
Web3 Marketing Meetup19:00 – 22:00Decentralized world (future of marketing)Event/MeetupBrewDog
Algorand @ Berlin Blockchain Week20:00 – 23:59Food, Music & Party with Algorand’s TeamInstitute for Contemporary Art

September 14, Wednesday

Event NameTimeInfoTypeLocation
DappCon8:00 – 20:00Developer Conference (Eth and Dapps)ConferenceRadialsystem
COMSOC – DAO Voting Mechanisms10:00 – 11:30Workshop on DAO selection & voting mechanismsWorkshopFull Node Berlin
Builder House10:00 – 18:00 ETHBerlin (best atmosphere for co-working, networking meetups) Hosted by DecentEvent-MeetupMindspace Skalitzerstraße
Algorand Womxn in Web 3.0 Brunch with H.E.R DAO and Azalea DAO11:00 – 13:30Womxn (Web3 Event)OtherUnser Cafe Schöneberg
Bitcoin Hangout @ B202911:00 – 16:00Event for bitcoin loversEvent-MeetupB2029
NFTs beyond the buzz: The hitchhiker’s guide to the NFT galaxy15:00 – 22:00Event for NFT Lovers (NFT Collectors, NFT Creators, Brands, Media)EventFinoa office (Backfabrik)
Web3 [2] 1 Billion by Manta x Fuel15:30 – 18:30web3 discussionEventMusikbrauerei
Polkadot focusing on cloud services (web3)16:00 – 22:00Blockchain, web3 enthusiasts & others are invitedEventFactory Berlin Görlitzer Park
How HUMANs Teach Machines17:30 – 19:30Learn about 500 Web3 workers and how they are teaching machinesEvent-MeetupVICTORIA | Internationale Hochschule – University of Applied Sciences
Fabric X Headline: Krypto Bunker17:50 – 23:00Party EventPartyKrypto Bunker
Blockchain Day II18:00 – 21:00Interoperability discussion, Learn about Lisk SDK, Free EventEventLisk Center Berlin
Disrupt Web318:00 – 23:00Raising VC in crypto projects, Some pitches & new projectsEventPile HQ
Breaking Digital Borders: Scaling User-Owned Data from Zero to One Million18:00 – 21:00Data ScalingEventWeWork – Kreuzberg – Private Büroflächen und Coworking
GreenTrade: Refi meets Refi18:00 – 22:00ReFi Community PartyPartyGreenTrade office
Women in Blockchain [Berlin Blockchain Week]18:00 – 20:00Meetup with Women working in blockchain fieldEventZenner
Collider’s Taco Truck Happy Hour18:00 – 21:00Party with collider teamPartyDappCon -Radialsystem
Storage incentives – the missing piece to make blockchains complete18:30 – 21:30Discussion on storage incentivesEvent-MeetupC-base Hackerspace
Build on Bitcoin – The Vision for a Web3 Internet19:00 – 21:30Four startup founders are invited in this event who are working on a special tech which uses Bitcoin and the transfer charges are just centsEventB2029
Celebrate Meta Apes by Mirage19:00 – 23:00Meta Apes party as it is the 1st game which is built on Binance Application SidechainPartyLocation
Ethereal Ventures & Gnosis Builders19:30 – 22:00Eth Merge Celebration & PartyInvite OnlyPrivate Venue
Full MOO-n Party22:00 – 2:00Party hosted by CoW SwapPartyHaubentaucher

September 15, Thursday

NameTimingsInfoTypeGet Directions
DuneCon8:00 – 18:30Hackathons, Fun Events and Training SessionsConferenceFunkhaus
Re:Generate9:00 – 18:00Regenerative Finance, decentralized science and blockchain ConferenceFull Node
Zero Knowledge Summit 8 – ZK89:30 – 18:00Discusssions about zero knowledge research, cryptographic primitives, maths, privacy, STARKs and SNARKsConferenceAlte Münze
Borderless Berlin10:00 – 23:30Conference on blockchain and its futureConferenceWeekend Club
OP Café – Optimism Coworking Space10:00 – 17:00Hang out at Co Working spaceEvent-MeetupMindspace Zimmerstraße
Decent Builder House10:00 – 18:00Builder house in the week of ETHBerlinEventMindspace Skalitzerstraße
CASA Gathering Berlin11:00 – 16:00GatheringMeetup/Eventc-base
Celo Lunch & Learn11:00 – 14:00Learn more about Celo (Partners: Toucon, Mento and Positive Blockchain)EventCelo office @ Factory
Bitcoin Hangout @ B202911:00 – 16:00Meetup with like-minded peopleEvent-MeetupB2029
Blockchain in Use Conference 202215:00 – 20:00Use of blockchain tech in various industries & sectorsConferenceFactory Görlitzer Park
Through the DAO Prism15:00 – 22:00Gathering of DAO contributors, DAO researchers (Other Participants)EventFinoa Gmbh
NFT Gallery & Party with Polkadot16:00 – 2:00(NFT Gallery), Meetup and Party with Polkadot’s ecosystem top 9 projects ConferenceMusikbrauerei
War Room Workshop by Quantstamp & Tenderly16:00 – 20:00Web3 War Room workshopWorkshopSpielfeld Digital Hub
Infura, The Merge, and Patrick’s Birthday Party17:30 – 21:30Conversations, Meetups and PartyPartyTorstraße 1
Full Node x ReFi Community Party18:00 – 21:00Event PartyPartyFull Node
Blockchain Week – Meet & Greet Part II18:00 – 20:00Discussions on distributed ledger technologiesEventflowciety GmbH HQ
Supporting Builders from A-Z18:00 – 21:00Discussions on WEB 3 ecosystem (Special event for founders, investors, Event/MeetupLisk Center Berlin
Tezos Berlin Art Week18:00 – 20:00Privacy Collection (An Experiential Approach to the Blockchain)EventDeSpace Berlin
DuneCon Community Party19:00 – 22:00Community PartyPartyDark Matter Berlin
𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘦 @ OXI Garten22:00 – 4:00Event by Radicle and EntropyParty-MeetupOXI

September 16, Friday

Regens Unite Berlin10:00 – 20:00Meetup and productive discussions between doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci etc. and regenerative thinkersConferenceMoos Space
Polygon Guild Berlin Day10:00 – 19:00High profile guest speakers (connect with other project founders and Polygon cimmunity people)ConferenceSpielfeld Digital Hub
Decentralized Breakfast x Berlin Blockchain week11:00 – 13:00Meetuo with Fluence team, web3 leadersEvent-MeetupFull Node
DAOday15:00 – 20:00Workshop on DAOWorkshopBackfabrik Berlin
ETHBerlin³16:00 – 0:00Cultural and educational eventHackathonFactory Görlitzer Park
Curve Labs x LabDAO: Open Salon16:00 – 19:00Meetups with web3 partnersEvent-MeetupCurve Labs Office
DeFi Conversations17:00 – 20:00Discussions on topics like decentralized finance, stable coins (Influencers from Aave, Violet, Centrifuge and many more)EventCentrifuge Office
T7T Crypto Party18:00 – 2:00Crypto food and partyPartyGet Directions
Fission & Friends Poutine Social18:00 – 20:30Get a combination of Canadians, Web3, gravy, and maple syrup (Discussions on p2p, IPFS, Filecoin, encryption and privacy)Meetup-EventThe Poutine Kitchen
Connext Berlin^318:00 – 23:00Event PartyPartyBirgit
Solana x Jump x Mango Mixer19:00 – 23:00Talks with leading players present in Solana ecosystemEventAtelier Rooftop
Merge Nacht20:00 – 6:00Organised by Chainflip Labs & ÆDEN BerlinPartyAeden Club Berlin

September 17, Saturday

Event NameTimeDetailsTypeLocation
Regens Unite Berlin10:00 – 20:00Discussions, Meetup, Learn and Share ProjectsConferenceMoos Space
ETHBerlin³00:00 – 24:00Community Initiative (3rd Edition)HackathonFactory Görlitzer Park
Deep Experiences – Web3 Salon11:00 – 22:00Finding VulnerabilitiesEventHasenheide
Party & WEB318:00 – 22:00Discussions on Digital assets, Web3 and blockchain projectsEvent/MeetupTBD

September 18, Sunday

Event NameTimeInfoTypeAddress
ETHBerlin³00:00 – 18:00ETHBerlin 3rd EditionHackathonFactory Görlitzer Park
ReFi Berlin Picnic15:00 – 19:00Chill Together after completion of Berlin Blockchain Week 2022Event/MeetupVolkspark Friedrichshain
ETHBerlin³ After Party!19:00 – 4:00Party


The events at Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 are free or paid?

You will be surprised to know that most of the events, meetups, conferences & parties scheduled at Berlin Blockchain Week are free but the seats are limited, so sign up before the deadline come closer.

Is there any WEB 3 event or conference at Blockchain week?

Yes, there are multiple Web3 events & workshops which you can attend to increase your knowledge about Web 3 technologies.

How to submit my event for Blockchain Week Berlin?

Simply submit your event, conference, party, workshop or meet up using this Google Form – Submit Event

Blockchain Week Berlin 2022 Twitter Page: @BerBlockWeek

Telegram Channel: @BerlinBlockchainWeek

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