Australian Blockchain Week 2023

Australian Blockchain Week is a 5-day event that will be held from June 26th–30th, 2023, across multiple cities in Australia. If you are a blockchain enthusiast, then this upcoming week is a great opportunity for you, as there will be multiple speaking sessions, panel discussions, NFT galleries, workshops, and afterparties at the venue.

Here in this article, we have covered what will be happening from Day 1 until Day 5, along with details like the agenda, speaker list, venue, and ticket plans.

This blockchain week is specially designed for the Australian Blockchain and Digital Currency Industry to discover the latest developments happening in this sector and connect with the leading influencers working in the blockchain industry. Key speakers like Caitlin Long (Avanti Financial Group), Gracy Chen (Bitget), Commissioner Hester M. Peirce (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), and many more influential people are also attending this event.

Main Attractions of Australian Blockchai

  • 150+ Speakers
  • 5+ Participating Countries
  • 70+ Events
  • 2500+ Registrations
  • 100k+ Social Media Impressions


Day 1: Sydney

8:15 amChairs Welcome,
Welcome To Country,
ASX Opening Remarks
8:50amKeynote- Australian Government
9:15amPanel Session: Banking on the Future: A Conversation on the Evolution of Financial Services
9:45amKeynote: Paying it forward: future-proofing Australia’s financial system
9:55amFireside Chat: Future-proofing traditional financial infrastructure using blockchain
10:15amMorning Tea
10:45amKeynote: Leveling Up: Gamifying the Future
11:00amSetting the Stage: Charting the Trends & Evolution of Blockchain in Australia – A Retrospective and Visionary Panel Discussion
11:30amAcross the Pacific: A Dialogue on the Evolution and Future Trajectory of Binance
11:50amCBDC: It’s complicated! (Keynote)
12:10pmPanel Session: Revolutionising Payment Systems: Innovations and Advancements with NAB, Mastercard, Canvas and Circle.
1:45pmThe Future of Digital Currency Exchanges: Trends and Predictions for the Next Decade
2:15pmThe Power of Blockchain in Payment Systems: Leveraging Monoova, Block Earner, Ripple and Novatti for Secure and Transparent Transactions
2:50pmInvestment for Tomorrow: A Look at the Future of Digital Trading Platforms with the ASX, Zerocap, Bamboo and EightCap
3:15pmAfternoon Tea
3:45pmGame-Changing Innovation: Immutable as the Backbone of Decentralised Web3 Economies
4:00pmThe Institutionalisation of Crypto: How Digital Currency Exchanges are Adapting to New Market Demands
4:30pmBuilding the Future: From Web2 to Web3 – Contributing to the betterment of the planet
5:00pmFireside Chat: Surviving Disruption and Regulatory Uncertainty: Strategies for Navigating Industry Turbulence with Digital Surge and Korda Mentha
5:25pmOfficial Closing
5:30pm – 7:00pmVIP Sponsor, Speaker & Member Networking Event

Day 2: Fringe Event List

Melbourne – 27th June (Time: 6pm – 8pm AEST)A Practical Guide to Crypto Tax in 2023,
Location: AGSE 202, Level 2, AGSE Building.  Swinburne University – 50 Wakefield Street, Hawthorn
ONLINE – 27th June (Time: 7pm AEST)Live Workshop – Asset Tokenisation
Perth – 27th June (Time: 4:30pm – 8:30pm)Blockchain Technology at Digitally Remastered: The Age OF Blockchain
Melbourne – 27th June (Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm)NFT Treasure Hunt: Hands-on Crypto Investigation Game
Sydney – 27th June (Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm)Building Tomorrow: Discussing Blockchain Innovations,
Location: Stone & Chalk, Level 4, 11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000 (right above Wynyard station)
Time: 8:30am – 10:00amBlockchain Lawyers Forum Event & Breakfast,
Location: Level 23, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Day 3 – Brisbane – The Precinct

8:50am – 2:30pmDigital Currency, Blockchain & Web3 Beginners Education Series (ADULTS – STAIR STADIUM)
9:00am – 2:30pmBlockchain & Web3 Workshops & Hands On Labs (Youth Workshop Arena)
8:50amChairs Welcome, Queensland Government & The Precinct
9:00amDigital Currency Decoded
9:15amWhat’s so special about Bitcoin?
9:30amSafe CEX with Swyftx
9:50amWhat are NFT’s?
10:05amSafety & Storage
10:20amScams, Consumer Protection, Tax & Risk
10:45amMorning Tea & Networking
11:15amBlockchain Decoded
11:30amThe Evolution of Blockchain: Memes, Utility Coins & Tokenisations
11:45amBusiness on Blockchain – A Comprehensive Approach to Building, Investment & Marketing
12:15pmBuilt On Blockchain: Real World Use Cases
12:45pmRapidFire: Web3 In Action
1:15pmThe History of the Brisbane Bitcoin Meetup: A Decade of Community Building
11:30am – 1:30pmSchool Of Bitcoin (Workshop)
1:30pmLunch & Networking
2:30pmWorkshop- Binance Labs
4:00pmOfficial Closing Remarks
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pmDay 3 Afterparty – Brought To You By DLTx,
Location: The Precinct, Level 2/315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley – Brisbane

Day 4 – Global Online

Day 4 is focused on the Interenational Landscape, which will be held online and feature international perspectives, keynote addresses, and panel discussions based on regulation across the United States, EU, APAC, and Middle East regions.

Day 5 – Melbourne – Deloitte & Oshi Gallery

7:15 amDelegate Welcome Breakfast
8:20 amOpening Address: Chairs Welcome & Acknowledgement Of Country
8:35amKeynote: Partnerships for Innovation and Growth
8:45amFireside Chat: Reimagining the Past, Shaping the Future: Blockchain & the Indigenous Voice to Parliament for Cultural Restoration & Progress
9:05amA Year of Industry Transformation
9:35amPixelated Portals: Unleashing the Creative Power of NFTs – A Journey into the Artistic and Commercial Potential of NFT’s
10:05amBuilding on Purpose: Exploring the Ripple Effect of Blockchain Innovators as They Forge Solutions Across Industry Verticals
10:35amMorning Tea & Networking
11:05amFostering Trust in Digital Currency Exchanges: Best Practices for Security and Transparency
11:35amConnecting with Tomorrow’s Humanity: The Intersection of Art and Marketing in Building Authentic Relationships and Enriching the Human Experience
11:55amBlockchain Data Use Cases: from Safeguarding Compliance to Customer Insights
1:30pmWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong? Security, Insurance and Building on Blockchain
2:00pmBlockchain for Environment & Social Good: Driving Positive Impact and Empowering Communities through Innovative Use Cases
2:30pm – 3:30pmBreak [Move to Oshi Gallery]
3:30pmInnovating on the Blockchain with Algorand
4:30pmThe Great DAO Debate


  • Caitlin Long, Avanti Financial Group
  • Ryan McCall, Zerocap
  • Gracy Chen, Bitget
  • Paul Stonham, ASX
  • Commissioner Hester M. Peirce, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Hannah Beazley, MLA Parliament of Western Australia
  • Chloe White, Genesis Block
  • Howard Silby, NAB
  • Nigel Dobson, ANZ
  • Sophie Gilder, CBA
  • Kristin Smith, US Blockchain Association
  • Aaron Patrick, Australian Financial Review
  • Schellie-Jayne Price, Stirling and Rose
  • Paul Derham, Holley Nethercote
  • Trevor Power, Commonwealth Treasury
  • Sunil Senapati, XDC Network
  • Dan Chesterman, ASX
  • Candace Sjogren, Zero Hash
  • Alice Dillon, Immutable
  • Kevin Coutinho, Layer One X
  • Anya Nova, Power Ledger
  • Chagri Poyraz, Binance
  • Mateen Soudagar, Metakey
  • Lisa Teh, Mooning
  • Jonathan Hatch, ASIC
  • Vanessa S Lee-AhMat, Cultural Broker
  • Stephanie Bazley, AirTree
  • Robbie Ferguson, Immutable
  • Ashok Venkateswaran, Mastercard
  • Ben Morris, Circle
  • Lawrence Wintermeyer, GBBC Digital Finance
  • Electra Frost, Digital Playhouse
  • Michael Bacina, Piper Alderman
  • Greg Valles, Valles Accountants
  • Caroline Bowler, BTC Markets
  • Susan Brown, Deloitte
  • Anatole Baboukhian, Worldpay
  • Stuart Cureton, tastytrade
  • and many more……
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