Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference 2023

The Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference will be happening from March 2–3, 2023, where you will get access to talk shows, workshops, and networking with Bitcoin experts. If you are a Bitcoin investor or new to this blockchain space, then this is a must-attend Bitcoin event for you.

The venue of the Bitcoin Developer Conference is at 6 Alie St., London, E1 8QT, and there will be workshops, talks, lightning gaming competitions, hangout zones, an after party, and meetups.

Main Attractions:

  • Talks: 25-minute talk sessions and discussion panels from experienced Bitcoin developers
  • Workshops: Attendees can bring their laptops to workshops of their choice to get hands-on experience building blockchain projects.
  • Networking: meetup and party with like-minded people to expand connections.


9:40-9:45Opening remarksLeon Johnson
9:45-10:15TBCSalvatore Ingala (Engineer at Ledger)
10:15-10:45TBCPavol Rusnak (Co-founder of SatoshiLabs (Trezor)
10:45-11:10Web5: An open source decentralized web platformAngie Jones (Global VP of Developer Relations for TBD)
11:25-11:50Silent PaymentsRuben Somsen (Bitcoin Sorcerer)
11:50-12:15TBCAntoine Poinsot (Bitcoin Core & Lightning contributor at Revault)
12:15-12:55Simplicity: Going Beyond MiniscriptChristian Lewe (Researcher at Blockstream)
13:45-14:10TBCChristian Decker (Researcher at Blockstream)
14:10-14:40Taproot on LightningArik Sosman (Engineer at Spiral)
14:40-15:05Lightning channel JammingAntoine Riard (Bitcoin Core & Lightning Dev Kit contributor)
15:05-15:30TBCVirtu (Bitcoin developer)
15:45-16:15How we scale Lightning at River.Alex Leishman (Founder of River.)
16:15-16:40TBCKevin Loaec (CEO at Wizardsardine (Revault))
16:40-17:05TBCR0ckstardev (VP of Eng at Strike)

Sponsors: Ledger, Fortris, Twilight, Spiral, WizardSardine, Satoshi Labs, Fedi, CoinScrum, tbd, River

Note: You can also sponsor or showcase your brand/project by contacting their team via email- [email protected]

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  1. Student Pass (proof of student status is required)- £99
  2. Early Bird- £299
  3. General- £399
  4. Last Minute- £499

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